Fall Centerpieces For Weddings

Friday, May 5th 2023. | Weddings
10 Lovely Fall Wedding Centerpieces! B. Lovely Events
10 Lovely Fall Wedding Centerpieces! B. Lovely Events from blovelyevents.com

A Timeless Way to Add Color and Beauty to Your Special Day

When it comes to wedding centerpieces, there are many options available. From traditional flower arrangements to unique and creative designs, there is something for everyone. One of the most popular choices for fall weddings is a centerpieces made with seasonal elements. Fall centerpieces have the potential to be stunning, unique, and memorable. As the leaves change color and the days become shorter, a fall centerpiece can add a festive touch to your special day.

When planning a fall centerpiece, it’s important to consider the season. Fall is a great time to incorporate deeper, richer colors into your decor. Think of deep reds, oranges, and dark purples. You can also use natural elements like leaves, pumpkins, or pinecones to enhance your centerpieces. For a truly unique look, consider using gourds and dried flowers. By combining these elements, you can create a centerpiece that is sure to make your wedding stand out.

3 Sample Fall Centerpieces for Weddings

1. Gilded Pumpkins

This chic and elegant centerpiece is sure to add a touch of glamour to your wedding. Start with a white pumpkin and use spray paint to cover it with a metallic gold or silver. Place the pumpkin in the center of a shallow bowl and fill the bowl with water. Add floating candles and a few fresh flowers to finish off the look. This centerpiece is simple yet stunning and perfect for a modern fall wedding.

2. Birch Log and Flower Arrangement

This rustic centerpiece is sure to be a hit at any outdoor fall wedding. Start with a large birch log and place it in the center of a shallow bowl. Add a few small white pumpkins around the log and fill the bowl with water. Place a few floating candles around the pumpkins and add some colorful flowers like chrysanthemums or roses. Finish off the look with a few sprigs of fall foliage like pine or holly.

3. Apple and Wheat Arrangement

This unique and unexpected centerpiece is perfect for a cozy fall wedding. Start with a shallow bowl and add a few green apples. Place some stalks of wheat in the center of the bowl and surround it with the apples. To add a bit of color, add a few sprigs of red berries and a few dried flowers. Place some floating candles around the edges of the bowl and you have a beautiful, rustic centerpiece.


Fall centerpieces are a great way to add a festive touch to your wedding. From gilded pumpkins to apple and wheat arrangements, there are many ways to create a beautiful centerpiece. When choosing a centerpiece, be sure to take into account the season and the overall style of your wedding. With a little creativity and some seasonal elements, you can create a stunning centerpiece that your guests will love.

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