Coral White And Silver Wedding

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When it comes to wedding planning and design, keep in mind that there are tricks to matching the perfect wedding color and matching a palette that matches your unique beauty, is pleasing to the eye, and stands the test of time (you’ll see your wedding). photos for the next few years). Here are 13 common color and style mistakes to avoid when choosing your wedding.

Coral White And Silver Wedding

Coral White And Silver Wedding

With a few (see below!), you should pick two to four colors that go well together and stick with it. Using the same colors in your wedding decor will help create harmony, so everything looks yours. Limiting your palette to a few colors will also make things like your pieces less obvious. If you prefer a neutral look, choose a slightly different shade of the same color. This will add depth without looking too cluttered. Or, for a more dramatic look, go monochromatic with a bold shade, like pink or off-white. The idea is to keep looking good to be successful.

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We are much more than two strong paddle rules. Many wonderful weddings have different colors, sometimes as many as five, that work together. The way to achieve this is to use more than one neutral, such as cream and brown, in your color palette, or opt for several shades of the same hue to create a tonal scheme. For example, try a collection of ideas inspired by the great shade of hydrangeas, such as sapphire and sky blue combined with white and green, finished with a hint of papaya yellow for a light and rich feel. A palette of more than three or four colors can help you create something unique, such as English garden flowers of green, yellow, red, purple and cream, or New England autumn with orange, red, yellow, purple and golden

It’s easy to get carried away by ideas you see at other weddings, or on Pinterest and Instagram, but just because you like a new and unexpected idea on paper doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your wedding. Your palette should be one you won’t mind living with for a long time, because you’ll be editing photos to fill your album with those colors. Say you’ve always wanted to be trendy, but brass is the hot spot and you’ve never been a fan of metal, don’t force it. You don’t have to do it all with table runners, centerpieces, vases, decorations and copper rentals. Instead, make a fun signature cocktail in copper bags or have the bride and groom kiss under a copper tie. Think about the colors and shapes that surround you every day. Ask yourself: What colors make you happy? What color is your favorite jumper or sweater? Simple things that mean something, like a rug or a pillow, have inspired some of the best weddings we’ve seen.

One of the biggest pitfalls when choosing colors is not looking at the eye that needs a break. Just because you have two dominant colors in your palette doesn’t mean you have to use them equally. Before you get too far into your design, decide what direction the class will take—this choice will affect your decisions, from fabric to wood. If you like dark orange, choose a darker shade for your secondary color, such as light blue or light blue instead of a bright aqua. You want your colors to complement your decor, but not distract. The resulting contrast will allow your favorite color to shine through. Thinking about your color balance is the key to making even the craziest look simple and powerful. Another option: Choose a shade that’s in between colors, like coral instead of bright orange and plum instead of amethyst.

The color of the same color highlights the details. . The trick is to change at least one shade to tone down the look. So you can use peaches and sage if you’re worried about your wedding looking too Christmasy. Or try adding another color to complete the combination. Maybe add a pop of yellow to your bouquet, dress or wedding dress to complement the red, white and blue; it will look like a neutral primary color instead of a Fourth of July party.

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Two colors that go together may not look good when placed next to each other if they are of different textures. A table runner with a red satin cloth doesn’t work as well as a brown table runner, even though the colors are similar. Since your dress will cover so much of your wedding, it will play a big part in your color choices and decisions. Mixing textures into one style can also add more drama and depth to your wedding than too many colors. Patterns like stripes or florals can help contrast bold colors, so bright yellow or black won’t overwhelm your table. You’ll be surprised how images can add to a simple palette – turn all white into modern art that’s not boring, thanks to different shades of white, creative space and a mix of textures.

When looking for a space, it’s helpful to consider a color scheme when looking at wall details, art and textiles. Another way to achieve this is to keep choosing colors until you find an area you like. Think about the colors you want to use and whether you want to prioritize finding the perfect location or having your own perfect palette. In a country club with blue and maroon rugs, a green and warm green color scheme will clash, and there’s really no way around it. . the location of the site as a guide when choosing the tone and flowers. Love the color pink but have dark colors to work with? It turns light pink instead of fuchsia.

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Coral White And Silver Wedding

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Your wedding invitations set the stage for the event, so let them introduce your wedding colors and set the tone from the start. Coordinating wedding and invitation colors can be as simple as choosing a colorful font, ribbon or monogram, or as elaborate as colored paper. Most importantly, don’t be too specific. This means the type must be different from the paper, so balance bright and neutral tones and avoid colored fonts. Bold ink colors like navy blue and fuchsia work well, and ask your designer about typography techniques like typefaces or typefaces to make your font stand out. Also consider the invitations to be your guests’ clothes. You probably won’t send ivory and gold cards with black lettering if you expect your guests to be as naked and barefoot as they saw your vows on the beach.

Instead of insisting on matching flowers and pieces, ask your florist to choose neutral flowers that soften (won’t compete with) the color scheme. Then let your non-floral items, such as the vase centerpiece and ribbon-wrapped bouquet, show your color. If you like blue, keep in mind that very few flowers are naturally blue, and those that are, including hydrangeas, are seasonal.

Mistake: Relying on your bridesmaids to pull off the main color Solution: Go neutral with colored accessories

When it comes to your wedding ceremony, choose the best color in your palette – look neutral if you’re not sure. Shades like burnt orange and olive green can look great on details like tablecloths, dinner plates and glassware, but they can’t be worn, especially if you’re going to be exclusive to your groom’s clothes. Gone are the days of having all your groomsmen perfect. Instead, it’s best if your groom’s clothing complements your palette, and if you really want your groomsmen to wear a bold color, choose accessories in that shade. Ask your groomsmen to rock this color with shoes, jewelry, flowers, or a fun manicure. Universally attractive colors like purple, navy blue, red, ivory or black

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