Blue Nile Hidden Sapphire Wedding Band I Think Im Keeping It

Friday, December 9th 2022. | Weddings

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Blue Nile Hidden Sapphire Wedding Band I Think Im Keeping It

Blue Nile Hidden Sapphire Wedding Band I Think Im Keeping It

Olivia Landau is a fourth-generation diamond expert and Gemological Institute of America (GIA) accredited graduate gemologist.

Hidden Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Ring In 14k White Gold (1/2 Ct. Tw.)

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Courtesy of Brilliant Earth / Design by Bailey Mariner What if you could combine the old-world elegance of a historic 16th-century emerald-cut ring and reinvent the technique to make it even more spectacular? You can and it’s called Radiant Cut. This diamond shape has only been around for about 40 years, but it rivals its vintage predecessors and is the center stone of many celebrities’ engagement rings, including Jennifer Aniston and Khloe Kardashian. What is Radiant Cut? The Radiant Cut combines the silhouette of the Emerald Green Cut with the Brilliance – also called Brilliance – Round Cut. It comes in both square and rectangular shapes, usually cut with a 70 angle, and the corners are chamfered, making it less likely to break. “When choosing a radiant-cut diamond, it’s important to consider well-centered cuts, parallel sides, and corners that are uniform in size,” says gemologist Lauren Addison. If all these things are in order then the brilliance of the diamond will shine. Meet the Expert Lauren Addison is a designer and gemologist based in New York City. She began her career at a luxury diamond house in Manhattan and earned a degree in gemology from the Gemological Institute of America. She has been working in the jewelry industry for 13 years and owns an eponymous jewelry company that focuses on custom bridal pieces. Pros and Cons of Radiant Engagement Ring Radiant cut has a natural sparkle and doesn’t need extra detailing to shine. Although bold, it maintains a slim, clean figure thanks to its emerald-cut roots. And because this shape defines the corners, stone chips and scratches are less likely to form during normal wear. However, the stone has some drawbacks. Radiant cut diamonds have great depth and carry most of their weight under the stone. This reduces the brilliance of the diamond, so if you want extra sparkle, you’ll need to size up. The depth of these stones also has to withstand the weight of the ring setting diamond, which also contributes to the high cost. What to look for in a radiant cut ring? What makes a high quality radiant cut diamond? Once you’ve settled on a square or rectangular shape, you need to make sure the proportions are right. “For a traditional rectangular radiant, the ideal ratio is 1.25, but somewhere between 1.20 and 1.30 is within target parameters. For a square radiant cut, a ratio between 1.00-1.03 is best. What settings work best for radiant cut diamonds? If shine is your goal, you should probably choose the open-tooth setting, as this allows for the best light interaction. “If you’re looking for a little more embellishment, consider adding a diamond halo or setting your aura with fancy-shaped side stones like trillions,” says Addison. How portable is it? This cut is very versatile and makes a diamond that is great for everyday wear. If you choose a large radiant cut diamond, consider a setting such as a hex or bezel for maximum protection. How to Care for Your Radiant Cut Diamond Ring Addison stresses that treating your diamond like you would any other piece of fine jewelry starts with cleaning your ring regularly. To break up the inevitable build-up of dirt and oil, I suggest soaking your ring in a simple solution of warm water and liquid soap every few weeks,” she says. “Gently scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush and rinse and dry. Avoid abrasive chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners as they do more harm than good. It’s also important to know when to take it off for a day at the beach, at the gym, or during chores like gardening or cleaning. You should check the teeth and settings regularly to make sure they are not loose or chipped. A good rule of thumb: if you move it and hear the diamond clatter against the setting, go to your jeweler. Finally, consider insuring your ring. “Whether you add your engagement ring to your existing homeowners or renters insurance policy or purchase personal jewelry insurance, make sure your ring is covered in case of loss, theft, damage or disappearance.” Introducing VRAI x: Shop our exclusive collection of lab-grown diamond jewelry for the big day and beyond. Convinced that a radiant cut is the perfect diamond silhouette for your engagement ring? Scroll down for 20 awesome and unique picks. Anna Sheffield Bee Three Stone Ring Courtesy of Anna Sheffield. The indie jewelry designer will soon become a favorite among those looking for options that meet modern tastes. Price at time of publication: Not specified J.R. Dunn Radiant Ultra Thin Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting Courtesy of JR Dunn. Shop at The slender band in this radiant cut diamond ring lends an elegant and versatile look to the silhouette. It blends harmoniously with other rings on your hand, but is strong enough to stand on its own. Price at time of publication: $1,075 Porter Gulch Courtesy of Jane Ring Buy at If you’re considering a diamond as your center stone, a radiant-cut sapphire is just as beautiful. This 2.53-carat teal-blue-green party sapphire (ethically sourced from Madagascar) is set with natural white diamonds to give the ring a truly unique, delicate finish. Price at time of publication: Not listed Jemma Wynne Diamond Pear and Radiant Canary Diamond Open Ring Courtesy of Jemma Wynne Buy at This unique radiant cut canary diamond ring is handcrafted in New York City and features a pear-shaped white diamond next to it. It is ideal for those looking for a ready-made option. Price at time of publication: Not listed Lauren Addison Radiant-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Courtesy of Lauren Addison Shop at and double the sparkle and go for this radiant-cut ring mounted with trillion-cut side stones and accented with pavé diamonds. All Addison diamonds are ethically sourced following the guidelines of the Kimberley Process and certified by the Gemological Institute of America. Price at time of publication: Available upon request Brilliant Earth Yellow Gold Horizontal Petite Comfort Fit Engagement Ring Courtesy of Brilliant Earth By Ann Brilliant Earth This customizable ring is elegant and stunning. A thin band accentuates the bright cut stone in the center of the ring. The ring has a flexible fit, allowing additional ring stacking. Price at time of publication: Various Blue Nile Radiant Solitaire Engagement Ring Courtesy of Blue Nile Buy at If you love a radiant cut diamond, choose this ring. The 1.7 carat stone sits beautifully on an 18k yellow gold band. Although the design is simple, this ring is full of sparkle and detail. Price at time of publication: $11,506 Mark Broumand Radiant-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Courtesy of Mark Broumand Buy If you’re looking for a true conversation starter ring, meet your perfect match at This ring from Marc Brumond showcases stunning details such as a 3.37 carat radiant cut diamond surrounded by smaller, round diamonds that illuminate the ring. The platinum band makes the ring look smart, clean and bright from every angle. Price at time of publication: Available upon request James Allen Radiant-Cut Diamond Tapered Baguette Ring Courtesy of James Allen by This ring combines a radiant-cut diamond with the popular baguette diamond shape. Baguette diamonds are the stone of the ring and the radiant cut is the center of attention while accentuating the band. Price at time of publication: $27,320 Best Brilliance 1.8 Carat Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Courtesy of Best Brilliance Buy on Etsy The handmade ring is the ultimate symbol of personalization and affection. This handmade engagement ring features a 1.8 carat stone set in a slim and delicate shank. The band is adjustable and can be finished in gold, platinum, white gold or rose gold. Price at time of publication: $3,545 Buy Pampilonia Radiant-Cut Yellow Diamond Ring Courtesy of Pampilonia. This bright cut yellow diamond stone is sandwiched between two trapezoidal cut diamonds. Thick platinum band

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