Cute Engagement Photos Ideas

Monday, October 10th 2022. | Weddings

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Cute Engagement Photos Ideas

Cute Engagement Photos Ideas

These romantic and cute photo ideas are fun and easy for any couple. Use reminders to inspire your customers and keep your creativity flowing!

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Pairs come in all shapes and sizes. They are tall and short, thick and thin. Some are shy while others love attention. And some naturally fall into decent photos, while others need a little more guidance.

However, one thing is true: no matter who the couple is, they expect you to be the photographer who captures this relationship on camera.

A photo session is often the first time a couple has taken pictures together. You have a great opportunity to show your customers what their love looks like on the outside: the way they laugh, hug and interact with each other.

The best thing you can do at the beginning of interactive photography is to relax the client. Explain that their only job is to blend in as much as possible. You guide them as needed so that their interactive photos are amazing.

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If you’re a shy person (or your client is), open up to the couple and ask them to tell you their wedding story: how they met, their first date, how they fell in love and decided to get married . .

Take their photos, plan for a themed session that highlights what makes the couple truly unique.

Delivering stunning images to your clients is an important step in the workflow for photographers. It allows you to surprise your customers and deliver more value than their expectations! So be sure to send your sweet couple a custom gallery after taking those photos!

Cute Engagement Photos Ideas

Client Dani Marie brought her outfitted van to the beach for a series of relaxing photos, while J.J. Au’Clair customers received a formal treatment for their lunch in the light-filled space. Sometimes all you need is a colorful background, like the carnival in Heather Frank’s photo!

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These are inspiring pre-wedding photo shoot ideas and photo shoot ideas for every client. Add your creative photography and don’t forget to have fun! Your customers will thank you for making them look great.

The couple pose is one of the best starting positions for clients who are a little nervous in front of the camera. Couples can go for a walk with their hands, adopt a stationary pose with their fingers, or turn their fist into a fun twist!

As a photographer, you can use this opportunity to get some close-ups of your client’s hands – especially if they’re wearing a engagement ring!

Every couple has their own way of hugging. Recreate their natural hugs by asking the couple to:

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Set the scene by bringing your client in close and direct the couple to look at each other’s noses or foreheads. They will respond to every emotion from quiet romance to hearty laughter, giving you the opportunity to capture engagement photos that are sure to be their favorite!

This engaging pose is one of the simplest ideas to keep your customers engaged while seeing both of their faces.

Ask the shorter partner to stand or sit with their back against their lover’s chest. If both partners are about the same size, use the stairs to change the height of the partner who sits one step higher.

Cute Engagement Photos Ideas

1 and 2: J. Au’Clair Fine Art Photography | 3: Photography Jules | 4 and 5: Photography by Alyssa Joyce

Engagement Shoot Ideas: Creative

Guide the partner behind them around their bride. You can create many different types of shots using this pose just by changing lenses, adjusting your angle, and slightly changing the way your client is positioned.

Spawning couples is one of their natural ways. Let them feel like standing side by side on their wedding day. Ask the couple to hold hands and face the camera while looking at each other.

If your partner is about to kiss, remind them to “kiss lightly” so you don’t end up with a bunch of NSFW photos. And if your photography client hasn’t picked up on this tip yet, tell them to “look like your grandma!” It’s enough to tame their appetite for some cute, safe photos to share.

If the kiss still feels too intimate, encourage your partner to kiss on the forehead, cheeks, nose or hands instead. And don’t forget: keep shooting even after the kiss is over. The “no kiss” moments are some of the most romantic!

Beautiful Engagement Photo Ideas

This cute couple pose is another way for a wedding photographer to capture kissing photos. Instruct one of the two couples to wrap their arms around their bride’s waist for this engagement photo. She needs to hold the nape of his neck and put her other hand on his chest.

When she tilts her head back, here’s a cue for you to strike the pose. Couples can also end the pose by kissing or dancing around. This technique makes the pose so much more romantic!

Most engaged partners have at least one ring between them. Sometimes, you will find a ring or a personal symbol like a necklace or bracelet on each partner’s hand. Find out what signs of love your couple has and carefully record those signs that you will use their love during your photo shoot.

Cute Engagement Photos Ideas

Beautiful details such as slightly captured toes or interlocking legs allow for a beautifully detailed shot. We love the wonderful way Scobeys captures their clients with the bokeh behind a blurred hand-to-hand connection, and the wonderful way Dani Marie’s photo highlights the bottom of her client’s feet.

Harlinsdale Farm Engagement Photos In Franklin, Tn — Emily Reedstrom Photography

A creative angle and emotional appeal is a must in any photo gallery. But for each new situation, you should also ask the customer to turn and smile at each other so that the camera can take at least one photo.

These more traditional portraits are great for press engagement announcements and would look stunning in a granny dress.

While it’s great to get inspiration from other photos, you don’t want to get so caught up in repeating a particular pose that you ignore the natural connection that happens in front of the camera and in front of you. After lighting and guiding your client, you create photos that tell their unique story – like no other.

Think BIG when planning your next pre-wedding or engagement shoot. Do you have a ladder that allows you to shoot your subjects? What happens if you lie on the ground and point the camera up?

Couples Photography Inspiration By Native Roaming

When you shoot from an odd angle, you can get great architectural detail, such as in the Scobeys photo above. Or, as in the two engagement photos above by Jules Photography, you can get creative with large chalk drawings or prism-enhancing shots.

1 & 2: Photography by Heather Frank | 3, 4 and 5: Photo by Dani Marie 6 and 7: Photographer Alyssa Joyce

Food is a global connection. We all love to cook a new dish in the kitchen or treat ourselves to delicious treats! Use this shared passion to inspire food-themed photos that your guests will love.

Cute Engagement Photos Ideas

You can plan and communicate to death, but you can’t control the weather. Bummer, right? Avoid last-minute panic by preparing interactive photo locations that include closed-off options.

Proposal Ideas From Simple To Extravagant

While train stations can be great for engagement photos, taking photos on train tracks is almost NEVER a good idea. You may be allowed to take photos inside the station (or check local regulations), but taking photos on the road is both illegal and very dangerous.

The only time your customers should be on the trail is when they are on a legally designated crosswalk, as in Alice Joyce’s photo above.

Has your client chosen a special location for their photo shoot? Celebrate the experience with simple photography ideas that leave plenty of room for customization. Soften the “fast” feel with a wide aperture and some sweet bokeh and you’ll have a great postcard and date photo.

If the beautiful background has meaningful characters or other details, use a smaller aperture (larger F-number) so that these background elements are in focus. If your aperture is too large (small F-number), the bokeh can blur the background into a barely visible blur of shapes.

Unique Engagement Photo Ideas From Real Couples

A couple with a fur baby wants to pose for some engaging pet portraits! Every pet, from dogs to cats to lizards, adds a cute touch to any photo.

If your next photo session involves pets, have an assistant help out around the animal for some hairless portraits. These principles

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