Best Nyc Hair Salon For Asian Hair

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Best Nyc Hair Salon For Asian Hair – Stylists at Kakaboka in New York City work on clients as Seunghyun Suh, co-owner of the salon, greets customers. Tamar Herman / NBC News

Seunghyun Suh doesn’t seem to be one of the most in-demand stylists in New York City. A petite woman with a short bob, Suh’s understated demeanor belies her popularity in fashion circles and with South Korean celebrities. She went on tour with K-pop idols and worked on many commercials and photos, all from the New York City Koreatown salon she owns with her husband.

Best Nyc Hair Salon For Asian Hair

Best Nyc Hair Salon For Asian Hair

“I like working with celebrities because I can be more imaginative,” Suh, 44, told NBC News through a translator. “When I work with clients in the salon, I work in the areas they want, but for the stage you can be more independent.”

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Many of Suh’s works have been shown on stage. He traveled with Korean girl groups Wonder Girls and Jonas Brothers during their 22-state tour in 2009 and recently styled Korean singer Gummy as well as Kim Jong Gook and Haha, stars of the Korean variety show “Running Man”.

Suh moved to the United States 11 years ago from Seoul, where she worked in a hair salon in the fashion-forward Cheongdam-dong neighborhood. The move was difficult, but the city inspired Suh more than anything else. The salon reflects the inspiration, featuring lighting fixtures made from musical instruments and crystal chandeliers.

“At first it was hard to get the business and adjust to New York City,” Suh ​​said. “But after I found out that the fashion here is really unique, I fell in love with the city. My eyes opened as soon as I arrived in New York. In Korea, there are certain looks that are fashionable. But here, because of the diversity, there are many different styles to work with.”

“My eyes were opened as soon as I came to New York. In Korea, there are certain looks that are fashionable. But here, because of the diversity, there are many different styles to work with.”

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Cheongdam-dong Suh’s connections helped him become a makeup artist and hairstylist who was in demand in New York for Korean stars. JYP Entertainment, one of Korea’s largest entertainment agencies, chose her to style the Wonder Girls over several other stylists. He remembers working with singer Rain and actresses Lee Yeon Hee and Han Hyo Joo, but said he worked with too many stars to recount them all. Other clients include Korean boy band TVXQ, actor Lee Min Ho, and Seattle-raised entertainer Jay Park.

“At first I didn’t really dream of working with celebrities, but then I found that it’s a field I like,” said Suh. “When you start doing hair styling, people tend to go through a lot of downs because it’s so hard. For me it’s been pretty smooth. I’m lucky, so I can dream big. I’ve never dreamed of quitting.”

As interest in Korean beauty products increased, Suh worked on ad campaigns for K-beauty brands Peach and Lily and drugstore cosmetics brand Kiss. The increase in popularity is a pleasure for her, and she says her salon is busier than ever. During New York Fashion Week, Suh had no time to spend at Kakaboka, instead working on location at fashion shows most of the week.

Best Nyc Hair Salon For Asian Hair

“As K-beauty has become more popular, more and more people are coming to salons for Korean makeup,” Suh ​​said.

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Her love between K-Beauty and Americana goes both ways, she says, noting how New York City has changed her and others she knows.

“I think Koreans love New York City because there’s so much more to see here,” Suh ​​said. “There is more art, fashion. Everything is here. I have been to Europe and other places, but nothing like that city. I feel younger since I have been working here and working with young people who are advanced in fashion. I become more brainy open.”

In the future, Suh wants to teach more people in New York about Korean beauty and launch a hair care line that will negate the damage caused by frequent hair treatments, perms and coloring. She also wants to help maintain the Korean beauty trend, which she is happy to be a part of.

“I feel very proud that Korean makeup is gaining popularity,” she said. “I want to get my name out there more in makeup. I want to make K-beauty bigger.” By entering your email address, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and agree to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions.

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Looking for the best hair salon? NYC has plenty of places to go whether you want a new ‘do or trim’.

Thanks to world-class hair salons, New Yorkers can always look their best and have a fresh coiffure. After all, all trends start here, so whether you’re going for a romper, mullet or a more traditional style, rest assured you’ll be in style.

Whether you’re in the market for a fresh cut, a new color, or the ultimate patch, we’ve got your mane covered with tons of options, from steals to bargains. Stop cutting your own bangs and get ready for good hair days to come and from this creative salon. Do you want beauty from head to toe? Don’t forget to also check out the best nail salons in New York.

Best Nyc Hair Salon For Asian Hair

TreehouseSocial Club is a funky tropical playground in the heart of the East Village. One step into the glamorous space feels like home. After being welcomed into the retro salon, you exchange your coat for a floral silk dress of your choice and sit on a green harp chair for a hair chat. After 10 minutes inside, you may find yourself asking for a punk pixie and a shag, after admiring the friendly appearance of the staff. The pandemic hasn’t stopped New York hairstylist and co-owner Mischa G and color partner Douglas Cornwall from opening their gut-revamped beauty shop in October 2020. The team aims to make the social club be just that—a social place where the LGBTQ+ community can therefore gather to do and stay for something thrilling. With a spacious backyard oasis attached to the lot, Mischa hopes to bring future art shows, drag shows, karaoke and gay discos to the patio. But for now, the salon is full of color and life—Mischa hired a visual artist to create a mural to pay tribute to the legendary drag queen and trance icon. Also don’t miss Dolly Parton’s downstairs bathroom. Planning a day to get your hair done can feel like the biggest vacation of the week—and spending the day, as cozy as Everin’s Treehouse Social Club, is the best.

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Australian natives and partners Gregorio Ruggeri & Craig Longhurst moved to New York to open their beautiful NoMad salon in 2015. Since then, the stylish salon has moved to an acute townhouse in the West, right next to the Highline which is the second -two. salons and their luxurious apartment beautifully decorated by Longhurst, an interior designer. It also sells perfumes and jewelry in addition to graphic products. This salon does not use assistants—you have a master stylist who does your cut, color and style. Haircuts and highlights start at $250.

A quality haircut can feel transformative, but what if while you’re getting your new style, the experience also feels like a toe-tapping disco party? Enter: CutLoose, a retro Greenpoint hair salon with a disco-laden DJ set reverberating in a colorful space from owner and stylist Siobhan Benson.Benson, who has worked in the fashion industry for years, runs the best Bangs Bobs and Layers in town. (from their chairs) to the likes of Madonna and Pet Shop Boys, playing premium subwoofers during their hair services. As for the choice of your cut, remove any reference from anywhere and they can nail the stomodern look of the 70s, 80s, 90s. Coming to color? Their paint job is just aspoppy and messed up in the salon.

CutLoose first opened in a smaller space in 2017 and has now moved into a 1,500 square foot warehouse decorated with surreal, Memphis-inspired tropical furniture and plants in every corner. Leaning towards a safe and socially distant haircut experience, the team has a total of six lush purple graphics chairs currently inside, and weather permitting, guests can get their hair done outside. A temperature check is required at the door, you can book an appointment here.

Adel Chabbi’s Upper East Side salon focuses on dry cuts, color, hair extensions and blowouts. The celebrity stylist started her career in France at the age of 13 and believes that everyone deserves to feel comfortable with themselves. You will feel like a star in the massage chair, which you can enjoy while washing your hair. Cuts start at $200 and blasts at $75.

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The salon was started in 2011 by two brothers in Carroll Gardens, but moved to a larger location in Gowanus. The Bird House believes that your connection with your hair is deep and the goal is to leave the salon feeling “emotionally stimulated.” (And if you’re having chemotherapy, your cut is free.) Cut, color (including Balyage and Ombre) and style. Cuts range from $85-140, colors start at $120 and bangs start

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