Creative Valentines Day Care Packages For Long Distance Couples

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Creative Valentines Day Care Packages For Long Distance Couples

Creative Valentines Day Care Packages For Long Distance Couples

If you’ve just broken up with your loved one, you’re definitely not alone. But chin up! There are many ways to show each other you care from every corner of the world. We’re sharing our top gifts for long-distance couples to help you grow a little closer.

Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Him

There are many reasons to give gifts to your partner, whether it’s a birthday, holidays, Valentine’s Day or just because. If you’ve run out of ideas on how to surprise them from afar, don’t worry! We have options for every style, budget and occasion. From high-tech touch lamps to cozy weighted blankets, here are the best gifts for long-distance couples that you can shop online. Your S.O. Living across the state or in a completely different country, these gifts for long distance relationships make them loved.

Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift from afar or your anniversary is coming up, we’ve got the gift for you. This sentimental messaging tool lets you send love notes from anywhere in the world. They come directly in this chic wooden box so the heart on the front is spinning.

How many times have you wished you could send them a hug in the mail? Well, now you can! Made from 100% cotton, this cozy envelope has definitely earned its place on our list of best long-distance gifts.

Long distance touch gifts give a whole new meaning to staying in touch. This set of elegant bracelets will help you and your partner feel closer than ever. Touch your bracelet and your other half will light up and vibrate.

Best Valentine’s Gifts For Her That Are Genuinely Thoughtful

Gifts for your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend can be practical and still feel special. This handcrafted wooden docking station is the perfect place for your S.O. to charge your phone during FaceTime sessions.

Think outside the box when looking for over-the-top gift ideas. If you’re in different time zones, you might want to thank them for all the late nights they’ve spent talking to you. This affordable coffee subscription service offers a full range of beans and blends to suit your partner’s unique tastes.

Immerse them in love with a joint video of their loved ones. This amazing service allows you to make a thoughtful composition in three easy steps. First, invite friends and family via email. They’ll then be able to submit funny and heartfelt videos (with some helpful prompts to get the ball rolling). Finally, you can edit and rearrange movies to create your masterpiece. For an extra special touch, gift it as a cute bamboo USB or an elegant graphics card.

Creative Valentines Day Care Packages For Long Distance Couples

Wallets are usually a popular gift, and this one takes it a step further. Up front with your S.O. It can be personalized with a first or last name and there is room to add your own personal message inside. Every time your significant other opens their wallet, they’re reminded of how much you care about them. This is the best long distance relationship gift for the person you love.

Romantic Valentine’s Gifts For Her 2022

Jewelry is always a popular choice and it’s no different when it comes to long distance relationship gifts for her. Make it even more special by choosing something with your coordinates so she can keep them close to her heart.

Let them know you’re thinking of them with a set of romantic touch lights. This smart technology is changing the game for long distance connections. Whether you’re on opposite sides of town or opposite sides of the world, one touch of a lamp will illuminate both.

If you’re really stumped for gift ideas for a long-distance relationship, consider giving something straight from the heart. These DIY ‘When Opened’ envelopes come with note cards to write sweet messages to your partner.

If your partner loves accessories, why not add to your collection at least with a leather bracelet? Customize it with your own secret message so they can peek when they want to get close to you. It’s a thoughtful birthday gift for your boyfriend, long-distance girlfriend, or really any S.O.

Cute Diy Valentine’s Day Gift: A Gift You Can Send — Elephant On The Road

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or shopping for a couple, this meaningful print is the perfect tribute. Pay homage to the places you’ve both been (or where you’re both now) in the form of this creative card. Each half of the heart shows a map of a different location. The print is ready to display in a white or black frame.

Photo frames make great long distance gifts, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve seen each other in person. Enhance it by choosing the digital version. This service allows you to upload all your favorite photos together before sending the frame to your partner.

His closet. These sentimental cufflinks are created with an imprint of your fingerprint so he can carry a piece of you with him wherever he goes.

Creative Valentines Day Care Packages For Long Distance Couples

If they find nights without you a little (okay, a lot) less cozy, they’ll welcome a cozy weighted blanket to keep them warm. This therapeutic throw is designed to improve sleep and reduce stress.

Student Approved Care Packages For Test Taking & Finals

If weighted blankets aren’t your partner’s cup of tea, we’ve got plenty of other gifts for long distance relationships to cuddle up in. Send a giant teddy bear to keep you S.O. company. until your next meeting.

Stuck for meaningful long distance gift ideas for your significant other? Imprint your cities side by side with this tearful message: “If someone means so much, the distance is so short.”

This beautiful pendant is symbolic for more than one reason. For starters, you can choose one that features your significant other’s birth flower (this is the flower associated with your birth month). Second, it’s heart-shaped, and everyone knows that hearts are super romantic. Everyday jewelry is a gift for a long-distance relationship because your S.O. Wear it as a reminder of your love.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to gifts for long distance couples. Be creative and spend time making an album of your favorite memories together. (And don’t forget to leave some room for all the things you’ll do when you get together!) Your S.O. Love this meaningful, unique and heartfelt homemade gift.

The Cool List

Why not choose a long distance gift to use the next time she comes to visit? This stylish bag holds all her essentials in three convenient compartments (fashion).

If you’re on the hunt for birthday gifts away, look no further. This care package is full of colorful sweet treats to brighten their day. Who doesn’t want to wake up to rainbow confetti macaroons on their birthday?

This set of kissing mugs is one of our favorite gifts for long distance couples. They are so cute! Your S.O. The next time you see each other (or just drop it in the mail for a fun surprise). Every time you reunite, so do your cups.

Creative Valentines Day Care Packages For Long Distance Couples

The best long distance gifts are the ones that last until the next time you see each other. I mean, you might have thought that flowers don’t run – think again! These beautiful preserved roses retain their beauty and freshness for months. (And a chic heart-shaped box doesn’t hurt.)

Our Best Valentine’s Day Gift Packaging Ideas

Cute long distance relationship gifts are totally affordable. These puzzle piece keychains fit perfectly when you and your significant other are together.

Luggage and travel accessories are always great gifts for long-distance relationships, and this stylish suitcase has plenty of room for all their essentials. We suggest choosing one with a built-in battery so they can keep their phone charged on long trips.

Some of the best long distance relationship gifts are more useful. If your man is confused about keeping track of two different time zones, surprise him with this super trendy dual time clock.

You can’t go wrong with a gift that smells as sweet as it does sentimental. Line up your kingdoms with two adorable hearts on the shoulder of this romantic candle. Faraway gifts have never been so sweet!

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