Bridal Bouquets Ideas

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Bridal Bouquets Ideas – Your bouquet is more than a bouquet of different flowers. Whether you follow seasonal trends or enjoy your favorite selection from the garden, the bouquet you wear on the big day serves as an extension of your bridal style and wedding aesthetic.

But most often, future brides find themselves in a complete gap in choosing the type of flower, the shape and size of the composition, as well as a certain color palette. We consulted experts in the wedding industry to help us make important design decisions that will simplify the process of arranging a bouquet for even the most indecisive brides.

Bridal Bouquets Ideas

Bridal Bouquets Ideas

“I often ask my florist to create a series of three bouquets and let the bride choose her favorite one on her wedding day,” says Andrea Eppolito, Andrea Eppolito Events wedding organizer and owner. As for the other two bouquets, Eppolito either gives them to the mother of the bride and groom before the ceremony or replaces the original bouquet with fresh ones a few hours later. “It keeps the flowers looking fresh all night long!” says Eppolito.

Beautiful Peony Wedding Bouquets

Whether it’s an ode to the hometown, such as adding maple leaves to a bouquet to pay tribute to a family maple farm, or a symbol of a favorite flower, using flowers with a special meaning in a day arrangement adds meaning and charm. “One of my recent brides wanted white garden roses and stephanots because her mother and grandmother used to wear them in their bouquets,” says Carrie Wilcox, owner of Carrie Wilcox Floral Design.

The inclusion of eclectic elements such as fruits, berries and other ingredients adds originality. “This hand-tied bouquet includes a variety of flowers such as antique green hydrangeas, a milk cafe and burgundy dahlias, as well as pepper and bay leaves,” says Lauren Fox, owner of Fox Events.

If you don’t like bold shades, shades that reflect a more neutral color scheme will suit any wedding style. Rockrose Floral owners Bree and Freddie achieve this romantic look by using neutral flowers such as “large fluffy peonies and garden roses with minimal green”.

“More is not always better. Your bouquet should be beautiful and contain your favorite flowers, but it shouldn’t compete with your figure or the silhouette of your dress, ”advises Phil Cooper, senior designer at Kehoe Designs. The intricate details of this embroidered lace complement the unique complexity of this stunning bouquet.

Gorgeous Spring & Summer Bridal Bouquets For Different Wedding Colour Scheme

Just because you prefer a traditional flower arrangement doesn’t mean you have to stick to conventional design elements all day long. Leslie Liberis, owner of Branch Design Studio, suggests playing with a sophisticated range of styles – modern versus traditional, boho versus black tie and more – to create an aesthetic that suits you and your personal aesthetic. “Modern chairs and traditional flowers? Why not! Mixing styles can be done, and that’s good, ”says Liberis.

For a bouquet that makes a bold first impression, Alicia Fritz, owner of May Event Planning & Design, recommends choosing an arrangement that showcases large flowers, such as this vibrant coral bouquet.

When you fine-tune your bouquet details, there’s no one better to rely on than a team of on-site experts to guide you through the toughest decisions of the day. For wedding ideas that go beyond the norm and suit you and your wedding style, Morgan Childs, owner and founder of Moana Events, advises brides to rely on experts to create arrangements that best fit their specific vision.

Bridal Bouquets Ideas

Adding color to your composition is a great way to add a little whimsy to your wedding aesthetic (and photos of the day!), As well as a bit of the bride’s non-traditional gown. Photographer Elisa Bricker advises you to use a color theme to add sparkle to your wedding photos. “Some brides avoid color, but I think bouquets are a fantastic and amazing place to play with different shades,” she says.

Ways To Use White Ranunculus In Your Wedding Décor

Not only is it difficult to create a monobotanical composition, it can also be perfectly combined with a modern wedding style. Maria Zois, event coordinator at Ariston Weddings & Events, proposes white calla lilies for a bouquet that is timeless and elegant.

Julie Bunkley, owner and creative director of Invision Events, suggests adding green to the bouquet to add an unexpected layer of texture. “There are so many different types of greens that you can use in a bouquet in addition to eucalyptus. Air plants give the bouquet a natural and organic feel with an added softness, ”says Bunkley.

To make sure you get a good start with the florist, make an appointment before the big day to make sure you’re both on the same page with your specific wedding vision. Brooke Osborne, wedding director of The Hidden Garden, advises on everything from shape to color and flowers.

For this outdoor wedding, the bride chose an all-white bouquet with a bit of fresh green to add color to her seasonal arrangement. And if you are not sure what to choose? “You can never go wrong with white at any time of the year, especially in spring and summer,” recommends Jennifer Hough, founder of BLOOM Floral Design.

Real Bride’s Wedding Bouquets

Working with different colors can create variety and depth to the entire composition. Diana Venditto, owner and creative director of Eventi Floral & Events, enjoys working with a mix of greenery and an assortment of flowers to create unique designs. “Adding great berries as a flower filler also interrupts the use of flowers, but maintains the aesthetics,” she says.

Meredith Vaga Perez, co-founder and creative director of Belle Fleur New York, guides brides to classic flowers in simpler styles to create a timeless look. “Focusing on a bouquet that evokes an ethereal style that is gentle on the senses, both in texture and shape, won’t irritate the eye,” she says. If there is a cherry on the desserts, there is a bridal bouquet at the wedding. . They may all look the same, but they are more varied than you think.

Variants of wedding bouquets are not limited to the color palette. In fact, there are different styles classified by flower arrangement and fresh flowers used. Usually it is selected in accordance with the theme of the wedding. You can also style your wedding according to trends, colors or a seasonal theme. For example, for an autumn wedding, use shades of yellow, orange, red, purple and brown, and for a winter wedding – plain or white.

Bridal Bouquets Ideas

When it comes to the perfect wedding flowers, there are many things to consider. One of them is a wedding dress. While there is no wrong style for a bouquet, there are ones that look better on you depending on what you are wearing. Here are wedding bouquet ideas with a standard yet timeless look.

How To Personalize Your Bridal Bouquet: Ideas For Adding Sentimental Beauty To Big Day Blooms

The crescent bouquets appear to form a soft arc resembling a quarter moon. The flowers are gathered in the center and then spread right and left. The length does not have to be the same, it can be adjusted according to your preferences. You can use greenery to create a shape and add a natural veil for an extra look. The best flowers for this type of bouquet are brushed flowers such as orchids, dahlias, amaranth, and ranunculus.

If you are going to organize a wedding with your own hands, the best bouquet for this is a bouquet tied by hand. It is enough to tie a bouquet of flowers with a ribbon, cloth or string. Pick one main flower and then add a few around it in a spiral.

This simple flower arrangement creates a casual look and a freshly selected vibe, making it perfect for some themed weddings. For example, if you want to host a garden wedding, bohemian or rustic, this is a great option. This style of composition is also perfect for an autumn bridal bouquet. If you use whimsical but natural-looking wildflowers and complement the look with fall foliage, you can create a tiered bouquet with a palette of warm colors.

Speaking of the classic choice, bouquets of bouquets are mentioned most often. While they will look cute on the bride as well, they are usually used by bridesmaids and flower girls due to their size. Floral ideas for it include roses, peonies, and tulips, making it the perfect choice for a spring wedding. Unlike most styles, flower bouquets don’t use a lot of green and mostly rely on flowers to create a small, rounded shape.

Of The Best Winter Wedding Bouquets To Enhance Your Big Day

If you want something bigger than a bouquet but more orderly than hand-tied, round bouquets may be just what you need. Its shape resembles a bouquet, and flowers also take precedence over green. Its perfect domed design makes it perfect for both modern and traditional styles

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