Art Deco Room Ideas

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Art Deco Room Ideas

Art Deco Room Ideas

If there’s one trend that can transform an entire space, it’s one of the most iconic and iconic interior design styles of the decade. At its height of popularity in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, Art Deco boasts a distinctive charm and traditional luxury. Abbreviation of the French term,

These 8 Art Deco Bedroom Ideas Speak For Themselves

The style features geometric patterns, bold colors, symmetrical designs, metallic finishes, decadent details and lots of visual drama. If it looks like the scene outside

Art Deco, also known as Modernism, was a major design style of the 1920s and 1930s. It is characterized by simple shapes, lots of glitter and geometric motifs, and the use of metals and jewel tones such as jade, silver and chrome.

While it appeals to the humblest of dwellers, the eclectic charm is sure to elevate even the plainest of spaces. Onward, the inspiration you need to bring the opulence of 1920s decor into your space into the 21st century. Shop Art Deco fixtures, wall coverings and furniture that work well in both light and heavy doses, all exuding a level of opulence that even F. Scott Fitzgerald would envy.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with original tiles in pristine condition, do yourself a favor and keep them. Instead of converting to something more modern, highlight its uniqueness by incorporating more styles. We also love how this predominantly pink bathroom balances it out with black inserts on the gallery frame and curtains.

Art Deco Design

Nothing screams luxury like brass fixtures. We’re obsessed with the metallic accents on the chairs, light fixtures, and cabinetry in this kitchen and breakfast nook. Copper looks more expensive with a black and white color palette.

There’s one element that transcends time, adds a little sparkle, and is as beautiful as it is functional. We are, of course, talking about the mirror. To add a little sparkle to a room, strategically place a geometric mirror, like this one placed in a corner that creates the illusion of a full chandelier.

Art Deco decor is all about strong lines and bold shapes. The headboard in this bedroom is the epitome of 1920s interior design, bested only by this pendant lamp.

Art Deco Room Ideas

The round top shape is a staple of Art Deco style, so be sure to play around with these hoops. This bathroom used a curved design in several places, from the mirror to the window above the door and the marble backsplash. Even the sink has rounded edges, giving this powder room a cohesive feel.

How To Add Art Deco Style To Any Room

Now you know that shapes play a big role in Art Deco decor. However, when decorating rooms, it is also important to consider the composition. From the shape of the headboard to the decor of the bedside table, this Art Deco bedroom creates the perfect symmetry that is a fundamental element of Art Deco design.

When decorating a room, don’t forget to look down. We love the marble rail in this entryway—the pattern feels straight out of the 1920s, while the stone feels totally luxurious. Admittedly, this is an expensive repair, but the look can easily be recreated on the cheap with a runner rug.

Original 1920s stained glass is hard to find, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the look in even the most modern of rooms. This mural can be made possible with great recording and a little patience, but you’ll end up feeling like you stepped out of your Roaring Twenties.

You’ll be surprised what art molding around ordinary door frames can do for the ultimate look in your space. Paint it a contrasting color and you have an Art Deco mansion.

Art Deco Home Design: Decorating In Art Deco Style

A brass pendant lamp is stunning, but six is ​​so much better, especially when complemented by granite floors and concrete walls. When it comes to restoring Art Deco decor, more is always more.

When it comes to the bathroom (or kitchen), the choice of tiles will make the difference between a timeless result and something modern. While subway tiles can look modern, octagon or diamond tiles will feel more classic and Art Deco inspired.

Consider yourself lucky if your house or apartment has vaulted ceilings and arched doorways. But for the rest of us who are tasked with making modern design look glamorous, a DIY paint job like this scalloped color blocking could be the update your space needs.

Art Deco Room Ideas

If you’re ready to transform your space, there’s no limit to where some 1920s-inspired built-ins can transform your design. Dramatic crown molding and built-in shelving will take your home into any era.

Art Deco Bedroom By Ertugy On Deviantart

From the gilded mirror above the fireplace to the crystal chandelier hanging above it, this living room screams glamour. For special ones like these, don’t be afraid to shop your local antique shops and flea markets.

It’s no secret that common spaces like the living room and kitchen are a priority on your home decorating journey, but don’t forget more functional spaces, no matter how low foot traffic. A home design review includes large closets.

Design elements like curved moldings and patterns look unusual in Art Deco, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate more contemporary elements. This will create a contrast that looks completely complementary and unified.

If you want to keep things modern, you can still work in some 1920s-inspired elements for a finished look. This moss green horizontal opening headboard is contemporary with an Art Deco touch.

Step Inside 7 Opulent Art Deco Homes

Although this kitchen includes elements from traditional farmhouse interior to Art Deco design, all the different styles work well in this unified space. Stick to a clean color palette and streamlined metal finishes to create a cohesive space.

Nothing looks more luxurious than sticking to one color and working with it. Paired with a nautical chair and lamp, this nautical wallpaper looks expensive. Adding a fancy candle and herringbone floors also helps. By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you consent to the storage of cookies on your device to improve website navigation, analyze website usage and assist in our marketing efforts.

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Art Deco Room Ideas

When a simple movement wants more, it’s time to embrace Art Deco design. This ultra-chic style is anything but subtle, but it includes sophisticated embellishments, charming details and luxury. Known for being a bit “over the top”, the Art Deco movement originated around the 1920s, but is now definitely back in style. It’s bold and loud, but incredibly elegant at the same time.

Coolest Art Deco Hotels

From rich, textured fabrics to deep colors and eye-catching designs, Art Deco is perfect for the bedroom if you’re into eclectic glamour. To inspire your makeover, we’ve rounded up some stunning Art Deco bedrooms.

Although Art Deco design includes a variety of shapes and sizes, the round shape or arch is one of the icons of this movement. This mushroom-shaped table lamp is a great way to add a touch of decor-inspired style while avoiding the “themed” feeling that a room can take by going overboard.

A mood color palette is a great choice for a bedroom because it is soothing and calming. The Art Deco movement often features saturated hues such as navy blue or deep purple. Head to your local retailer for chunky pieces like this dressing table with strong lines and brass accents to complete the look.

You can immediately recognize the Art Deco style by the shape of the sun or stars. Consisting of rays emanating from a central circle, this pattern is perfect for adding a Gatsby-inspired feel to your bedroom. Find originals or add wallpaper DIY.

Where To Buy Art Deco Inspired Furniture And Decor Online On A Budget

Mixing bold and bright colors and different patterns is a hallmark of Art Deco. There’s definitely more to an Art Deco room, so don’t be afraid to use different textures and patterns to give it a bold look.

Incorporating Art Deco into your bedroom doesn’t mean flaunting accurate historical items. Consider spending an afternoon making your own wall art to give the same look and feel to your space by incorporating decor motifs.

This inspiring guest room is a great example of an Art Deco style room full of personality. Focus on circles, triangles and rectangles –

Art Deco Room Ideas

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