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Bridal Shower Pinterest – It’s a great time to hook up with girls, whether you’re married or not. So, before my friend Emily got married, we had a great excuse to get together and celebrate with a bridal shower. Emily is a witty, laid-back, adventurous girl from Washington who married a handsome guy from India, so it only seemed fitting when she said she wanted a travel-themed bridal shower.

If you’re looking for ideas for your own travel themed bridal shower, I’ll share what we used for the invitations, food, decorations, and games below. Plus, I did this bridal shower on a budget so you’ll find some tips on how to host your shower on the cheap.

Bridal Shower Pinterest

Bridal Shower Pinterest

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My Bridal Shower

Whichever way you decide to go with your invitation, try to keep it focused on a travel theme. You can get really cute travel themed invitations online like this one here. But if you have time, you can make your invitation yourself and make it like a postcard (like I did), flyer, passport or any other travel related idea you have.

When you’re on a tight budget and schedule like I was, email is a great way to send invitations. has cute and FREE ready-made invitations that you can use. If you have two seconds to spare and can use PowerPoint on your computer, you can create your own free personalized invitation. Click here to learn more about creating your own invitation.

I made my invitation like a postcard to play up the travel theme. (I’ve changed the information in the image above to protect the innocent.) If you want to know my process for creating this invitation, here are my main steps:

Some people immediately turn to the decor to show off the theme, forgetting that food can be such a fun way to incorporate any party theme. For our travel wedding reception, I chose five cities from around the world and served food from that city. I tried to have a variety of food (fruit, some savory and some desserts). I used little gift tags to label the food. (Here’s a cute alternative to labeling food.)

How To Throw A Travel Themed Bridal Shower On A Budget

I cut a fresh pineapple from Costco into large chunks. Another option would be to serve coconut water.

My great friend Brittany brought me these cute heart shaped palms from Trader Joe’s. Other ideas are macarons or croissants.

To stay on budget and make prep easy, I made a few boxes of Rice-A-Roni fried rice that I bought at Safeway. Not the highest quality food, and clearly not from Thailand, but no one cared that it wasn’t Bangkok-style fried rice. I served mine in small individual bowls, but this would work in a large bowl as well.

Bridal Shower Pinterest

This was one of my favorite showers and was easy to prepare and serve. I picked up hummus and pita bread at Costco and cut the pita into triangles. This is a great finger food.

Bridal Shower Mimosa Bar Sign Minimalist Bridal Brunch

I needed another dessert so I went for the New York Style Cheesecake. Other food options in New York include small cups of clam chowder, slices of pizza, or small hot dogs.

I tried to choose places scattered around the world that allowed me to serve food that was cheap, easy to find and prepare, easy to eat, tasty and offered a wide variety. You can use my places and food ideas or bring your own places and food.

You can see in the photo below that I focused almost all of the decor on the dining table. (Pro tip: I think focusing your decor on one or two key areas is a great way to make a statement, but don’t spend a lot of time and money decorating an entire room.)

If you have money to spend on a bridal shower, here are some really cute options for things you can get to incorporate a travel theme into your decor: travel themed place cards, table candy for a travel party, travel cupcake wrappers and toppers, travel boxes for airplanes, and labels for water bottles with a travel theme.

Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas We Love

If you’re on a budget, stick to things you find at the dollar store and things from around the house. For the background I used light pink polka dot fabric and thin lace curtains that I had at home and hung them over the dining table with cutlery. I arranged cute sheets of printed paper and pink and brown wrapping paper on the table. I found two of the pictures (you can see in the chart above) at the dollar store and most of the rest of the decor came from my house. In fact, the only other travel themed decor I had besides the dinner table decorations were where people put their gifts. For this I used my “coffee table”, a black trunk, and hung the words “GIFTS” on it. I won’t go into everything I did as you can get the gist from the photos, but I will highlight a few decorating tips below.

When I heard that the theme of the wedding reception was “travel”, I immediately made a list of the things that came to mind when I heard the word. My list included: globe, trunk, world map, passport, suitcases, stamps, train, plane. I then compiled a list of travel phrases that I could use in my invitation and decoration: bon voyage, trip of a lifetime, around the world, land and sea, safe travels, passport congratulations. I recommend doing this exercise with any party you’re having, as these lists have been giving me goosebumps.

For this bridal shower, I chose pink and light blue as the main colors and then added black accents to contrast my use of whites and creams. Choosing these primary colors reduced my efforts and helped create a more cohesive decorating look.

Bridal Shower Pinterest

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the DIY world map you see in these photos.

How To Throw A Pinterest Perfect Bridal Shower

I would love to have vintage globes and vintage suitcases because I think they are wonderful. (Check out these two cute websites that used globes and suitcases for bridal showers and weddings: and http:// www. ) If you have these things, perfect! Unfortunately I didn’t have any and couldn’t find any cheap ones on craigslist, so I decided to go the cheap route and make a world map instead. I bought a black poster board from Target and a gold Sharpie and drew my card. If you’re in the same boat, check out our post on how to make your own world map on the cheap by clicking here. Making your own decor instead of buying it can make a bridal shower much more affordable.

Worn with the inscription ‘LOVE IS A JOURNEY’, it combines the wedding element and the travel element beautifully. Whether you’re using this saying or another travel-themed saying, creating a banner can be an easy way to convey the theme to your guests. Click here for a quick tutorial on how to make your own DIY party banner.

You will probably be surprised at how many decorations you can use around your home. I used my coffee table, old books, dried flowers, shells, plants, candles, lace curtains and more to decorate. By using items you already own, you can avoid buying decorations that will help keep your bridal shower on budget.

Not everyone likes to play games in the shower, so sometimes it’s best to talk. But if you want an idea for a game to play, here’s a short, fun game: The Bridal Shower Travel Questionnaire.

How to play: Give each guest a sheet of paper with the following ten questions (plus another question) and instruct them to complete it. The bride-to-be should also fill one out. After everyone has filled out the questionnaire, start going through the questions and have the bride-to-be answer. If you want, have each guest say what they wrote down. Whoever has the same answer written down as the bride-to-be gets points, whoever has the most points at the end wins.

Feel free to change the questions or come up with other questions that you think are fun, relevant to your bride-to-be, and travel-related.

Good luck with your travel themed wedding reception! I hope I gave you a good start, but there are so many creative possibilities, so please share any ideas you come up with!

Bridal Shower Pinterest

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