Are You Wearing Pearls Or Diamonds With Your Wedding Dress

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Are You Wearing Pearls Or Diamonds With Your Wedding Dress – There is a reason why engagement rings and diamonds are synonymous. With a top score of 10 on the Mohs scale – which rates the relative ability of one mineral to scratch another – diamonds are durable enough to be worn all day, every day.

However, Pearl only ranks 2.5 on this scale. Organic gems scratch easily and are notoriously smooth.

Are You Wearing Pearls Or Diamonds With Your Wedding Dress

Are You Wearing Pearls Or Diamonds With Your Wedding Dress

“Pearls can be damaged by many chemicals and all acids,” warns the Gemological Institute of America in its guide to pearl care and cleaning. “The list includes hairspray, perfume, cosmetics and even sweat.”

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In early December, “Saturday Night Live” producer Dave McCary proposed to actress Emma Stone (“La La Land,” “The Favorite”) in an 18-karat gold ring with an 8-millimeter faux akoya pearl. Tokyo designer Kataoka, purchased at Catbird Jewelry in Brooklyn. The couple proudly showed off the ring on Instagram.

Michelle Williams accepts the award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Television Movie or Miniseries during the Screen Actors Guild Awards in January. On her left hand she wears a set of pearl rings. Credits … Robyn Beck / Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

And in early January, four-time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams — recently engaged to “Hamilton” director Thomas Kail — was spotted in London wearing a pearl on her ring finger. (Hermass declined to comment.)

“We definitely see the interest in pearls as an engagement ring as an integral part of today’s insatiable appetite for pearls,” said Leigh Batnick Plessner, Co-Creative Director of Catbird. “I wonder if the rearrangement of pearls, which have long been characterized as very muted and traditional, makes them more modern, modest and less fussy, and if this does not overlap with people’s desire to heal everything related to marriage. anyway.”

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Rony Vardi, founder of Catbird, has similar thoughts. “If you have a pearl engagement ring, you probably take it off regularly,” she says. “Maybe this is a new way to think about engagement rings? We see people becoming freer and more flexible.”

However, the diamond industry is not panicking. Diamonds still rule engagement ring purchases — accounting for 83 percent of center stones, according to The Knot’s Jewelry and Engagement Study 2019 — even as the market for alternative wedding stones continues to grow, in line with all the other tradition-shattering choices that characterize modern weddings ( (think lots of clothes, rather than just diamonds), one white dress, food trucks instead of three-course meals, and places like breweries and camping in hotel ballrooms).

“When we think about alternative engagement rings, what we’re really saying is that couples prefer personalization throughout the experience, not just on the wedding day,” said Kristen Maxwell Cooper, editor-in-chief of The Knot. “As more couples discuss engagement rings before the proposal, they both consider what they want. Even if it’s a smoother stone, like a pearl, they’ll choose it because it speaks to them, rather than saying, ‘I need a diamond solitaire’.”

Are You Wearing Pearls Or Diamonds With Your Wedding Dress

Few people familiar with the current popularity of pearls would be surprised to find that they are used in rings that are meant to last. After all, fashion is completely crazy about them.

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Comme des Garçons x Mikimoto akoya pearl necklace. Designer Rei Kawakubo says the necklace is made for both men and women.

Last month, for example, Comme des Garçons unveiled seven pearl necklaces created in collaboration with Mikimoto, the 127-year-old Japanese manufacturer of luxury pearl jewelry. The announcement said the unisex necklace was the first attempt at a two-year collaboration between the brands. And to quote Comme des Garçon designer Rei Kawakubo: “I recently noticed how good men look when they wear pearls. The starting point of this cooperation.”

Most people are also familiar with the pearl’s other long-standing reputation: a never-ending maternity supplement. But it’s the image that has captivated some pearl lovers lately.

“What makes pearls cool is the granny element,” says Los Angeles jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth. “I love all the old stuff — like my name — coming back.

Antique Design White Pearl & Diamonds Ring In Swg $10k Apr! Value W/coa!

Miss Neuwirth introduced cultured pearls to her collection in 2014 and has since received several requests for pearl engagement rings. She described the customer as “someone who is girly but confident and likes to take risks.”

And therein lies the irony: When it comes to jewelry, nothing is more classic than pearls. Considered to be the oldest gemstone in the world because they come out of the shell as a finished product, requiring no cutting or shaping, amethysts have been sought after for both their beauty and mystical properties since the Middle Ages.

“They are generally associated with purity, chastity and innocence,” said Beth Wees, a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art who worked on the 2018 exhibition “Jewelry: The Body Transformed.”

Are You Wearing Pearls Or Diamonds With Your Wedding Dress

Given these associations, it’s easy to see why pearls have long been used as a wedding accessory. From a simple pair of artificial freshwater pearl earrings for a bride to an opulent array of artificial South Sea pearls for her mother, today’s gems have an exceptional reputation for being democratic and elitist.

How To Wear Pearls In A Modern Way

Perhaps the development of pearls into wedding rings – less durable than diamonds, of course, but also much cheaper – was inevitable?

“There are many reasons to believe in a pearl engagement ring,” says Peggy Grosz, vice president of Assael, a 100-year-old pearl jewelry manufacturer based in New York.

“Pearl went from day to night, from the football field to the ballroom,” says Ms. Gross. “It’s not bling, but a fine pearl with a beautiful luster has the qualities we associate with gemstones. And pearls are the most sustainable gemstones on planet Earth: The cleaner the water and the better the ecosystem, the better it is for pearl farming.”

“You have to take them off when you wash your hands because soap is not good for pearls,” she said. “Not so with diamonds. One has to really feel connected to owning pearls for an engagement ring to be willing to be extra careful. “Some gems and jewelry have the versatility of pearls. Whether you’re all about classic vibes, modern looks, boho, preppy or business-chic, sea gems will shine in any ensemble. In fact, most jewelry lovers would agree that pearls are more than just a classic. With its timeless appeal, sophisticated luster and unmatched natural beauty, a statement pearl necklace can effortlessly elevate any type of look – from your casual dress to cozy Sunday farmers markets and boardroom business suits to stunning evening gowns you can save on. special occasions.

How To Wear Pearls, Summer Edition

Simply put, a statement necklace is a piece of jewelry designed to make a statement. A bigger, prettier necklace is often seen as making a ‘statement’ – but bigger doesn’t always mean better. Making an impression – and “making” an outfit – is often the result of carefully selected pieces of jewelery chosen with a theme or concept in mind. Whether your statement means a solitary pearl of high value or strings and strings of colorful gems from the sea, the choice is yours.

Next, we look at 5 ways to wear pearls with statement necklaces. Dive in and make a style statement through combinations of minimalism, color, eclecticism, stunning shine or classic elegance wherever you are.

If functionality, versatility and comfort are priorities, choosing an urban uniform consisting of jeans, a T-shirt and a smart jacket is the perfect solution for women on the go. Use a neutral palette, including white and off-white, taupe, grey, beige and denim – with darker browns or blacks – when creating urban chic uniforms. Choose comfortable high heels (think high heels, mules and ankle boots) or flats for a look that’s the perfect mix of casual and dressy – perfect for daytime activities.

Are You Wearing Pearls Or Diamonds With Your Wedding Dress

When creating a day outfit that you can wear over and over again, focus mainly on combining high and low. Low end: worn jeans in lighter colors and basic t-shirts. Alternatively, choose a darker wash for a sleeker version of the same look. Pluses: a purse, a structured but comfortable suede jacket, and a pair of high heels.

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To elevate the look, demystify this versatile ensemble without compromising the minimalist aesthetic by pairing it with a single pearl necklace or pearl design. Necklaces are often oversized. However, in this case, a single pearl necklace with white South Sea pearls (the rarest and rarest variety available in the market) effortlessly showcases sophistication in a subtle and elegant manner.

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THE FACTS: The ultimate statement necklace is called “A Heritage in Bloom” and is worth an estimated $200 million. Designer: Chinese master craftsman Wallace Chan, who

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