Bridal Shower Cake Ideas Pinterest

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Bridal Shower Cake Ideas Pinterest – Last weekend my sisters and I threw a bridal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Abby. Since it was late afternoon, a Sunday shower with bad weather, we kept the menu light and dessert simple. The theme was “From Lady to Lady” and it was a beautiful celebration!

For the decor, we knew we wanted to start with a rug and build from there. I made an 8 foot long by 5 foot wide frame out of PVC pipe to hold my kidney cloth (about 6 feet apart) and secured it with safety pins. The flower base held the banner together and was secured with safety pins in the background.

Bridal Shower Cake Ideas Pinterest

Bridal Shower Cake Ideas Pinterest

A crisp white table top and a simple antique box keep things simple and clean for a neat and tidy table. We filled glass jars with matching candy and I made a miniature version of the couple’s wedding cake. A brownie tart and chocolate raspberry cupcakes in a cute baking dish from Sweet! Around the baking supply table. The original plan called for an extra dessert to compliment and balance the brownie tart, but when I realized how big my “mini” wedding cake was going to be, the extra dessert was called for.

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes & A Bridal Shower

The “wedding cake” is a 2-tier, 12-inch bottom, with a 2-tier, 8-inch top. I used my favorite White Beet sourdough cake recipe, which I made four times to satisfy. Vanilla butterscotch ice cream is my favorite – and I had to make two and a half of it.

We made 24 wooden pom poms inspired by Martha Stewart, which were originally supposed to be cupcake toppers, but I didn’t like how they looked with the baking cups, so they turned out to be a cute and fun accessory. We carried the bow and arrow theme throughout the decor, from the front door sign (don’t forget to take pictures) to the mason jars and silverware.

The cute little tables and large glass vases (plus burlap ribbon) came from Save-On, one of my favorite places to buy party supplies and wall decorations. The prices are amazing and they always seem to be what I’m looking for.

As for the food, (another missing photo – ugh) we had a delicious, deli style chicken salad on croissants with raisins and celery, a large seasonal fruit salad, a veggie platter and my sister. Law’s famous pasta salad. One of my favorite things about the buffet we installed was the addition of crisp white buffet plates from Bed Bath & Beyond. We served them on a long rack, lined with bright pink cloth napkins from World Market.

Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

The brownie tart was an exact copy of last week’s blog post, except I replaced the white chocolate biscoff ganache with dark chocolate biscoff ganache. Still functional, still fun and the perfect party bag!

The chocolate raspberry cupcakes were just as beautiful in their perfect glasses. I love this particular baking pan because it’s a little bigger than the normal size, and the cakes bake really well in them. The ice cream paired perfectly with the pink glasses, and they were just gorgeous!

The cupcakes are one of my favorite tried and true chocolate cake recipes, fluffy and chocolatey enough to carry the raspberry filling. A drizzle of vanilla buttercream adds just a little swirl to the ice cream and blends everything together. Delicious.

Bridal Shower Cake Ideas Pinterest

Fresh roses may be scarce in mid-February in Kansas, but a simple bouquet of white roses from our local grocery store will save the day. I love mason jars for everything, especially rustic vases!

Beautiful Bridal Shower Cakes

I hope you enjoyed a look at our bridal shower – it was such a busy day that my photos were admittedly lacking, but hopefully you get the idea. Enjoy the cake recipe, and be sure to go ahead and like my Facebook page for more behind the scenes at Lemon Sugar!

These perfect, dark chocolate cupcakes are injected with a raspberry tart filling and topped with a raspberry-infused butter cream. Relax! Recipe Source: Cupcakes Adapted from Cooks Illustrated, Frosting is Original LS. There is no such thing as just being busy. After all, the time between “I do” and “I do” is often filled with pre-wedding festivities that celebrate the couple and their future as husband and wife. For the bride, the bridal shower is usually an overwhelming experience. She spends the morning or afternoon with her sisters and best friends – the people who saw her become the bride she is today. After the girls are all wrapped up, bridal games are played, presents are opened, all that’s left is to end with a sweet treat.

Enter the bathroom wedding shower below. Cute, petite and perfect for your little girl’s party, these are sure to please your bride. From a three-tier blue cake topped with a candy crown (of course!) to a personal-sized cake covered in buttercream roses, there’s a dessert your bride will love. We kept all of your favorite cake trends in mind while compiling this special list as well. You will find ombre, nude and subtle gold treatments that pass the ultimate test – every visitor will try to take a photo for Instagram.

Of course, deciding on a shower cake comes down to the bride’s personal taste. Is that free-spirited bohemian planning a no-nonsense-chic? For a little treat, opt for fabric-inspired flower covers. Is she the oldest girl you know? An all-white dessert, decorated with cream sugar flowers, can be its sweet companion. No one knows the bride like you—maybe that’s why you’re planning her shower! – this means you will know which of these cakes will be his favorite. Don’t worry if it’s a little difficult. All these beauties are uniquely inspired.

Bridal Shower Cake Copied A Pinterest Pic From Sis In Law To Be Wish I Could Credit For Design I Made The Molds Myself For The Pearls P

Why not have a bridal shower with confections in the colors of the symbol of love? If your bride is a romantic at heart, she will go crazy for this sweet treat.

Edible gold leaf adds a little sparkle to a little cake. Serve one to each guest, or buy slightly larger single-tiered bowls to place on each table.

Treat each bridal shower guest to a personalized nude confetti cake in a candy jar – fresh flowers add a botanical element.

Bridal Shower Cake Ideas Pinterest

The gray and gray dots make this masterpiece feel like a creative work of art. Your contemporary bride will go crazy.

We’re not sure what we love most about this pastel creation—the pale blue frosting, gold details, and regal crown tip are all stunning.

If the bride is a chocolate lover, a cocoa cake – decorated with sugar flowers and copper ornaments – will make her day.

This white cake, made by Pretty Sweets, has a timeless ombre and gold base that makes it the latest on-trend dessert.

The rose flower details make this beauty look more like a cake than a dress. If your bride is into crew fashion, you can’t go wrong with this treatment.

A shower cake isn’t just about the cake – it’s also about the presentation. Top a simple white cake with lots of fresh flowers, then place the confection on a flower-covered stand.

If you’re taking a large shower, go for a full-size vanity. It’s a very pretty shade of blue, but it’s the subtle details that will definitely catch your traditional bride’s eye.

If your bride is modern, choose a cake of that time. We love the blue-washed icing and the fresh flower decoration – both super trendy right now. By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you agree to store cookies on your device to improve website navigation, analyze website usage and help. In our marketing efforts.

Bridal Shower Cake Ideas Pinterest

Our editors come from various backgrounds and are experts in the world of weddings. We are proud of our work and proud to be a part of this journey.

There are few things we appreciate more than a decadent wedding cake – with taste and style. Sweet treats come and go, but nothing replaces a delicious cake that satisfies more than one of your senses. Our favorite type of wedding cake is the kind that makes a statement by complementing your wedding decor.

Pastry chef Emily Leal Aumler herself loves to marry a sophisticated aesthetic with a comfortable design. “Whether the cake is naturally frosted, decorated with fresh fruit, decorated with mixed sugar work or fresh, edible flowers, I strive to create a dessert that tells a story,” she explains.

Emily Leal Aumler is a pastry chef with over a decade of experience creating custom cakes with unique ingredients that cater to a variety of dietary needs. Aumiller is the owner and author of Brooklyn-based Lāel Cake

For bohemians, we love delicate flower crowns, organically placed leafy vines, or something with an earthy feel. If your style is more contemporary, a soft, smooth finish and geometric details will always be useful. If you’re more of a classic bride, traditional white isn’t your only option; Hand-painted flowers, watercolors, and delicate quilts all exude a timeless touch. If your reception is outdoors, consider taking inspiration from your surroundings.

“It’s your wedding, it’s yours.”

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