Fortune Teller by Forest Fire Guitar Chords

Monday, June 20th 2022. | Forest Fire Guitar Chords

You can play Fortune Teller by Forest Fire using guitar or guitar. This song by Forest Fire can also be played by that instruments.

Fortune Teller guitar chords has rhythm and included in Survival (2008) album.
You can also find another musical genres, including jazz guitar chords, country music guitar chords, pop guitar chords, world music guitar chords, and rock guitar chords here.

Fortune Teller by Forest Fire Guitar Chords

Hey guys, Forest Fire great band, great song.
I used this video

Chords : B, G#, F#, E

B : (799877)
G# : (466544)
F# : (244322)
E : (0112000)

Intro : B

[B]I only wanna seem [G#]good
In front of the [F#]right [E]people
[B]My aura’s yellow like a co-[G#]ward
[E]Tonight, I’m gonna melt [G#]some faces
[B]With Gatling gun social [E]skills

We dance to the beat
[G#]Whatever sound comes out anyway
So [B]why not [E]kill, someone you [F#]hate
[B]When the cactus are in full [G#]bloom
I’m gonna [F#]ask you to be my [E]wife
[B]When it’s cold enough to see your [G#]breath
I’m [F#]taking the only thing that’s [E]mine
But first, I’m gonna melt some [G#]faces
[B]With Gatling gun social [E]skills

Dance to the beat
[G#]Whatever sound comes out anyway
[F#]So why can’t I [E]kill
Someone I hate

If you want to learn Forest Fire Fortune Teller guitar chords, The 5 chords we’ll look at are the C major, A major, G major, E major, and D major.
The reason we use all major chords is that the minor versions of any of these chords just require tiny adjustments.
Each one of those minor chords is completely based on its major counterpart

The more you practice, the easier guitar will feel to play Fortune Teller. Guitar is hard to learn in the beginning, but gets easier the longer you stick with it.

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