Barn Wedding Ideas For Summer

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Barn Wedding Ideas For Summer – Turn your wedding into a village fairy tale! These rustic wedding decor ideas are fun, creative, beautiful, and simply gorgeous.

I love wedding decor. There is always some central theme: boho chic, classic and traditional, edgy and modern or eclectic. Then there is the rustic wedding decor.

Barn Wedding Ideas For Summer

Barn Wedding Ideas For Summer

Rustic wedding décor is a combination of whimsical rustic charm and the timeless elegance you expect to see at a wedding. These results are often as surprising as they are beautiful.

Cool Outdoor Barn Wedding Ideas

You have wood tones, cozy comfort and soft, plush colors set against dark vintage accents. You also have lace, flowers, and gorgeous lighting to play with.

You can’t find a more versatile decorative accessory than a glass jar. Lemonade? Pour it into a glass jar. Pencil case ? Use the stone jar.

Wrap this straw string around the pot in a bow. Place it on the circle of rustic wooden blocks from here.

Just look very feminine, the way those bromeliad bulbs look. It has just the right amount of greenery from a few stems of eucalyptus leaves and soft white from a few random gypsophila sprigs.

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It all comes down to how you use color to make traditional elegance look elegantly rustic. How? You use warm caramel shades, lush olive greens, cozy navy blues and splashes of mustard or brown, as you see in this picture.

Also, would it be great to attend a wedding and find a quiet place to sit and chat with friends? Doesn’t this cozy seating area look inviting and cozy?

First, you will need to buy some glass cubes here. Not only for centerpieces, but because they are also useful as everyday decorative items.

Barn Wedding Ideas For Summer

Look at the setting at this wedding if you don’t believe me. You can just as easily use glass vases as candle holders as you can for flower vases.

Fresh Alternatives To The Rustic Farm Wedding

Just spread a few stalks of olive leaves or even fresh bay leaves around the coasters and you’re done!

I always find that rustic décor goes hand in hand with bohemian, eclectic and artsy décor. Decor for this wedding is all about the fusion of these styles.

Mason punch jars, check. Thick, woven placemats, check it out. A rustic wedding cake with a biscuit peeking out from under the white icing.

Then you have this big bouquet of corals and white roses. You can also find Shasta daisies and lots of greens.

Summer Inspired Rustic Wedding Ideas

The bouquet even has a strange fan or two of these palm leaves. Overall, this is certainly a beautiful and balanced fusion of visual styles.

Let’s bring rustic al fresco charm to this charming barn style wedding. These tall, dark wood beams provide the perfect backdrop to play with lighting and accents.

Find garlands and hanging tea light holders. Now it remains only to light the candles in the center of the table.

Barn Wedding Ideas For Summer

When you have a permanent wedding theme, every detail counts, including seating cards. But who needs old wedding seat cards? Instead, you can take souvenirs home.

Summer Wedding Ideas For Any Budget And Theme

When the bride and groom stand at the altar, they are almost surrounded by it. It’s almost as important as walking down the aisle itself.

With that in mind, look out for the hexagonal gazebo at this wedding. Whimsical and funny sharp corners can be softened with the right floral design.

Or you can wrap a puffy cloth like this to do the trick. Who needs a background anyway when you can have one?

Rust-coloured fabric for rustic wedding decor. Sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn’t it? You can find this table runner here.

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There was no snow-white lingerie at this wedding either. Instead, you can see how the thick folds of an eggshell white tablecloth work like a soft canvas for a vibrant orange tablecloth.

You won’t see many flowers in this wedding decor. But instead, you can see many vines made from sage or eucalyptus leaves hanging from the ends of the benches.

It’s almost as if they were part of the forest they belong to. You can’t figure out where the horns end and the wedding decor begins!

Barn Wedding Ideas For Summer

Dessert at the wedding, of course. Was the bride or groom abandoned at the wedding? Tragic, but still quite common. But the wedding

Boho Wedding Ideas

Talk about taking the rustic style to the extreme, but ok, that looks pretty cool. Add one or two cacti for wedding flowers and you have your wedding decor ready!

We have a wooden serving block that now doubles as a cake stand. They are really practical, aren’t they?

In the meantime, look at the woodwork on top of the cake. Wooden Mr and Mrs cake toppers like the one you can find here are as creative as the wedding cake itself.

Check out these coral sugar roses and gypsophila sprigs. I won’t be surprised if a bird jumps on the cake and settles there.

Simplest Diy Wedding Ideas With Wood Slices, Stumps & Crates

Don’t like signs? If you’re in the marriage business, you probably know to pay attention to the signs.

Not only for signs, but also for such signs. You can paint a warm and welcoming message on it when inviting guests to your wedding.

Then place some wooden lanterns with candles around the sign and you’re done! Check out some of these creative DIY wedding sign ideas for inspiration.

Barn Wedding Ideas For Summer

Candles in a jar – did I tell you how versatile mason jars are? But they look too pretty to be rustic, don’t they?

Beautiful Barn Wedding Table Settings

Haven’t you seen the wooden stump stands on which the jars stand? Rustic element for you!

Remember to protect the bottom of the pot with dark, shiny leaves. Laurel, lemongrass or even eucalyptus will look great as a flower bed.

Weddings are always in soft colors, right? Whites, soft ivory and creams are all wedding colors. There are also pale pink notes of rose and dark green spots on the leaves.

The décor here is understated and soft, just like the lighting you get from cone candles – soft, understated and downright feminine. But then you get this wild, woody hue from a fringed woven doily (check it out here).

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas

With a real forest and trees right outside, you have another key accent that can be seen as part of a rustic décor.

I’m sure you’ve seen berries in wedding flowers, but have you seen lemons? Take a look at this wedding decor if you haven’t already!

See how cheeky this bright yellow lemon dangles from the aisle chairs. I wonder why we have so few lemon-themed weddings.

Barn Wedding Ideas For Summer

They add a much needed splash of color to the décor. Idea: Why not pair some lemons with a few sprigs of fresh rosemary while you do this?

Pretty And Bright Sunflower Wedding Ideas

You can wrap it in a white cloth, tie it to a chair, and enjoy the lemons that life and this marriage has given you.

Isn’t this the perfect backdrop for a wedding dinner? The dark, shiny wood is offset by these vintage metal lamps that bring dark notes to light.

You also have plenty of dainty cut glassware to balance out the harsh edges of this wood wall. But it is clear that this wedding decor tends to be rustic.

That being said, you can still find the weirdest hint of urban decor in the metallic lights and paintwork you see in the background. Whatever happens, it’s great, isn’t it?

Summer Weddings: 56 Gorgeous, Inspiring Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Carved in stone, carved in wood… it’s almost the same if it’s been there for a long time, isn’t it?

What could be better than this wooden guest book to remember your big day and the people you celebrated it with? You can install it right in front of the entrance for your guests.

They can draw cute messages for you and sign them. Then, at the end of the day, you can hang this log over the mantle of your home.

Barn Wedding Ideas For Summer

A country wedding is always sold out if you can’t find a barrel or two in the décor? Barrels, barns and a wooden box: the winning trio of country weddings.

Sweet Summer Barn Wedding Ideas

Now just lift up the drawers and use them as a support. You can find crates here, as well as an old wooden barrel that you can repair for this purpose.

Now, how about placing some lanterns and a beautiful bridal bouquet in an ornate vase above the crate supports?

Or, if you prefer, stick a few bay leaf sprigs into another vase. You can put it next to a smaller bouquet.

Just look at this lush strip of leaves draped across the table. It looks like a table track. So let’s take away the flowers and white candles and make one.

Elegant Summer Rustic Wedding Ideas

You can lighten the green foliage and add a variety of leaves: rosemary, eucalyptus, olive, fern, sage, or something paler like silver ragwort.

No rules, just make sure they look good, don’t drip on the tablecloth and, if possible, smell nice too!

First you have a rustic brick wall half painted.

Barn Wedding Ideas For Summer

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