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Thursday, November 24th 2022. | Weddings

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Today cd30 never got that far. I’m not sure if I’m ovulating because I don’t have my usual ovulation symptoms. Today 15dpo based on opks. I have been trying since last week. Anyone late bfp? PS: This cycle I am using letrozole, fostimon and progynova. maybe they changed my cycle. This will be my 17th TTC cycle for #1

Bfp Stories

Bfp Stories

I was a full week late for my period before I tested positive with my first two babies.

Tfab’s Weekly Bfp Post

Oh dear let this be my story. Did you have regular cycles before the delay? and are you currently undergoing fertility treatment?

Normal cycle is 28 days, but I am taking Clomid with my first. Maybe I’m ovulating late? I never really figured it out.

I came to the same boat. I am on CD 42. My cycle is usually 37-40 days. I think I ovulated on January 23/24. I took the test on the 6th and got a bfn. You haven’t tried it yet. I get a lot of ewcm mixed with vaginal discharge and lower back pain! I hope it’s a sign

Keep us posted!! I still have bfn but I also have a lot of ewcm! So I hope that’s a sign!

A Perfect Storm Of Positive Pregnancy Tests: The R.m. Story

I am 17 days overdue for AF, CD 46 last time I tested about a week ago and have BFN. But I’m still hoping for vomiting and nausea for the past 4 days. Don’t despair, I didn’t.

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Bfp Stories

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Senate Rejects Proposal To Allow Bfp Personnel To Bear Firearms During Fire Emergencies

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Bbt Charts Ending In Bfp And Some Advice 🙂

Hello everybody. so I used LH strips and cervical position to determine that I am ovulating at CD20 this cycle. I started testing at 13dpo. I had a striking white BFN at 13, 14 and 15 dpo. so yesterday at 16 dpo i got BFP. today, 17 dpo, slightly darker color. but I’m worried because I’m sure the implementation will be delayed. does it turn out that late implantation almost always leads to miscarriage?? I miscarried at 10 weeks in August and am hoping this is my rainbow sticky baby. call the doctor tomorrow as soon as they open.

Has anyone else had (or heard of) a late BFP that turned into a successful pregnancy? Thank you in advance!

By the way, I posted this on the TTC board too, so sorry if you saw it twice, I’m desperate…I haven’t even told DH that I’m so nervous.

Bfp Stories

Sorry, I don’t have any personal experience to share, but for now I’ll just keep watching to see if your lines get darker. Congratulations and I hope you can see a doctor soon for a blood test to confirm the good news!

Bfp. Cd 46, 11dpo. Frer And Clear Blue.

Good luck, let me know how it goes tomorrow! Here’s hoping these are some good sticky nuts planning to spend the next 9 months with! ✨🌈✨🌈

Update my hcg went from 214 at 18 dpo to 589 at 20 dpo. progesterone in good range, but steady, not increasing so I took supplements just in case even though OB said it might not be necessary, but it can’t hurt. I am trying to relax and enjoy the pregnancy but the anxiety is still so high!

Always update us! I’m in the same boat. I am currently 8w4d but still very uncertain. I haven’t found any other posts that talk about this but it really worries me. I didn’t get BFP until it was longer than my missed period. My last MMC was like that too. Since I’m taking progesterone, it’s hard to say what exactly. My first scan in 1 week.

Thanks so much for the update! Happy! That is very convincing. I’m getting a private scan next week because I can’t wait until after the holidays.

Big Fat Positive Podcast

I had my first scan today and baby is 6 weeks 2 days, exactly what i predicted based on my hcg and home tests. heart rate 122 bpm! I am calm but still worried until at least 10 weeks and maybe later. My ob doesn’t really mind bfp being late…says some people just take longer. hope you are well!

Thank you very much! I’m so glad you were able to improve your scan. I found this conception calculator to play around with the dates and it sure helps put things into perspective. Based on this calculator even my 8w3d is possible

Good luck! that’s great news! I have been thinking of you all and praying for good news. I know how you feel…even good news seems uncertain and unreassuring. I checked my HCG again on Monday and it was 4670 so it’s still going up too but I’m still having a hard time getting excited. My first scan was moved to Wednesday (I think the doctor got tired of me calling and pestering them about my concerns so they agreed to see me earlier lol). so I’ll tell you how it goes.

Bfp Stories

I’m also on progesterone and had a little pink discharge last night which freaked me out…the doc said it’s a common side effect. makes me even more nervous!!

Any Success Stories With A Faint Positive At 12 13 Dpo ? Nervous That This Should Be Darker By Now. Tw In Comments.

At least for now you can enjoy Christmas knowing you have a healthy living baby! so happy for you! I will keep you all in my thoughts 🙏🤞

I wish I had more definitive news…but we did get to see some strong heartbeats and I really wasn’t expecting it! I thought it was 9w3d but it measured 8w3d. My 9w3d is already conservative and based on those late BFPs, so I’m not that close to a problem. My last MC saw a strong hb at 8 weeks, but measured around 6-7, then I saw a few days later and the pulse was weak and a week later it was gone. So we took it further this time, but I’m also worried because I’m on progesterone and I’ve heard it can prolong my MC. Either way, we now have a live baby. My next scan isn’t until January 7th!! So, unless something happens sooner, my next update won’t be long. Keep me posted on you!

Good luck!! and I hope it’s a happy birthday! My husband and I are turning 4 in May…and we’re in Virginia, so on Eastern time too!

The same! ha ha It really helps to know that other people are in the same boat. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s a nightmare. There’s no way to sugarcoat it, but if we lose this baby, I’m going to see a specialist. I’ve completed a lot of tests, so it’s time to go to the next level.

Implantation Bleeding After 1 Bfp And 4 Negatives??

I will update here after my scan next week. It’s Thursday morning. I’m in FL for time zone reference.

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