First Dance Or First Mistake

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First Dance Or First Mistake – Planning a wedding in Baltimore County, Baltimore City or beyond? Start planning early and avoid these common wedding song mistakes!

Another common mistake is thinking that the music doesn’t have to start until after the ceremony. Hopefully all of your guests will be there and seated before the event starts and will likely arrive about 20-30 minutes early. The time goes by faster if the music is playing, so talk to the DJ about starting the music about 20 minutes before the ceremony.

First Dance Or First Mistake

First Dance Or First Mistake

If you want to hear the song, make sure the Baltimore DJ knows it. Don’t assume they will be with you on your wedding day. Likewise, for the band, make sure they know the song beforehand so they can learn it if needed. If there are things you don’t want to hear, you should discuss them beforehand.

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Choosing your first dance song can be the hardest decision you have to make, or you already know what song it should be. Either way, put the kid in the iHome and drive him. If you like the song but think it’s too long for the first dance, Raptor Productions can cut it down to 3 to 3 and a half minutes!

Another common mistake is forgetting to tell the venue about any music rules. There are rules about volume, but there can also be rules about the types of music played. In some churches, for example, there is an option to choose traditional or religious music. Be sure to ask before you set your heart on something.

Planning a wedding in Baltimore, Washington DC or beyond? Call Raptor Productions! As a professional mobile DJ and event production company, Raptor Productions proudly serves Carroll County, Baltimore County, Frederick County, Washington D.C., Southern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Call Raptor Productions at (443) 536-5887 and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and G+ for news and updates. Get the party started with Raptor Productions! Ah, the first dance! One of the most romantic and exciting moments of your wedding day, your time to shine as a couple. For many couples, it can be the only time in their lives that maybe hundreds of people watch their every dance!

Whether you are a regular dancer or not, there are a few mistakes you can make when preparing for your first dance. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of eight wedding first dance mistakes so you can avoid them and make this romantic moment fun and memorable for your family and guests!

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The DJ calls you by your name and invites you to the dance floor, under the stage, as your closest friends and family begin to gather. Everyone’s looking at you! That’s why you want to dance amazingly.

Come to a dance class and learn ballroom dancing from a professional or practice at home before the wedding day. Preparation before the big day ensures that you are ready to put on an impressive dance performance.

Choose a first dance song that means something to you and your partner. Make sure the music you choose is appropriate for your first dance. For example, Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” is not positive about marriage, and Bon Jovi’s “Always” is a divorce song and has no place at a wedding.

First Dance Or First Mistake

Keep in mind that many songs like these two are not suitable for a first dance. Also, avoid using a paragraph that is too long or too short. Above all, no matter what song you choose or how you do it, Sing the whole song, don’t cut it. Life Of The Party Man Lady Couple Song Lyric Art Music Quote Gift Poster Print

Think of words that tell your story and celebrate the bond you and your significant other have created. Therefore, before submitting your first dance song, read its lyrics carefully online.

You’d be surprised how many songs sound good but have a different meaning when you read the lyrics. For example, Whitney Houston’s “I’ll Always Love You” sounds great, but when you read the lyrics, you know she’s a girl who admits she’s never going to get the man of her dreams.

Your first dance should be two to three minutes long, which is the ideal length. Unless you are a professional dancer, Dancing too long will distract your guests and tire them out.

So keep your first dance short (within an appropriate length) and sweet. It may sound very short, but when you’re alone on the dance floor with all eyes on you, it can feel like dancing forever!

Wedding Song Sign

If you make something shorter than two minutes, your visitors will want to see more. In addition, a short duration dance can also lead to the risk of your artist running out of time.

Your photographer will want to take several pictures of both of you and capture what you say in different dance moves and how your guests feel as they watch.

Don’t forget to get ideas from your wedding DJ for great dance, music and performances to take this special moment to the next level.

First Dance Or First Mistake

Experienced DJ has been to many weddings and seen first dance ceremonies many times. Listen to your DJ ideas and turn them into an unforgettable first dance.

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It’s important to practice in the shoes you dance in, as this can greatly affect your performance. If you are going to wear high heels, be sure to practice them before the wedding.

However, if you are afraid of wearing high heels and being able to dance, take comfortable dancing shoes with you. Remember not to let painful shoes ruin the happiest moment of your dream day.

As mentioned above, it’s important to repeat the shoes you dance in; The same goes for your clothes, as this too can make a big difference. For this, you don’t have to wear an actual wedding dress, but you should try something similar and of a suitable length.

For example, if the bride wears a mermaid dress, it is better to dance in a pencil skirt during the ceremony. Try changing your dress in the first step if the dress feels uncomfortable because it is too tight. Getting on the dance floor in a new outfit and new shoes is a challenge!

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The first dance between the bride and the groom is the most awaited moment for the young and the guests, showing the bond and love between them.

These are the mistakes you should avoid in your design. So go ahead guys, enjoy learning a new skill with your partner!

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First Dance Or First Mistake

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First Dance Or First Mistake

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