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Cover Ups For Weddings – Have you booked or set your venue to an outdoor wedding venue? Farms and barns are some of the most popular wedding venues in the UK, but you’re spoiled for choice in fields, woodlands, seaside or urban backyards.

Outdoor weddings allow you to get seriously creative with decorations, romantic photo backdrops and parties under the stars on your wedding night. A few strategic additions can keep things from raining — but kissing in the rain can be a beautiful setting, too! Whether you’re looking for outdoor wedding ideas from transportation to entertainment, your guests will love it.

Cover Ups For Weddings

Cover Ups For Weddings

1. Incorporating natural materials into your wedding day style will keep the overall look simple yet magical – wooden signs are the perfect place to start. Custom carved wooden boards can be commissioned from £20 and include as much or as little detail as you like. Cover your welcome sign with flowers that match your wedding color scheme and attach them to easels so that they are visible to all guests when they arrive. This is also a great opportunity to introduce your wedding hashtag, if you have one, and give your wedding guests a brief outline of the day ahead.

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2. Wooden pallets are a very versatile addition to any outdoor wedding. You can sprinkle them with mismatched cushions to create a casual seating area, layer pallets on top to create day signs or table plans and use large pallets as table runners for a festive wedding atmosphere.

3. Bring the desk outside to act as a “gateway” to the ceremony and allow guests to pick up the wedding program upon arrival. Vintage writing tables also work great as signing tables during the wedding itself. Just don’t go overboard with the decorations – you’ll need space to fill out these legal documents if you’re holding a civil or religious ceremony outdoors.

4. Place the ceremony around the gazebo, if your outdoor wedding venue has one. Your wedding with a floral ribbon or similar means you can have a legal ceremony if you want if you’re getting married in England or Wales – the law currently requires the wedding to take place in a ‘fixed place of refuge’. , but watch this space as marriage legislation is discussed. Summer weddings also reduce the worry of wet weather on the wedding day and many are large enough to accommodate guests.

5. Upholstered door frames are a smart way to enter a wedding or reception. Decorate the “beams” with flowers and leave them loose to evoke the atmosphere of Narnia, only without the wardrobe (and hopefully, lions and witches will also fit).

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6. Wooden barrels are cheap but simple and complicated wedding props. Old whiskey barrels are a sophisticated way to create a focal point for the entrance to your wedding venue or after party with drinks and canapés. Place a lantern on it to illuminate the outdoor space when the sun goes down. It is also very useful for holding bouquets while hugging guests or eating.

7. Bring a rug or carpet outside to line the hallway or create an artistic backdrop for photos. They will add color to any outdoor wedding setting and feel very luxurious in a wild setting.

8. Simple chair seating creates a less formal ceremony seating plan that is cheap and quick to set up on the morning of the wedding. Decorate the ends of the chairs with flowers, lanterns, leaves or fabric, or leave it as is for a minimalist wedding.

Cover Ups For Weddings

9. If you’re getting married outdoors in the height of summer, consider making your wedding program more interesting by adding a lollipop stick in the back. It will help wedding guests stay calm throughout the day and make wedding stationery more likely to be taken home when the keepsake cart rolls by.

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10. Alternatively, an umbrella can protect guests from the afternoon rays. If it rains more often, consider renting an umbrella and leave it in a visible location in the ceremony or reception setting.

11. Rent or borrow blankets to keep guests warm in the evening and keep this option open if daytime temperatures are lower than expected. They’ll dress up the simple ceremony chairs beautifully and allow guests to cuddle up as they watch you tie the knot.

12. Let nature do the heavy lifting at the heart of your wedding around a dramatic natural focal point. It could be a waterfall, a mountain you both love, a particular beach or cliff, or just your nan’s pristine rose bush. Anything, but it provides a memorable and meaningful background with little effort on your part.

13. Likewise, take full advantage of what the outdoors has to offer, making your surroundings your ‘theme’. Grass seal boxes are perfect for forest weddings, and shell-based decorations are always appropriate on the beach. Take inspiration from what is already there and your wedding style will be cohesive and harmonious.

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14. Natural infrastructure can be the perfect piece of furniture – a drink table hanging from a tree branch is an inventive case. Always check with your venue and supplier beforehand that it is possible to do something like this, but if you get permission, it will make serving drinks a hassle.

15. If you have bare pavement or concrete in your outdoor wedding setting that you’re not sure what to do with, this chalk heart is a touch of kitsch. You can ask the pageboys and flower girls to entertain the day before the wedding, which has the added benefit of keeping little hands busy with last-minute administration.

16. If you’re planning an outdoor or beach wedding, you may want to add some shade so your guests don’t overheat during the reception. This giant garden umbrella has an Ibiza vibe.

Cover Ups For Weddings

17. An open-sided marquee makes for a “best of both worlds” wedding reception venue – it’s light and airy, but you’ve got cover in case the rain clouds gather. Decorate the ceiling with leaves and empty lamps to keep the style with the natural environment.

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18. Outdoor weddings are inherently more relaxed – mixing dining chairs into your wedding will add a unique and unique conversation piece as guests take their seats.

19. Place name leaves match the atmosphere of an outdoor wedding – just write the names of the guests in gold pens.

20. Natural color palettes look simple but polished – theme styles and accessories that reflect the season and your outdoor location. Light blues and yellows suit seaside locations, while forest greens and earth tones look stunning in the countryside. Take the natural elements that exist outside of you at the time of year you’re getting married (is it a blue-eyed moon or cherry blossoms?) and incorporate basic colors into everything from invitations to table decorations and bouquets.

21. Like mismatched chairs, vintage flatware makes an outdoor wedding feel like home. Serve the entire meal on elegant vintage flatware or indulge in a luxurious treat just for the cake.

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22. Light a candle if your venue allows it – it looks really cool when the sunset is twinkling in the background. Gold candle holders go with everything or choose a color that matches your surroundings and preferred color scheme.

23. With the candles removed, decorative lights will look dazzling at sunset and will light guests into the hall or onto the dance floor. String lights on branches or along the beams of a canopy, awning or tent for a starry sky effect.

25. Bring the inside out with a Moroccan-style lounge. Poufs, rugs, coffee tables and large cushions create lovely places for guests to hang out during drinks and after the wedding breakfast.

Cover Ups For Weddings

26. Don’t let mosquitoes / wasps / animals spoil the mood – bringing spray will be appreciated by your guests if they spend a lot of time outdoors. You can also burn citronella candles.

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27. Stick to the green theme by giving guests personalized juicy wedding favors. The fact that it’s low maintenance and doesn’t require watering the day before is a wedding officiant plus, and it’s an eco-friendly alternative to more disposable wedding items.

28. A memory board or photo quilt hung on a tree or displayed on a wooden pallet is a wonderful way to depict the “journey” of your relationship or for loved ones who could not be by your side on your wedding day.

29. Sunset photography is a no-brainer for an outdoor wedding – take full advantage of the scenery around you and step away from the party to capture the evening light.

30. Native leaves, greenery and hedgehog flowers create a rustic feeling and

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