Alternatives To Cocktail Hour

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Appetizers are delicious, but sometimes they can be difficult to eat, especially when mixed. If you’re worried that your apps aren’t quite the “snacks” you’d like them to be, why not combine the classic candid “everything on a stick” idea with your wedding? By making your apps portable, guests can easily manage their cocktail hours. We’ve collected our favorite portable food ideas from our real wedding gallery for catering inspiration. Check out the 9 best portable food ideas below – “Yum!” perfect mix! and “That’s so clever!”

Alternatives To Cocktail Hour

Alternatives To Cocktail Hour

After a packed dinner and buttercream cake, guests at Leslie and Ryan’s wedding in Del Mar, California were treated to a scrumptious dessert bar that included chocolate-dipped donuts!

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Elise and Dan served these small glasses of tomato soup with a bite of grilled cheese – delicious!

At their wedding in Indian Wells, California, Kendrick and Aron set up a dessert bar with tiramisu in martini glasses, perfect for mingling while enjoying something sweet.

Baked mac ‘n cheese lollipops were a crowd favorite during the cocktail hour at Jennifer and Paul’s wedding in Washington.

Katherine and Tim served guests these creative pink lemonade shooters as an alternative to cake at their wedding in Minnesota.

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Alternatives To Cocktail Hour

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Live music is a great way to entertain guests during the break after the ceremony. Whether you have a favorite local band or hire talented friends or relatives, everyone will enjoy a good show.

A photo booth is another way to entertain guests while they wait. You can set up a backdrop and props for guests to take their own photos, leave a few Polaroids for instant prints, or even hire a photographer to capture great shots. You can also rent an automatic photo booth so your guests can enjoy a super fun keepsake from your wedding.

If your reception is outdoors or you have an outdoor space to use, lawn games are a fun way to entertain your guests. Put together some corn sets, horseshoes or even personalized yard games! Friends and family are sure to enjoy the pre-reception festivities.

If you happen to be outdoors, another fun and delicious addition to your non-cocktail hour is a campfire and s’mores props!

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Cabanas are a fun way to spice up your outdoor celebrations outside of cocktail hour. You can create small spaces for friends and family to relax and chat. Decorate the booths in the style of your wedding and use pillows and blankets (if it’s cold) to keep your guests comfortable.

Are you planning a slide show for your guests during the reception? Can you set the timing so guests can enjoy your photos while they wait for your arrival? That way, you’ll have more time for the festivities later in the evening and entertain your guests. They are sure to enjoy the snapshots of you and your love while mingling with other guests.

Are you and your fiancee board game fans? Then this is a good alternative to a traditional cocktail hour. Provide a variety of board games so that everyone – young and old – can find something to their liking! Make sure your favorites are accessible; you can even customize some classics.

Alternatives To Cocktail Hour

If you prefer to have everyone do something as a group, there are many games that everyone can play together. Be sure to arrange an exciting emcee to make the environment fun!

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Wine or beer tasting is another tasty alternative to traditional cocktail hours. You and your fiancé may even have a favorite local microbrewery or winery. You can hire a professional to guide your guests through a tasting of your favorites or local favorites.

If you want a real cocktail hour but aren’t a fan of the basic cocktail menu, make it interesting with specialty cocktails. Provide plenty of brandy on a hot summer day. Hire a mixologist to create unique concoctions your guests won’t soon forget, or put a personal spin on classics by naming cocktails after your location or even your name!

People love to give advice, so why not get some wisdom from guests who have been married for decades? Place notepads and pens on the tables so everyone can jot down marriage advice and fun anecdotes. These cards will come in handy later!

Cocktail hour or no cocktail hour, the most important thing is to make your guests feel comfortable and have a good time. If there is a time of day when guests are likely to be hungry and anxious to be served, prepare snacks. If you’re hosting an outdoor reception and the weather turns sweltering, make sure there are activities or areas where guests can cool off. Your wedding guests will appreciate the extra effort you put into taking care of them! Also, you and your partner can enjoy the time in between without having to worry about guests; you will know they are comfortable and feel good. Thanks to its creative design, everyone can be happy and create wonderful memories! Ask any wedding guest: The cocktail hour is often the most popular part of any party. Of course, there are plenty of good reasons for this. The ceremony (the serious part!) was over and the festivities had begun; it is now officially time to eat, drink and be merry. We’d say the first item on the list is the most important when it comes to cocktail hours. Attendees are hungry, so creating a new-level, bite-sized menu is essential (plus, it’s a great way to instantly offset that free-flowing party bubbly).

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Most couples opt for a successful appetizer in this interlude, and you’re probably considering this style of dining as well. If that’s the case, we want to encourage you to think beyond the safe, over-the-top choices like sliders and shrimp cocktails and instead create a cocktail hour menu that suits your culinary tastes, whatever they may be.

Don’t know where to start choosing? Think about the cultural foods you grew up eating; Upcycling childhood staples is an incredible way to personalize your big day. You can also write down the places where you and your partner like to eat. Consider your date restaurant and create a menu based on the dishes you order most often. Of course, there is nothing wrong with traditional pasty snacks (after all, they are classic for a reason!), but take it easy

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