Bohemian Style Bridesmaid Dresses

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Please enter your details, we will customize the dress for you. Please note the customs fee is $109.00

Bohemian Style Bridesmaid Dresses

Bohemian Style Bridesmaid Dresses

Due to the difference in lighting and monitor display, the color you see on your computer may be slightly different from the color of the item you received. The actual color must match the color of the item you received.

Boho Flower Girl Dresses That Will Match Your Laid Back Celebration

Note: To accommodate high heels, we will add an extra 5cm to fitted floor length dresses and dresses with trains.

Pickup time (the time it takes to successfully receive your order from the time it is placed) = setup time + shipping time

Setup time: 15-20 business days (production time refers to the time required to prepare the order item(s) for shipment)

Is an international clothing and apparel design and manufacturing company. Founded in 2012, it has provided customers with a convenient way to purchase a variety of festive dresses at attractive prices through . From a sophisticated evening dress to a sparkling prom dress, a beautiful wedding dress to an elegant bridesmaid dress; offers everything a woman dreams of.

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As a growing fashion company, our mission is to provide fashionable design, effective brand marketing and efficient and timely delivery of products from a complete lifestyle system to customers worldwide. We work with hundreds of young and talented designers to create the best dresses and clothes for our customers. Through extensive research and our in-depth knowledge of our customer base, we offer great plus size dresses. We can also custom make dresses to specific measurements.

We are now exclusively online. Although we have an office in San Jose, California, we do not make frequent home visits. By eliminating the retail side of things, we can make our prices more wallet-friendly! When should I place an order?

To keep our prices low and to be environmentally friendly, we make all our dresses to order. This means it takes time to make the dresses and then 1-10 business days to ship them to you. Because of this, we recommend that you place your order at least one month before you need it.

Bohemian Style Bridesmaid Dresses

All of our dresses are roughly the same size (except for the length of course) in our standard sizes and they all fit the bride’s size. The best way to find out which size will fit you best is to compare your measurements with our handy size chart, which is also included on each dress’s order page. How to approach the strapless style:

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You have to fill the cup so that the dress stays upright. Measure your waist. Strapless styles offer little wiggle room and are designed to fit comfortably! If you go down a size and your waist is slightly larger than the size listed, chances are you will have problems with the fastening of the dress. It’s always better to go bigger and take it and then hope to have enough material to release it!

The bust tends to be a bit larger, so make sure you can fill out that area for a good look. If your bust is a little bigger (about an inch more), the dress should still look good, but it might be a little tight. There isn’t a lot of clearance in the middle, so if your size is a little larger than the size chart, you may have trouble with the zipper! It’s always better to go bigger and take it and then hope to have enough material to release it! If your measurements don’t quite match, you may need to go up a size or more to get as close as possible, then have your local tailor resize it to fit. For example, if you have a US 12 waist, but your other measurements match a US 4, you’ll still want to choose a US 10 or US 12 to fit your waist, then the dress is fake And of course, there’s always the choice individual size!

Custom dresses are custom made to the measurements you provide at checkout, meaning no one else will be able to wear the dress once it’s ready. Therefore, we cannot return custom made dresses. So sorry, my love! Be sure to triple check all your measurements and color! To help further, we offer a limited exchange refund (which can be up to 30% of the online price) for our custom sizes only, just send a photo of the tailor’s receipt through your

If you’re not ordering a maternity style, follow our guidelines for when to order regular dresses. Our general rule of thumb for pregnancy is that your belly will grow about 1 inch every 4 weeks. Now measure the largest part of your waist, then add an inch to your waist every 4 weeks until the event date. If you have any questions or need help with sizing, just contact us now with your event date and we can work out how much you need to add to your waist.

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We offer basic custom measurements using your bust, waist, hip, height and hollow to floor measurements to reduce potential rework costs. Although we will make your order according to the measurements provided, your dress may require additional alterations at your expense and may not look exactly as it appears online.

Custom dresses are custom made to the measurements you provide at checkout, meaning no one else will be able to wear the dress once it’s ready. Therefore, we cannot return custom made dresses. So sorry, my love! Be sure to triple check all your measurements and color!

The color sequence, of course, is of great importance. However, there may be slight differences if you place multiple orders at different times. why Mainly the fabric is dyed in large batches which helps to maintain uniformity for all the dresses made in each batch. Then they dye another large batch of fabric, and while we know they work very hard to get the same color every time, there can be slight variations.

Bohemian Style Bridesmaid Dresses

To ensure that all dresses are made from the same batch of dyes, you will need to receive all orders within 24 hours. We will start production on any confirmed and paid orders 24 hours after the first order is placed. After 24 hours, we cannot guarantee that any late orders will be included in the same batch of dyes as the rest of your group. Keep in mind that your screen resolution may change how colors appear on your computer, depending on how you set them up.

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You can cancel or request changes to your order within 72 hours of placing it. If you need to cancel your order after the 72-hour cancellation period has expired, you will need to wait for your order to be received and then request a return. You will receive a full refund less shipping costs when we receive the order back at our warehouse and process it. If your style is more relaxed and casual, you will most likely buy a modern bohemian wedding dress. At Dreamers & Lovers, we are known as boho wedding style specialists. Many brides find us by searching for “Boho style wedding dresses” or “Bohemian style wedding dresses”. We cater to the bride who wants to be unique and comfortable, but at the same time wants to feel the most beautiful version of herself. While we may be all for a relaxed bride, we are OBSESSED with details. Each gown is carefully designed and tailored in our California design studio to your exact measurements. Our laces are made of high quality cotton, soft and luxurious. If you wear one of our dresses, you will be the most beautiful bride. GWS voted our Hayley as one of the best boho wedding dresses of 2022.

Brides looking for bohemian wedding dresses choose ours for their boho-chic wedding look. We create dresses from natural fabrics. They are handcrafted in Los Angeles. We guarantee the authentic artisan feel that mass-produced dresses lack. D&L’s romantic wedding dresses are perfect if you are planning a beach wedding, a vintage wedding or a rustic wedding. Be original in one of our new boho alternative wedding dresses. Any of these bright rustic wedding dresses will match your new flower crown for an authentic bohemian vibe. As you browse our selection, remember that our local CA team can personalize all of our dresses, including the boho/hippie wedding dresses listed here. We offer a wide selection of lace wedding dresses with long or short sleeves. We have the perfect dress to make your day the one you’ve always dreamed of

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