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Chicago Wedding Venue Help 2 – Chicago’s premier event venue and photography studio 1366 W Lake St. Chicago, IL 60607 | Email info@ | 312.738.2437

Loft on the Lake is an iconic Chicago loft space and an award-winning location on the West Loop. Located in the west end of the Fulton Market District, we are celebrating our 14th year of great events in this wonderful community!

Chicago Wedding Venue Help 2

Chicago Wedding Venue Help 2

Our urban features include exposed peach brick, 20-foot warm oak ceilings and exposed bow trusses, industrial plumbing, beautiful copper-polished concrete floors and a unique 65-foot skylight sure to be a loft-style event. all your boxes. Plenty of natural light bathes the space during the day, and the warmth of the room at night creates the perfect ambience for any event!

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“We were looking for a cool place with an urban vibe and the Lake Loft provided just that!”

What type of event are you planning? Click on an event or service type below for more photos and information.

The interior features original architectural elements such as beautiful exposed brick and vintage oak beams, warm concrete floors, 12-20ft ceilings, bowed roofs, and our most prominent feature: a 65ft skylight. central space. .Exposed metal pipes, vents and drains add to the urban industrial aesthetic. No outdoor space available, but lots of natural light for all outdoor vibes!

“The loft on the lake was the perfect venue for our wedding. The setting is beautiful and requires little extra decoration due to its natural city views.” – Rachel

Special Events & Parties

The prep kitchen is a key part of any event as it prepares, plates and serves fresh food at Loft on Lake! We have beautiful granite counter tops, a large granite island, two ovens with stove tops, utility size 2 door refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, microwave, pantry and bar area on the east wall. Our kitchens have curtains so you can choose to hide or expose.

You will enter the private suite through french doors – 19 x 15 ft room with leather sofa, full length mirror, mirror/sink combo and ample storage space for personal items. This room is often used as a private suite for refreshments, a fashion shoe dressing room, storage room, private office or backstage green room.

This is a small area near the front door, separate from the main space. It measures 18 x 24 feet and can be used for any purpose. For weddings, this space is used as a cocktail hour, for private events it is used as a VIP area or photo booth station, and for corporate events this area is used as a registration area or as a small breakout point.

Chicago Wedding Venue Help 2

We strongly support marriage equality. The Garrett family co-founded Stand Up for Equality in 2012, a viral video project for people from all walks of life to express their support for marriage equality through open dialogue, positivity and awareness. For his bold stance, he has won two Dewey Awards (big ideas from a small agency). Through our efforts, marriage equality became a right in Illinois!

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Our buildings are constructed with natural materials. Wooden ceilings, exposed brick walls and concrete floors create a natural ambience. Use natural, renewable resources and products wherever possible. We use eco-friendly cleaning products and recycle paper, plastic and metal at every event. We benefit from natural light through an expansive skylight roof and are able to save a lot of electricity every day. We are also a longtime member of the Chicago Green Wedding Coalition.

Our back door is at street level and opens 8 feet wide, making it super easy to get into our space. Schedule your delivery in advance and ring our doorbell at the front or back door when you arrive. We also have a small ramp at the front door to make the entire space wheelchair accessible.

“It was easy for everyone to get to this point and it really touched our friends and family.” – Life

.For anyone not using Uber/Lyft, we recommend that you park in the public garage at 328 N. Ada, just 2 minutes from our front door. Drive-through rates are available, but you can get the best rates by paying in advance or using Spothero. Evenings and weekends are usually $10/car for 12 hours after 4pm.

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“I was here for a fashion show and the place was amazing and I was impressed with the parking lot.” – Damian

For those looking for an urban car warehouse or showroom, we have some sizes available for car related events. Focus tests, new car launches, auto shows after parties…our double-width rear doors are at street level to allow access to the car. We have adjustable spotlights that can be adjusted to highlight the vehicle just right.

“This space is tall, with a huge beautiful skylight and huge wooden beams. There’s brickwork and exposed plumbing. You can really make this space what you can imagine.” – Ashley

Chicago Wedding Venue Help 2

The Loft on the Lake started out as a photo studio, so we can attest to how perfect it is for natural light photo shoots. We have grips and professional gear available for rent on site, see the full list here. The kitchen is also equipped with equipment and supplies for photographing food. If you need an experienced studio assistant, let us know, we’ve got you covered.

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“We love the ambience and lighting. I think the value is phenomenal compared to other similar places in the area. Everyone is very flexible and helpful!” – Rebecca

Our in-house wedding photography team is experienced and affordable! When you book your wedding through Loft on the Lake, we’re offering special rates on Lofty Wedding Photo and Video Packages. The team’s easy-going attitude and photography knowledge will put you at ease.

“They were so attentive, flexible, professional, and focused on making us happy. At the end, we took away some beautiful photos showing how much fun the day was for us and our family. We are so grateful to Steve And thanks to his team for all that he has done for us!” – Miranda

On our corporate/social side, the Garrett photography team is professional, technical, and capable of handling any photo or video production your company needs. Photo/video documentation of your events, from professional avatars to time-lapse videos, iPhone, DSLR or movie device quality and more. Stephen has over 30 years of professional commercial photography experience and Evan has over 10 years of experience. Professional video and photo support experience.

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“We found [Steve] to have high-end gear and a keen eye, which is evident in his photos.” – Life

The loft on the lake offers a lot of natural beauty and has plenty of recessed lighting throughout the space, helping to create the perfect warm ambience. You can embellish it with your own decorating style to create a more unique experience. The space can be completely transformed into anything you can imagine!

“My husband and I got married at the Loft on the Lake and they were easy to work with. I wanted a DIY wedding where the venue would allow us to make our own. The intimate atmosphere and soft lighting really set the mood. It was a set. More on this day Perfect. – Katie

Chicago Wedding Venue Help 2

We want your pet to be a part of your special day! Loft on the Lake has always been a pet-friendly place because pets are family too. So how do you separate them from your special day? Many newlyweds joined dogs on their wedding day, and we even hosted a dog wedding to raise money for a local animal shelter!

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“Unlike every other venue we’ve visited, Joel brought his dog to greet us (yes, this venue is dog friendly) and congratulate us on our engagement.” – Shauna

If your event requires print and/or digital content, photography, logos, and more, we can help you with the interior design! Cher Garrett has extensive professional design experience and can create the marketing materials needed for your event. Steve and Evan Garrett are forward/still photography.

“The venue was perfect for our 150 person wedding and was so versatile that we were able to make it exactly the way we wanted! Highly recommend checking out this wedding venue!” – Nick

Husband and wife team Cher and Steve Garrett have run a successful photography and graphic design business in the Fulton Market area for nearly 30 years – and were one of the first creatives to call this beautiful town their professional home! Loft on Lake offers creative opportunities for like-minded individuals, and we hope everyone will have an inspiring experience and appreciate this unique venue as much as they do!

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“[The Garretts] are some of the warmest, friendliest people I’ve ever met in the industry.” – Yelp user

The Loft on the Lake is located at the western end of the Fulton Market District in the West Loop. the nearest green

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