Bridesmaid Hair And Makeup Etiquette

Wednesday, January 11th 2023. | Weddings

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You definitely have your girls’ backs… especially on your wedding day, and you’ll want each one to feel as special as your day. We get questions every day about dos, don’ts and etiquette when it comes to bridal hair and makeup for your wedding.

Bridesmaid Hair And Makeup Etiquette

Bridesmaid Hair And Makeup Etiquette

It is very important that in formal professional photos everyone wears professional makeup, “In person, on camera and when editing group photos, some people look zebra-striped with professional makeup and some don’t. I can’t fix it, I can’t even put it in that format. Don’t skimp on makeup. Define your hair if you have to, but don’t compromise on makeup,” says photographer Chelsea Nicole.

Bridesmaid Makeup Tips And Ideas

We have some answers to some of the more frequently asked questions we get about bridal hair and makeup.

This is one of those things that can go either way… the general rule of etiquette is that if the bride insists on having professional hair and/or makeup done, the bride should pay for it. If you left it optional for your servants, each person must pay their own expenses. Bonus tip! The best way to thank your bridesmaids is to give them a beauty gift and cover the cost as part of your thanks to them. It’s a win-win scenario!

We schedule 30-45 minutes per service per person, giving your artist and stylist plenty of time and giving you and your attendants the time you need to create a glowing look for each individual. As part of The Makeup In The 702 experience, you are always provided with both a hairstylist and makeup artist, reducing your preparation time. Both your stylist and artist are experts in their field, (no one is all artists charm) these artists and stylists are constantly working on their education, licenses and skills to put together their kits for art and style.

If you are planning a first look or photo shoot before the ceremony, the bride can choose to go first. It also gives her enough time to greet guests in the bridal suite and answer questions from family or vendors without interrupting the beauty moment. Mom might prefer to have her hair and makeup done earlier so she can help out in other areas, or you might have a bride with kids who needs extra time to make sure she has someone to look after them so she rather go later. let him catch rotation. These are just a few examples of planning decisions we will guide you through to ensure a stress-free experience.

Do I Really Have To Pay All This Money For Bridesmaid Hair And Makeup?

This is never a problem when you order Makeup from The 702! If your makeup is done first, your stylist will wait to apply your finishing spray until your makeup is complete, while if your hair is done first, your makeup artist will stay hands-free and ensure your foundation blends into your hairline. .

Not when you choose Makeup at The 702! Let us help you plan your beauty day and schedule long before your day. Make-up Experience at 702 is all about service! Our aim is to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident as you start your day. Our team is always the first wedding vendor you will encounter on your wedding day, taking the pressure off us and allowing you to enjoy your beautiful bridal moments.

This is a fantastic question! She may or may not be excited to hang out in a bridal suite all day, but you should definitely ask if she needs it today. Men are paying more attention to their appearance than ever before, and it only makes sense that you want to include that. Maybe she just needs a little extra strength, or wants to add some volume to her everyday hairstyle, or maybe her brows need shape and fullness. If there’s one thing that’s true about beauty today, it’s that there are no rules.

Bridesmaid Hair And Makeup Etiquette

CLICK HERE to check our availability for your wedding day, schedule a trial or request a personalized quote. You deserve the best on your most beautiful day. Q: A few months ago, my most enthusiastic (and most demanding) friend asked me to be part of her wedding party. We are friends and I love him, so I accepted it with trepidation. After all, I knew this wasn’t going to be a wedding where I could slap on some lip gloss, throw my hair in a cute braid and call it a day.

How To Schedule Hair & Makeup On Your Wedding Day

With that in mind, I had been asking my friend for months what her hair and makeup plan was and she ignored my question. Now, of course, her wedding is two weeks away, and I’ve been informed (via a long-winded group email) that I need to bring $225 to the fitting room to cover the cost of hair and makeup…which would be the easiest thing to swing

Know that I’m here for you, drinking a big glass of wine and writing furiously. I think it’s important that we take a moment to be angry because it’s not okay. The most important money rule in the world is this: spend your money, let others spend theirs.

This rule works well in many cases! No, you can’t plan yourself a fancy bachelor pad and send a Venmo request to pay your crew. No, you can’t invite people to celebrate your birthday by taking you out for a fancy dinner. No, you cannot book hair and makeup artists for your wedding, sign a contract with them that guarantees a minimum number of services, and send the bill to your wedding at the last minute.

But let’s be real here: you don’t leave his wedding with two weeks left, which is out of character for him, and for reasons you can’t remember right now, you decided to be friends with him anyway. but must exist. What are you doing? It’s a communication problem. And if we are going to be charitable towards him, it was not his plan. She signed the contract nine months ago thinking she would have the money or her family would step in and it didn’t happen and she can’t pay all the expenses herself and now she is ashamed. So his group email buries this information in five paragraphs.

Wedding Hair And Makeup 101: What To Know Before Booking Your Team

Besides being sympathetic to her, maybe you had plans for your money that weren’t “spend it all on glitter and hairspray.” A few options:

1. JUST SAY NO. No, I will not have my hair and makeup done by these people; $225 is just not in my budget. I’ll meet you at the staging area when you’re ready to go.

2. Negotiation. Ask if you can do just hair or just makeup, hair and eyes or lips for less. Hopefully this will motivate him to look for ways to cut costs as well, and you can get somewhere reasonable without saying no. Because honestly, if you had said no to this woman once in your friendship, we wouldn’t be here. I doubt you are ready to start now.

Bridesmaid Hair And Makeup Etiquette

3. COME OUT OF YOUR GIFT. Are you in the wedding-often-significant-cash-gifts part of the country? You probably are, because it’s also home to a $225 bridal hair and makeup area.

Gorgeous Wedding Makeup & Hairstyle Ideas For Every Bride

4. PAY. PAY IT ALL. Tell this story every time you drink for the next five years. Keep in mind that $225 is an investment in your future self’s bank of righteous anger. Cherish him. Give him a hug.

How do we handle it next time? Communication. Brides, tell your bridesmaids what the plan is, no matter what you treat, you can make a date for who they want, and it’s $$ each, or it’s each their own. Brides, ask. If you get a reluctant response, “Hey, I need to know what the hair and makeup plan is. I have a budget to work with.”


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