Baby Name Poll 3

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Baby Name Poll 3 – We surveyed 776 grandparents across the country about their grandchildren’s names and found that nearly one in three grandparents don’t like the name of at least one of their grandchildren.

Although the popularity of names fluctuates with each generation (remember your Aunt Mildred?), in the 21st century the trend is entering uncharted territory. It started with spelling seemingly common names (like “Brittany”) in strange ways (like “Brittnee”, “Brittny”, “Britanni” and “Brittneigh”).

Baby Name Poll 3

Baby Name Poll 3

But this was not enough. We couldn’t help ourselves. Before we knew it, we were naming the babies Hashtag and Facebook. Celebrities raised the stakes even further with names like “Pilot Inspector”, “Bear Blaze” and “Gravity”. Elon Musk, who is probably smarter than the average person, named his baby “X /-E A-12,” which was so unpopular that it was actually considered illegal under California state law.

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We know parents obviously love these names (at least for now). But what do grandparents think?

For starters, 30% of grandparents don’t like the name of at least one of their grandchildren. Among that 30%, nearly 1 in 10 “absolutely dislike” the name.

Surely the most popular names would be protected from contempt, right? We asked grandparents which of the 10 most popular baby names of 2019 they disliked the most.

“Oliver,” “Liam,” and “Elijah” were the three most hated boy names among grandparents, even though each name had deep historical roots.

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“Harper,” often traditionally used as a boy’s name, was a girl’s name that grandparents didn’t like, followed by “Evelyn” and “Charlotte.”

The popularity of baby names may vary from country to country due to regional cultural differences, but there was no clash of cultures when it came to determining the most obnoxious girl name.

“Harper” carried that dubious distinction in all regions, while “Oliver,” “Liam,” and “Elijah” split the duties among the boys’ names.

Baby Name Poll 3

From the names that grew the most in popularity from 2018 to 2019, we found out which names weren’t the most popular among grandparents.

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While “Genesis” (boy) and “Oaklynn” (girl) each grew in popularity among parents, they earned the most scorn from grandparents. The chart below shows the 10 names for boys and girls that saw the biggest increase in popularity in a year and how much grandparents dislike them.

There were also some regional differences in the level of disdain grandparents had for the names that saw the biggest rise in popularity. But once again, there was also some consequence.

The names “Saint” and “Oaklynn” were equally disliked from Maine to Texas, while “Genesis” did not fare well halfway across the country.

If ordinary people’s grandparents fuss over their grandchildren’s names, how must celebrity grandparents feel?

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Dooming a baby to life with an otherworldly name is as charming as Bandholz Beard in Hollywood, and the table below shows which celebrity baby names are the most obnoxious. Here’s hoping Elon Musk and Kim Kardashian West never reproduce.

Participants were filtered based on grandparent status, time of survey completion, and failure to follow written instructions within the survey.

Of course we would like you to share our work with others. We simply ask that if you do, please provide us with a proper citation with a link to this study so we can take credit for our efforts.

Baby Name Poll 3

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