Anyone Get Bfn 10 Dpo And Go On To Have A Bfp Later

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Anyone Get Bfn 10 Dpo And Go On To Have A Bfp Later – I know this gets asked all the time but I really need some advice. I am 10dpo and have nothing but bfn. I’m starting to feel like I’m pregnant, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m really pregnant. I had two pregnancies (both ended in miscarriage) and my symptoms were exactly like this. I’ve never had these symptoms before when I wasn’t pregnant, but I had real BFP this time.

Has anyone had a bfn at 10dpo in FRER and still pregnant? I really feel like I’m pregnant or crazy! ha ha I just feel “this”.

Anyone Get Bfn 10 Dpo And Go On To Have A Bfp Later

Anyone Get Bfn 10 Dpo And Go On To Have A Bfp Later

I can’t share the good news sorry because I’m still TTC #1 but I just wanted to say you’re not out yet AF!! Do you know when AF is due?

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I have no idea when AF is due as I am not 100% sure of the length of my LP. I only used opks a few times and 2 of them I got pregnant so I couldn’t measure them. Surely it can’t be that long since it’s already 10dpo? But I don’t have any symptoms of this, as I usually get some bad messages that I haven’t had before so it’s good.

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It’s the 7th month for us… my fertility tracking app tells me I can take a pregnancy test on Christmas day!! As much as I would love to give my husband wonderful Christmas news this morning, I’m not sure I can handle the disappointment if I get a BFN!

Try to keep your chin up – easier said than done I know I go crazy every month and my period is regular so it’s scary to think how it must feel to not be regular and therefore not know when you’re late/early etc.

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My AF is usually due at 14dpo so there is a chance AF may come… on the flip side I believe 10dpo is the earliest you should really do a P test because even then it is still being monitored early so the test may not pick up! I read some women on here continued to get BFN’s until they were 6 weeks pregnant!!

Wow how nice would it be for you to get a BFP for Christmas! But I understand that it must be difficult even though it was not good. I’m always trying to find an excuse to make myself feel better, like being able to have a glass of wine on Christmas, not having to worry about caffeine, etc. It helps a little. I’ve been trying for almost 2 years now so trying to find posts to soften the blow is always good lol.

I keep reading that 10dpo is still early but I know I’ve had good ones before that time in the past although I know every pregnancy can be different. I had a pinching sensation for a few hours at 8dpo so I’m hoping it can be implanted. Fingers crossed that AF stays away!

Anyone Get Bfn 10 Dpo And Go On To Have A Bfp Later

Cm two days ago. I just took Tesco home PT (25ml) and got a weak line. I have been having breast pain and change for days. to make the first reaction I think they are 6 m “L” only. Does anyone have similar symptoms?

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Look at the pink color. Tesco is really bad for air lines! I avoid them like the plague. Definitely try FRER

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They are visible with the eyes 👁*🗨 my partner can see them too…. we are not very visible yesterday today is 10dpo…. they are in the first to respond to early tests six days…. I’m due in 4 cycles / 5 days 27/28 days .. ..?!?! Help needed!!!

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10 weeks with my third and the bulge is already big?? Hahaha 5 weeks pregnant with left side pain!!! Has anyone else had this??? Confused, weak on tuesday, now 2 negative tests :(no period but warm bleeding? IB? Maybe IB? almost 9 weeks pregnant and symptoms stopped :(10dpo but I need to get tested 🤦 🏼*♀️ I’m on vacation and promised my other half I’ll wait until I get home but I want to know now 🤞🏻I have signs of pg or AF the buttocks are heavy and soft and seem to be slightly swollen, pink infections 2 days ago and other colics and waking up feeling nauseous but it ends after 30 minutes up🤦🏼*♀️ according to my app I started ovulating 14 days ago and got a positive ovulation 10 days ago… …any suggestions would be great xxx

I checked 12dpo today and I can have a good start. Definitely try and wait as long as possible.

I’m not torturing whether it’s Bfn or not because I watched it early. It’s hard but try to manage.

Anyone Get Bfn 10 Dpo And Go On To Have A Bfp Later

I have an app that tells me when to check and says to check in 3 days but I’m not coming home until Saturday night and check Sunday morning….

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I’m trying not to get my hopes up but I have pg symptoms so it’s hard not too much [emoji4]

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I checked today at 10dpo because my first answer app said I can test (from yesterday) and it was negative so I thought I was completely out this month…. I thought the first answer said they can get over 96% of pregnancies right. 5 days before AF which should be Wednesday/Thursday for me… am I out or not? I don’t know I just saw this 12dpo looks good.. When is your AF due?

Not out!! I should arrive on Tuesday. After reading many women who used the same test started to get positive results after 12-13dpo.

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So it was long. I pissed myself at the border where there was no more. I did one this afternoon and the line was really dark.

[QUOTE=Stephanie P(389);18363282]So it was a long day. I pissed myself at the border where there was no more. I did one this afternoon and the line was really dark.

OH MY STEPHANIE IT’S AWESOME!!!! May I ask, did you try at 10dpo or 11dpo? Did you have a line at all? xxx

Anyone Get Bfn 10 Dpo And Go On To Have A Bfp Later

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I hope you don’t mind checking in but I’m 11dpo and I only found out this afternoon that I had period pains this evening.

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Just read in another thread that these tests are notorious for being dodgy…which seems fine to me anyway! X

Yes, that is my concern when I read reviews about them. I have to get AF tomorrow so I’ll wait and see what happens there and try again! X

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I was told that I have done fertility treatments at nhs, I am waiting for my partner’s back sperms and I came off the cerelle birth control pill 3 weeks ago very faint line on clear blue test, am I pregnant? Red eyebrows when you got pregnant Sneezing and shooting pains in the lower abdomen? The opinions expressed are only the opinions of the participants, and do not reflect their opinions of what to expect. Learn more about our guidelines

Here. As of March 5. This morning’s ferret is BFn. Digital not refrigerator.

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