Creative Wedding Decorations

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Hillary Hoffauer is a writer with over six years of experience in the wedding industry. Her work has also been featured in Bridal Guide and WeddingWire.

Creative Wedding Decorations

Creative Wedding Decorations

, we’ve seen a lot of weddings, and at the same time, almost every wedding trend in the book. From Pinterest-worthy donut walls to vintage glass vases, these are unique (and rarely executed) wedding ideas that leave an unforgettable impression. But how do you decide which personalized details to include, and how do you come up with them? “The best way to make a wedding stand out is to make it your own. Look at your story, not other people’s weddings, says Allison Jackson, owner and host of Pineapple Productions.

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Allison Jackson is the owner and CEO of Pineapple Products, a Washington, D.C.-based wedding planning firm.

As a starting point, think about what defines you as a couple. “My approach to wedding design has always been to draw inspiration from the couple’s history to create something completely original, personal and one-of-a-kind,” says Jackson. “I love asking couples about how they met, how they got married, and how they started creating ideas for unique wedding details.

Common interests, travel and family stories are also a great source of inspiration,” he adds. Second, don’t forget to think about your guests! about guest comfort and enjoyment. There are a few things to consider when planning your wedding:

Minimalist bouquets make a beautiful and elegant statement that a regular bountiful bouquet can’t – it’s the perfect way to channel the bride’s modern style. Let the bouquet or Biedermeyer be the centerpiece of your bridal look.

Unique And Different Wedding Ideas For 2022

Ask invitees to write their favorite song on the RSVP card, or ask them to email it to you instead. Put all your song requests into a playlist and give it to the DJ for a variety of beats that your guests will love.

Do you need something blue? Forget the traditional blue garters or jewelry – a blue flower girl is so much more beautiful.

Accompanied by a wreath of flowers. Also, throw in some blue flower petals to spice up this classic tradition for the flower girl.

Creative Wedding Decorations

Add a special stamp with your and your partner’s initials during the wedding for a personal touch. Mark it with everything from wedding plaques to table numbers to timeless souvenirs.

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Traditional bride and groom cakes date back to the 1980s. Complete your cake with accents that complement the atmosphere and theme of the wedding. While this light bulb topper is the perfect decoration for an industrial style wedding, a flamingo topper can be a nod to a beach wedding.

Instead of using actual charger plates, choose one that fits your desk. Think palm leaves for a tropical setting, or antique tiles like the one shown above for a romantic Italian villa.

Set up a “farm counter” with fresh produce and small baskets (or mini boxes) for some services that guests will actually use that they can fill up as they walk out the door. Another fun idea is to decorate the apple or pear with personalized stickers with your names or a phrase like “we make the perfect match for pears”.

There is no denying the charm of a wood sign or the elegance of a mirror sign, but everyone uses them. Choose something creative that reflects the theme, like a fun neon sign with a cute love slogan. For the reception, consider using a neon sign with a wedding hashtag as a photo booth backdrop.

Decor Details • Front Porch Weddings & Events

If your wedding is far from where you grew up, offer food stations with cuisine from that region. A few ideas: clam chowder and lobster rolls for New England, chili and tacos for Texas, or oysters for New Orleans.

Think about your ideal meal plan (from breakfast to dinner, plus an appetizer and dessert). Let the serving staff combine your and your partner’s choices into the perfect wedding meal from a varied menu.

If you plan to serve dishes from different cultures, a gourmet buffet can be a unique way to satisfy different tastes.

Creative Wedding Decorations

Why not match the cookies to your decor? The wedding cake shown above is “printed” with a pattern that the bride loves. Another idea is to decorate the dessert table with monogrammed cookies or your wedding numbers (“6”, “20”, “17”).

Unique Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Pay homage to the state you’re in love with in your decor or food. We love how these tropical-style Florida-shaped cookies add a twist. If your state has a slogan (for example, “Virginia for Lovers”), that can also serve as a source of inspiration. Couples who meet in Virginia can add signs of love to their reception decor.

If your wedding is out of town or if you have a lot of out-of-town guests, include a map of the wedding venue on your invitation – after all, that’s where they’ll be spending the weekend!

Order your wine and water labels. If you want to get really creative, you can order mini bottles of champagne as souvenirs.

Instead of benches or chairs, choose original seating that reflects the style of your wedding, such as floor cushions or rugs painted with tribal prints. While it’s easy to get carried away with aesthetics, make sure the space you choose is comfortable. Hay bales, poufs, and ottomans are all worth checking out for the environment you want to create.

Diy Beach Wedding Decoration

Tie the groom’s boutonniere to your theme: seashells complete the nautical look, fresh foliage celebrates fall, and cacti evoke a desert vibe.

Traditional guest books are often hidden in a closet. Instead, choose a coffee table book about a topic you love (eg, historic Los Angeles) that you want to display at home. guests can write on photos or in the fields.

Personalize cocktail napkins by printing fun facts about you and your partner. You can also include simple questions about the newlyweds as a distraction for the guests.

Creative Wedding Decorations

Instead of carrying champagne glasses to the waiters, fill hanging platforms with champagne. If you’re looking for fun things to match your wedding theme, we recommend adding cocktail umbrellas or festive paper straws to your guests’ drinks.

Ideas For Stunning Wedding Ceiling Decorations [photos]

Is the weather threatening your wedding day? Rent a Sno-Cone machine, popsicle bar or ice cream parlor and enjoy!

Tell the story behind the family recipes you serve. Descriptions should be short and should be included in the print menu. For example, “Aunt Martina’s French Onion Pie / Grandma Betty’s Peach Pie.”

Give each reception desk a name related to your visit (for example, “China”). Place a business card on the table with a brief statement: “We met a college sophomore here while studying abroad!”

Add unexpected elements to the bouquet and give it personality. How feathers complement the large king protea in this composition.

Unique Floral Wedding Decor Ideas For Spring

Do you have a favorite cultural dance at family weddings? From tarantella (Italian) to dancing with money (Cuban), ethnic dishes add a special flavor to the party.

Think papaya filling (Philippines), cannoli cream icing (Italy), pomegranate icing (Middle East). If the groom is from another country, no problem – think a few degrees!

Set up a mini photo studio at the front desk so guests can work in front of the camera. Send photos of them with thank you cards for a fun surprise. GIF photo booths are all the rage these days – don’t forget to share the wedding hashtag to encourage attendees to spread the #love.

Creative Wedding Decorations

Instead of displaying the menu on standard stationery, get creative and put it on plates, marble or a cutting board with fancy calligraphy.

Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Special Day

Is there a charity you are interested in? Make a donation on behalf of your guests in lieu of services; Leave a note card on every dinner table.

Hosting an outdoor cocktail hour? Set up stations for a variety of lawn games, such as croquet, badminton, and jumbo jenga, to give your guests a chance to have fun in addition to socializing.

Have a ring-warming ceremony where both wedding rings are passed around by guests to convey your good wishes and love before they are placed on each finger.

Hire an artist for your ceremony or live reception. They will create a work of art from the happiest day of your life

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