Color Combinations With Coral

Monday, September 12th 2022. | Weddings

Color Combinations With Coral – Pantone is the color authority these days. They really are. He created a color matching system for the graphics world in the 1960s. Now, this system has expanded to almost every industry, helping to keep colors consistent. Every year Pantone chooses the color of the year, and the design world usually has a lot to say about it every year! For 2019, Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral.

I’ve created four color palettes using this top trending color to give you some ideas on how you can incorporate this bold and bright color into your life!

Color Combinations With Coral

Color Combinations With Coral

Coral is one of those beautiful colors that sneaks up on you. It’s not quite pink, it’s not quite orange, but it pairs beautifully with purples and roses. Think of a clear summer night sunset over the water.

Caribbean Coral Color Palette For Procreate

Underwater we find coral in literally all kinds of amazing colors. Use living coral as an unexpected pop between an aqua + blue color scheme for some high drama contrast.

Again, the color that hides you in nature. You will find pieces of coral color sitting on many types of lush natural greens! Shades of olive green and dusty sage, compliment terracotta and easily live coral colors.

In Old Town scenes you’ll find all kinds of warm earthy shades of coral, deep reds and oranges. Look closely at these places for color inspiration, so you don’t miss a subtle sunshade on the ceiling or a bright pop of blue on the awning.

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