Blush And Navy

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Blush And Navy – Love. Beauty. Design limit. This is what comes to mind when I think of Amanda and Josh’s wedding at the Fairmont in Downtown Pittsburgh. Soft mauve and blushes mixed with shades of ivory and navy blue add contrast. Eucalyptus and local sage also created a pleasant aroma. We’re not ashamed to say how much we love Maria at Palermo Photography. With Amanda and Josh being nice, cute, and great to work with, you have a magical wedding.

Amanda and Josh’s wedding was a perfect example of recycling flowers. While the ceremony and reception were held in one room that was split, we were able to move the back of their ceremony to a beautiful table and use tall partitions to speak the process. Our team arrives at cocktail hour and sets everything up for the party.

Blush And Navy

Blush And Navy

Facilities and Catering: Fairmont Hotel Pittsburgh | Photo: Palermo Photography Design: Blue Daisy | Products and Papers: Black Ann & Co | Wedding Dress: Lee Ann Belter | Hair and Makeup: Hannah Konard | Entertainment: Andy Booth Production | Table of Cakes and Cookies: Nutritious Foods | Suits: Men’s Suits The right palette can make a big difference in your wedding. It gives shape and power, sets the tone and can make a powerful theme. The trick is to choose wedding colors that feel fresh and original. One hot trend is the modern mauve wedding and blue wedding. Red and blue are different on the color wheel, making them complementary colors.

San Clemente Blush And Navy Wedding

Red is a common feminine color for weddings, and dark blue is a common color. When used together, the effect is less and less predictable. Pink and navy blue are also good choices for weddings because you have a good balance between masculine and feminine. These colors can be used for any wedding and would be perfect for a semi-detached wedding. I love this beautiful example of a wedding by Jessica Gold Photography, captured perfectly by the groom in a polka dot navy bow tie.

Stand: Yes Ma’am Paper Products Photo by Ali Harper via Southern Weddings | Wedding Dress – Photos by Jessicagold drink – | Groom’s Tie – When You Find It | brides – snippetandink | wedding cake – Onelov Photo | wedding dress – photo by Enzoani, Star and Sage | Wedding Dress – Rem Acre

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Navy, Blush And Silver Wedding Party

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Blush And Navy

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Navy Wedding Bouquetblush Bridal Bouquetnavy Blue & Blush

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Blush And Navy

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Blush And Navy Watercolor Flowers By Graphics Collection On Dribbble

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It was a favorite at my wedding. Everyone loved it! I did it too! Well done. Thank you very much!

Blush And Navy

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Navy Blue And Blush Wedding Color Inspiration

It can’t be hung, they thought it had the same type! Good job I don’t know how to hang it!!!

I asked for an elephant drop but I didn’t get it. Yes, the colors look different on their page, but the fact that they look different and have red color with white letters is not what I asked for. They are purple in color. White ivory. I asked the seller and they told me what it was. Their colors are what you see. I do not recommend it because the colors shown are not the colors you will receive. They will not refund your money.

Sorry, you are not happy with your history. We sent the exact color you confirmed. All of our testimonials are custom made and tailored to your needs. We also found a photo of the background you took and it is the same color as your logo. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your feedback.

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Blush And Navy

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