Corsages And Boutonnieres For Homecoming

Thursday, December 15th 2022. | Weddings

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The corsage and boutonniere have been staples at high school dances and weddings for years. Learn more about these formal flower accessories.

Corsages And Boutonnieres For Homecoming

Corsages And Boutonnieres For Homecoming

Learn all about the rich history of corsages and boutonnieres, where they come from, what they mean and why we wear them.

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Throughout history, whenever people dressed up for a formal event, flowers were always an important part of the outfit. Formal wear required floral accessories. Corsages and boutonnieres were two of the most popular items to adorn costumes.

Today, flowers on dresses, lapels, wrists and hair are popular, especially for high school proms and weddings, says Jackie Lacey, a member of Professional Floral Critics International and the 2019-2021 Institute of Floral Designers of America. national president of the year. Flowers are fashion statements, Lacey says, just like wearing jewelry or accessorizing with scarves, gloves and bags.

Traditionally, a corsage is a small bouquet of flowers attached to the dress. The ancient Greeks believed that fragrant flowers warded off evil spirits, which explains why brides carry bouquets down the aisle or stick flowers to themselves.

Derived from the French words “bouquet de corsage”, which translates to “bodice bouquet”, corsages were originally worn by French women for proms and funerals, often pinned to the top of their dresses.

Boutonnieres And Corsages For The Dance

In the Victorian era, women began to place flowers on the low necklines of their dresses. “One of the reasons corsages are worn on the shoulder is so that the dresser, if he brought her one, wouldn’t touch the woman on that part of her body,” Lacey says. “And so they were carried up to the shoulder where he could stick it.”

The 21st century saw the introduction of sleeveless dresses and spaghetti straps, forcing women to move from the chest to the wrists.

We usually think of corsages and boutonnieres as coming around prom season. But on holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day, corsages appeared at church and brunch. “Corsages were worn as part of the new clothing for Easter. They became a fashion accessory that you wore,” Lacey says.

Corsages And Boutonnieres For Homecoming

Although used as a symbol of romantic love, corsages have become a fashion item in recent years. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for parents to buy a garland for their daughter, friends to buy one for each other, and even people to buy it as a gift for themselves.

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The boutonniere dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Aztecs, who wore flowers to indicate which team or player they supported at sporting events, Lacy says.

In the century, Lacey says, a woman interested in a knight might give him flowers or a handkerchief in the color of the dress he wore when he went into battle. The gesture meant good luck and gave the knight her favor.

Lacey points to the Wars of the Roses as a pivotal point in history, when the Lancaster family wore red and the York family wore boutonniere as part of their armour.

“Flowers were worn to support the other side during battle because the story and the dress could be similar,” he says. England’s wars for power were the gateway to men wearing flowers or boutonnieres.

Homecoming In Albuquerque Means Corsages And Boutonnieres

19th century, when contemporary dress began to incorporate coats that were folded and had buttonholes, Lacey says. “Many men will wear florals as part of their casual attire, as many businessmen wear a suit to work,” he adds.

As recently as 20 years ago, Lacy discovered that boutonnieres could be seen on men’s suits (usually on the left side, with the lapel buttonhole) on Mother’s Day. “There used to be a big flower market that was white to indicate whether your mother was alive or not,” he says. White means she lives and red means she doesn’t.

Although they went out of style for a few years, beginning in 2012, boutonnieres became a popular item of clothing. They can do without,” Lacey says. Prom flowers are back today and young people are choosing to express themselves with their flower choices thanks to the creativity in the industry. “Part of the growth was due to florists rethinking how they market to this generation and how to recover from declining sales,” he says.

Corsages And Boutonnieres For Homecoming

Today, boutonnieres are often found on the lap of the groom and other members of his bridal party at his wedding, and women carry matching bouquets. A modern person may sometimes wear a boutonniere to a special event, such as an auction or fundraising party. A flower on the lapel is a sign of importance on special occasions. “Wearing a boutonniere can show you respect or importance to the occasion,” Lacy says.

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The history and tradition of corsages and boutonnieres is surprisingly rich and rich. If you’re a promoter or someone close to you this year, you now have everything you need to know to choose the perfect flowers for the big night.

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Corsages And Boutonnieres For Homecoming

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