Do Your Lansinoh Bags Leak

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Do Your Lansinoh Bags Leak – We’re here ready to ruffle feathers today. After working with over 7,000 breast milk storage bags from our customers over the past four years (yes, we literally celebrated our fourth anniversary THIS WEEK with a huge sale – sign up for emails HERE ), we’ve come up with the benefits. and disadvantages of all breast milk storage bags on the market.

We’re lucky enough to have the unusual advantage of dealing with literally hundreds of brands of every brand, and we’re ready to share our honest (and probably very surprising!) opinion. You may be shocked by our results, but our intention is to share the best brands to store this liquid gold!

Do Your Lansinoh Bags Leak

Do Your Lansinoh Bags Leak

A few weeks ago I asked for some input for an Instagram story about our followers’ favorite storage bags and WHOA (!), some of you are loyal to your storage bag brand! And if you have something that works for you and you like it, stick with it! Everyone’s needs are different.

X Parent’s Choice Breast Milk Storage Bags 25 Pre Sterilized Leak Proof Bags For Sale Online

The characteristics we considered most important in bag placement were: durability, likelihood of leakage, affordability and availability, and ease of frozen (brick) storage.

Special thanks to our team member, Alaina, who has personally processed more bags of other people’s breast milk than anyone could ever hope for. He shares most of the information for this blog as he is now a professional breast milk storage analyst.

We know these aren’t popular opinions, but we’re putting it out there anyway. We’ve trusted these “big” brands that have been the leading manufacturers of breast pumps and products FOREVER, but the truth is, there are better breast milk storage bags out there. All of these brands have their benefits (and we list them with each brand!), but they all tend to leak. And when it comes to breast milk, it’s too precious to risk even a tiny drop.

, although we need less to actually preserve your letter. The reason is that all the brands below are chronic leakers and when we get milk, we don’t have 15ml left.

Lansinoh Βreastmilk Storage Bags

I see your surprised face. Yes, we rank it among the worst bags. It is bag type no. 1 we get at Milk + Honey, so we know there are loyal users out there!

They stack into a nice little rectangular cube and fit into cool rectangular containers to keep your freezer organized.

They leak all the time – they are the number 1 culprit in leaking letters we receive. In a one-day shipment of milk last week, 4 out of 7 bags showed signs of leakage. Look at the picture below – the letter goes through the first and often the second zip – from the top right.

Do Your Lansinoh Bags Leak

The bags are thin – they often split after freezing. There is NOTHING worse than starting to thaw your milk and realizing you have a hole in your bag that no one noticed (which is also why we recommend thawing the bag before shipping!)

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags For Breastfeeding Moms, 100 Ct

Although it is a double zip, they are very small. It’s just not a secure zipper. Milk *often* flows through the first zipper, so you put a lot of faith in the second one.

An extra large flap over the zipper that doesn’t seem big until you’re throwing milk and it falls out all over the place because you don’t hold it right.

Lansinoh bag – you can see that the letter has leaked through both zippers and is inside the top flap. This happens in more than half of the Lansinoh bags we receive.

The second leading leak in the letter we received. Milk always collects near the zipper. Medela. 2 out of 3 shipments per day show signs of leakage. Letter picked up by post as shown (see image)

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags 25 Each (pack Of 6)

Although the zipper is thick, it is difficult to close it tightly. To get a good seal, you really need to pinch and swipe it a few times. It resembles a large bag of frozen vegetables with a zipper. You open the bag wide open, carefully cut the dotted line so you don’t screw up the zipper, and try again and again to get the zipper lined up so the bag closes as intended. So you end up rolling it up into a ball and putting it back in the freezer. But that’s not an option with milk.

You can see where the letter collects in the zipper, and when you send it to us, it has leaked through the zipper (see the letter in the top flap above the zipper).

Although it’s a thicker bag than the flagship Lansinoh, it’s nowhere near as thick as some of our favorites (keep reading to see them)

Do Your Lansinoh Bags Leak

There is a “spout” on the side for more accurate pouring (I hope I can’t be the only one who tried to pour milk from the bag and missed the bottle)

Best Breastmilk Storage Bags

We succeeded in the theme! Despite the awkward size and the extra “oomph” the zipper requires, this bag is STURDY.

The milk pours easily, so the head does not open strangely and the milk flows in 5 different directions.

Technically designed for the Kiinde “pump/bottle feeding system”, so if you don’t use the other parts, it may be inconvenient.

Although they will lie flat, the “brick” will not freeze easily thanks to the cover. There are many suggestions on the internet for how to freeze these bags, which look great, but we have no experience with this.

X 25 Lansinoh Baby Breast Milk Storage Bags 50 Pieces Pre Sterilized Zipper

If you can get over the price and they’re a bargain for you, these bags are great. THEY DO NOT LEAK.

Alaina said: I don’t know why but this bag shocks me. Maybe because some other products let me down? If I could time travel, I would 100% only use these bags. I was so impressed that one day I thought “this can’t possibly be that good” so I shook it and shook it upside down, pressing the letter on the zipper to see if there were any signs of possible leakage. And guess what? Not a drop. it is a

No bag will be exact in measurement letters!!! Rely on the bottle for the most accurate measurements, then transfer it to the storage bag. That means if you’re pumping straight out of your pocket, you may not have the most accurate measurements.

Do Your Lansinoh Bags Leak

Are you mad at us? (HAHA!) Are you a loyal Lansinoh consumer? Let us know! You can see all our favorite breast milk storage bags here

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags For Breastfeeding Moms, 25 Ct

Have a question about a specific bag? Ask us in the comments! Chances are we’ve seen it before and remember all the good, bad and ugly about it. Or, if you want to put your bags to the final test, send us a couple of leaves in one so we can make you a beautiful piece of jewelry 😊 There’s no better leak test than packing it in a box and sending it!!!! ! Breast milk that you need to freeze? Here’s the basics on how to store breast milk in the freezer, how to choose the best breast milk storage bag for you, and how to figure out how many breast milk bags you’ll need.

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Before you buy breast milk bags (and especially before you read any reviews), there are a few general things you should know:

If you have no idea how much you should freeze in one bag, I would start by freezing what the baby will eat in one meal. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 50 Count, 6 Ounce Milk Storage Bags

If you end up needing less than you froze in one bag, you can thaw the milk in cold water or in the refrigerator and put it in separate bottles for several meals. Just make sure to use the milk within 24 hours of thawing.

Which one you want to do depends on your breast milk handling and storage system. If you’re only expressing enough milk for your baby (maybe with a little extra to freeze) and you’re usually with the baby, it probably doesn’t make sense to express directly into the storage bags.

On the other hand, if you’re a heavy supplier who often freezes milk from daily pumping, pumping directly into a breast milk storage bag saves you the trouble of washing two bottles.

Do Your Lansinoh Bags Leak

Also, some people who work or travel away from their babies prefer to carry milk in breast milk bags instead of bottles because they take up less space. If you prefer to carry your breast milk back and forth in storage bags, then it may be easier to express them directly.

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If you want to try it out, you can get a free kiinde package here. You only pay $6 for shipping! If you like it, you will find it

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