Blue And Black Wedding Colors

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Blue And Black Wedding Colors – The wedding colors are green and white. Seems easy, right? Not really. With many shades, colors, transparencies and shades, there is a world of blue and white to explore. Choosing the right one is not an easy answer. It depends on the season, locations, skin tone, available space and of course your personal taste. It’s important to make color decisions early so you can define your theme and make smart choices that match your color scheme.

Blue is the color of the sky and the color of water. It is the color of many flowers and holds a prominent place in many cultures and legends. As a primary color, blue enjoys the ability to combine perfectly with opposites, neighbors, secondary colors, secondary colors and all shades and colors.

Blue And Black Wedding Colors

Blue And Black Wedding Colors

Many brides aren’t ready to ditch the off-white wedding dress. But, there’s no reason why blue can’t play an important role with accents and accessories.

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Whether it’s a pure white dress or a baby blue and white wedding dress, the accents are where it’s at. You will have a bouquet, necklace, earrings, hair accessories, shoes, and a taffeta shawl or play shawl.

It’s hard to get your shoes to match perfectly with the flowers in the comb. The best way is to choose a few blues so that everything matches.

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Style Tips: Consider the bride when deciding on this. As a couple, you will look much better if one compliments the other instead of trying to match. Once that’s taken care of, reach out a little so your button isn’t all the attention.

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You can’t expect your visitors to follow your design guidelines to a T, but you can help them.

A great tip is to use the green color of your choice for save the dates and invitations and tips to match those colors exactly.

Alternatively, share your photos on your wedding website or app. No doubt you have a vision board that drives your design decisions. It’s hard to describe the color. But if they see it with their own eyes, it is very easy for them to find it.

Blue And Black Wedding Colors

Style Tips: While you want to be consistent, don’t go overboard. Yes, the bride is the star of the show. But bridesmaids should be different from your guests. Try to hit that sweet spot where the guests fit in with the theme but don’t seem like part of the wedding.

Blue And Black Wedding Dress

Even if you have chosen a blue and white wedding dress, consider the diversity of your brides. While your accents and accessories look amazing with certain shades of blue, the same color covering the entire dress can be a standout.

Once you have moved on to the stage of choosing the groom’s dress in your wedding planning, come up with a few things. Trying on a full scale (called the bride) dress will tell you how it looks. If you bring a display or accessory, it will tell you how it will work in your theme and how it will look next to you.

Style tips: A good rule of thumb to start with is the opposite. If your wedding dress is mostly white with green accents, their dresses should be mostly blue. This creates a great visual contrast while allowing the bride to stand out as she should.

Dressing your wedding party in shades of white and blue is a great first step. Satisfying the whole theme of a wedding requires something more. Here’s how to expand your color palette throughout your event and celebration.

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Save the dates and wedding invitations are your guests’ first interaction with your wedding. It is important to express your content on Day 1 so that you can continue on your big day.

Style tips: If possible, ask your printer to provide you with a few test prints to ensure color results on screen with the correct color on paper. Compare it with your other options before pulling the trigger.

Press invitations require, among other things, a working knowledge of fonts and images. Fortunately, professional designers and online software take the guesswork out of it. Your only job is to make sure you have a common understanding of your topic. Blue and white wedding invitations can easily represent traditional, boho, trendy, garden party, barn and many other wedding themes depending on the shade of blue and other design elements.

Blue And Black Wedding Colors

Floral options are plentiful when working with a blue and white wedding theme. Choosing the perfect bouquet is a whole lot of fun.

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Hydrangeas, delphiniums, hyacinths, blue stars and roses all come in different shades of blue. The options are so large that you are sure to be able to match your dresses and decorations. With lilies, orchids, baby’s breath and many other styles, adding white to the mix is ​​a snap.

Style Tips: It’s also a great idea to use the same options in different sizes – you want your bouquet to be unique – for centerpieces and other flowers. Combining colors creates visual harmony. Comparing details creates a slightly stronger conceptual consistency.

Lucky you! Some colors are very difficult to mix when it comes to frosting. Blue and white wedding cakes are a sure thing because blue is one of the easiest shades to handle.

As mentioned earlier, you can find blue in all of nature. Use this with water features, blue light, green flowers and green beds. Depending on your theme, traditional for example, you can choose to have white decor and blue accents to make everything stand out.

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If you have a large wedding venue chart, white text on a green background is fine. However, the smaller the residential chart, the more difficult it will be to read.

Style tips: Before investing in the final product, print a test page to make sure things are legible. At some point, you will have to switch to blue text on a white background.

I’ve mentioned a lot of topics so far, but go ahead. Add a dusty pink to the mix and watch your wedding transform into a romantic theme.

Blue And Black Wedding Colors

Again, location charts are fun, but their main point is functionality. Make sure there’s enough difference in Uncle Fred’s Coke glasses to earn his place.

Wedding Inspiration: Yellow And Blue

Candles. Episodes. The bed. Chairs. I’m happy All are available in beautiful shades of blue. Whether you buy or DIY, use blue sparingly. Blue does not induce appetite in the same way as earth tones and warm colors. Let the food do the work and use your colors to create an impression of sweetness and beauty.

Style tips: late summer and early fall weddings look great in blue jewelry. Start with a white base and add bright tablecloths and napkin rings to create a theme that warms the soul just by looking at it. Use the same technique with the wedding colors of royal blue and white (or any other shade of green for that matter) for a completely different look.

Remember, your guests and wedding party are likely to wear blue. Overdoing the table setting will create a sea of ​​dirty green. dashes and bullet points are all that are needed to tie your content together. Less is more.

I mentioned the flower options in the bouquet section above. Now it’s time to talk about the style of blue and white wedding flowers. The best way is to choose a concentrated flower – a large blue hyacinth, for example – and 3 free flowers.

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Styling tips: Choosing different types of flowers creates the textural interest that your bouquet needs. Too many choices cause the eye to become confused. You can choose a mix of white and blue or all blue. If you choose all blue, make sure you choose an assortment of shades to create the contrast your bouquet needs to be beautiful.

Another option, choose all white flowers. Use the same technique for visual interest and wrap the bouquet with ribbon. The ribbon can be made of the same fabric shown in the wedding dress or wedding dresses.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s clear that blue and white wedding colors are very different. This color combination can match any theme at any time. Keep the big picture in mind by choosing your theme, guest attire and attire, and decorating as a theme, not one at a time. In this way, you will get the drive and achieve the content of your dreams. A blue and black wedding theme is a combination of class, mystery, romance and sophistication. Both colors are strong and represent closeness, stability, strength and purity.

Blue And Black Wedding Colors

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