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Art Deco Attire – This is a set of 2 fantastic matte Art Deco men’s fashion prints for evening wear. We bought in … moreThis is a set of 2 fantastic matt Art Deco fashion prints for formal men. Bought from us in Paris. The images are from the Fall/Winter 1931 edition of the French men’s haberdashery for “Ceremonial wear” or evening wear. SO CHIC! The men are dressed in classic formal clothes. Sleek, refined, modern, chic…they look really good in their tuxedos, tuxedos and tailcoats. The prints are perfect for the stylish man who is dressing up for that very special occasion. Originally illustrated and signed by the artist. Perfect decoration for bedroom, hallway, hall. Original from 1931, NOT recent reproductions. Note the background details and settings. Pristine and clean with no signs of age. Strong color. size 7 ½ x 10 inches; comes matted in 16×20 neutral tones that work in standard sized frames. Allow time for custom mats. less

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Art Deco Attire

Art Deco Attire

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Brick Red Pocket Square Art Deco Egyptian Scarab Pattern In Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue With Green Contrast Edge By Fort Belvedere

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Art Deco Attire

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Art Deco Dresses To Wear

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S Black And White Viscose Rayon Art Deco Great Gatsby

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Art Deco Attire

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Below you have the option to disable non-essential cookies. For more information, please consult our privacy policy and our list of cookies. If you want to be Daisy Buchanan, are a Downton Abbey fan, or are just obsessed with the Jazz Age and missed one of the last weeks of Art Deco-themed music videos, whispers, and tapes, then you have some catching up to do! Since we’ve already looked at the most perfect wedding hair accessories, decadent wedding invitations, delicious wedding cakes, stunning bridesmaid dresses and gorgeous bouquets, this week we’re turning our attention to the most important, but often overlooked, the groom and the best man. and offering some stylish ideas on how to infuse Jay Gatsby’s charisma for your big day…

Art Deco Vintage Invitation Template Design With Illustration Of Man. Great Gatsby Inspired. Patterns And Frames Stock Illustration

For far too long our guys have played it safe with their wedding day attire, but in recent years we’ve seen more and more gorgeous grooms express their unique styles and join us brides in wanting to put their own stamp on it. on their wedding day style – which I exemplify love! And I’ve rounded up some of my favorite, and in my opinion finest, Art Deco groom looks….

When you want something smart, think country gentleman with a three-piece suit in tweed, herringbone, cashmere or check! A chic, but not necessarily formal, look with a timeless old-school elegance that would be just perfect finished off with brogues, a pocket watch and a dapper tie…

Groom’s Outfit ~ Vera Wang + Bow Ties & Clutches ~ Aldo DeLaCruz Falcon Photography ~ Tyler Branch via Green Wedding Shoes

Art Deco Attire

But there are plenty of more casual looks, no less dressy, for a more rustic party or a groom who doesn’t feel comfortable in a suit! Go for smart pants with a shirt and add a touch of vintage style with classic accessories – flat caps, bow ties and suspenders will all do… Decopunk Art Deco Gift For Men Women Architecture Fashion Pullover Hoodie

From top hats and tailcoats to slightly more casual tuxedos, for a traditional or formal Art Deco wedding, your groom and his groomsmen simply can’t go wrong with a well-tailored black suit. It is the epitome of sophistication and exudes luxury…..

If Art Deco is your favorite era, be sure to visit this fantastic set in the heart of Rome before you go. Oh, you’ll love this opulent Gatsby-inspired photo shoot; or check out a real vintage-inspired wedding here, or for a celebration with a glamorous speakeasy vibe here. This is part 1 of a 3-part series on the history of Art Deco fashion, divided into 3 Art Deco themes:

The Art Deco movement emerged in the early 1920s and lasted until the outbreak of World War II in 1939. The period has been described as “a breath of fresh air caught between the smoke of World War I and the World War II and the Great Depression”. (, 2008).

It was marked by a women’s liberation movement, a booming economy and key technological improvements, all of which led to the development of an entirely new way of life – a life of progressive modernity, luxury and leisure. And these are the key themes that represent three classic fashion styles that epitomize deco fashion.

The Paris 1920’s Handkerchief Art Deco Gown

In the 1920s and 1930s, many countries gave women the right to vote – including the United States, England, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Brazil, the Philippines, among others.

During World War I, women around the world went to work for the first time to fill the job gap created when men went off to war. Many continued to work after the war and began to demand equal pay for equal work. This new sense of freedom and liberation has created a sea change in the lives of women around the world.

Mentalities evolve and progress, modern women of the 1920s begin to rebel against tradition. They no longer wanted to be associated with cowardly, Victorian values ​​and did everything to radically break away from the traditional feminine image.

Art Deco Attire

It was during this period of change and rebellion that the first Art Deco fashion icon, The Flapper, made its debut in Charleston…

Red Art Deco Cocktail Dress

Women started wearing their hair and short skirts, they got driver’s licenses (so they no longer needed a man to take them shopping or to visit their friends. Ah!) started smoking, drinking, kissing and cuddling (oh my god!) in public, heavily made up and dancing the Charleston in the most interesting jazz clubs of the day.

These young women are known as Flappers, “in reference to a young bird that flaps its wings while learning to fly” ( Just as a bird flapped its wings to fly through the chicken coop, women in the 1920s flapped their wings, symbolically speaking, to escape convention and oppressive tradition.

Website Recommendations: Check out Carol’s couture website for beautiful examples of Art Deco fashion recreated in black. And check out Jesse’s site for examples of classic 1920s men’s suits.

My name is Marta and I love art deco – this blog is where I indulge my deco fetish. Learn more about me here. The 1910s and early 1920s are one of my favorite periods in fashion history. I’m fascinated that women’s fashion has taken such a drastic shift from strict Victorian-era silhouettes to long, relaxed, clean lines. I like the creativity of that time. And of course, I LOVE all things art deco. However, when I think of art deco, I tend to think of quirky jewelry, which I love.

Great Gatsby Dress Women Sequined Dress V Neck Beaded Sequined Art Deco Flapper Dress 1920s Vintage Party Dresses Sexy Club

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