Appetizers For Wedding Reception Ideas

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Appetizers For Wedding Reception Ideas – Your cocktail hour is one of the first moments you introduce your guests to the wedding kitchen. This is a very important first impression, especially if you both consider yourself foodies. And if traditional offerings like pigs in a blanket and herb bowls don’t meet your idea of ​​impressive cocktail fare, you’re probably looking for creative snack ideas that look as fresh as they taste. This is where we come in. We have collected cocktail snacks from real weddings. Trust us—there’s definitely a way to spice up this post-entry ritual.

However, we’re not saying knock the classics. Kebabs, fries, patisserie and more are essential for a reason – guests probably expect them. But there are ways to adapt these dishes to the occasion, most of which have to do with presentation. Opting for a modern holiday where a rustic meat and cheese platter might disappoint? Serve these delicious bites on trendy acrylic trays (not wooden cutting boards!) that are infinitely more modern. If tacos are a must, consider a taco wall instead of a DIY station. (This kind of food prep isn’t just a way to serve up tasty drinks—they’ll ultimately help decorate your big day.) Or, you can opt for single-serving tacos served in lime wedges to accompany your margarita shots. Yum.

Appetizers For Wedding Reception Ideas

Appetizers For Wedding Reception Ideas

We’re all about more inventive snack options. From gazpacho in mugs and pizza pies loaded with all the toppings in the sun to maple-glazed bacon bourbon shots and a bread baking station (yes!), there are tons of ways to turn your cocktail hour into a wedding celebration. Click here to find out which of these delicious dishes are the best for your holiday.

Super Tasty Fall Appetizers For Your Wedding Day

Falling into the sea? He circles the ocean delight like an oyster. Bonus points if you add cocktail sauce, vinegar and a citrus wedge to the toppings.

Bread lovers, this one is for you. Serve croissants, ciabatta rolls, pasta and nut breads in wooden boxes for an authentic, fresh bakery aesthetic.

Not all meat, cheese and fruit platters are served on a rustic cutting board. Like Smoke and Brine Co. Create and update modern appetizers with clear acrylic and smoke gray trays. Space out the station with a modern attendant display (this one by Luna Wild Design Co. and Chasing Linen) so guests can nibble on mozzarella and prosciutto while searching for their table’s information.

Don’t let anyone convince you to save these artisanal nuts for dessert, especially if they’re your favorite. For a fun presentation idea, place the donuts in a beautiful jewelry display case so guests can grab them quickly as they mingle.

Wedding Appetizer Recipes

The only thing that can make a taco taste better is a beautiful presentation. This flower-filled wall (Rooted & Wild Floral Design Co. provided bright pink bougainvillea!), filled with shelves and squeezable limes, brings an epic element to any cocktail hour.

Kettle corn bags (both salted and caramel!) work just as well as pre-ceremony snacks as cocktail appetizers.

If you’re planning a cocktail hour menu around light, easy-to-eat foods, put this healthy idea on your radar. Make your favorite soup (warm tomato works in the fall, while chilled gazpacho is perfect for summer parties!) in a mug so you don’t need a spoon. Guests can drink while keeping their other hand free to hold their wedding cocktail (what else?).

Appetizers For Wedding Reception Ideas

Think chicken kebabs instead and attack some fresher combinations. Charred peaches, basil, and mozzarella make a solid trio, as do grapefruit, mint, and avocado.

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Whole cheese rounds look more complicated before cutting (they stack on top of each other and pass as a cake!) – but that won’t stop you and your guests from enjoying it.

If the pig-in-a-blanket program is not your style, but you still want to serve hot dogs, choose the classic presentation. Half-sized dogs topped with ketchup and mustard are the best choice, so grazers don’t get full before dinner.

Make a light, easy-to-make salad by adding arugula, onions, tomatoes, and mozzarella to paper cones. A bakery is a perfect thing.

Your waiters will have a hard time filling their trays of king crab legs – they’re a crowd pleaser every time.

Finger Food Hors D’oeuvres Perfect For Weddings

Fire up the grill and roast a batch of seasonal vegetables before cocktail hour. Asparagus, zucchini, carrots, peppers and eggplant are great ideas.

These grilled cheese and tomato soups will take you back to your childhood.

Pair healthy shrimp combos with a spicy, summery salsa (choose a recipe that cooks the corn and tomatoes before the meat!) for a low-calorie, delicious snack. By Andrea Fowler Andrea Fowler Wedding Planning Expert Andrea Fowler is the Editorial Content Manager at Sonyd Music Entertainment. is a content strategist and creative producer based in New York. Andrea worked as an assistant editor at The Knot from 2015 to 2017.

Appetizers For Wedding Reception Ideas

Ask any event planner and they’ll tell you that the food served at your wedding is one of the last places you want to cut your budget (but we have a few savings secrets). The presentation of the menu helps to create a friendly atmosphere, the aroma enhances the dining experience, and the taste is simply delicious.

How Many Passed Appetizers Should We Serve During Cocktail Hour?

Salads don’t have to be limited to lunch. Kick off the festivities with a pre-ceremony cocktail hour with light bites, or follow the “I dos” with a cocktail hour to keep guests active while you and your wedding party take photos before the reception. (Pro tip: Many of these apps are also perfect for lunch.)

Be careful! Some believe that oysters are an aphrodisiac. Whether you believe the myth or not, a fresh, raw oyster bar is a great idea for a wedding.

You can’t go wrong with this pair. Before the main meal, this wedding dinner will be loved by everyone.

Plan a beautiful vegetable platter and everyone will want to dig into it. Pair this wedding salad with a variety of salads like hummus, tapenade, and ranch dressing.

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How cute (and comfy) are these tuna cones? Your guests can easily grab and go as they mingle at the reception.

Some of the best wedding favor ideas are ones that don’t get your guests’ hands dirty. These soups are perfect because they don’t make a mess – and they’re delicious.

Hosting a backyard party or casual gathering? These wedding favors are perfect for a casual setting.

Appetizers For Wedding Reception Ideas

Just looking at these beautiful wedding tables makes our mouths swoon. Your guests will be happy to eat these before the main course.

Unexpected Wedding Food Ideas

In the south, biscuits are a staple food. If you’re having a midday wedding, consider adding these delicious baked goods to your catering.

If you’re not careful, your wedding guests can fill up on these fried chicken and biscuits before the main course.

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Eating a taco just doesn’t feel right without tequila. Chances are, this taco wedding catering idea is all about your wedding for all the right reasons.

Wedding Finger Foods That Will Delight All The Guests

Your guests will enjoy these fun wedding favors, but they’re not real. Be sure to warn your guests that they contain hot sauce and alcohol.

You can’t go wrong with soft pretzels as a wedding appetizer. They are simple but absolutely delicious.

When your wedding looks this good, your guests will be excited for the main course.

Appetizers For Wedding Reception Ideas

Everyone loves mac and cheese. They don’t even need a fork to enjoy this amazing wedding favor idea.

Delicious Summer Wedding Appetizers

Everyone wants to get into this fresh Caprese salad. Before the main course comes out, we serve it at the table.

Invite your guests to sample these delicious soups while they wait to chat with the newlyweds.

The fruit is not only tasty, but also has a beautiful and colorful appearance. If you’re having a summer wedding, serve up all the summer favorites like watermelon and strawberries.

If you’re looking for your wedding guests, chances are they’ll be filling the display with these amazing Moroccan chicken soups.

A Diy Wedding Reception For 200: The Menu (with Planning Tips)

French fries can also be nice. Add these potato sticks to your wedding and your guests will thank you later.

These little sliders are perfect for a casual wedding reception. Pair them with fries or sweet pasta and you’re good to go.

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Appetizers For Wedding Reception Ideas

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