Fishing Wire To Resize Your Ring

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Fishing Wire To Resize Your Ring – Named after one of the best freshwater fishing lakes in the world. A wedding ring for true fishermen. For the man who likes to fish. This men’s wedding ring is made of black tungsten carbide and is inlaid with blue fishing line. Black brushed textured upper and polished interior provide exceptional comfort.

* *The color of the blue line is most accurately shown in the photo with the ring wearer. * *

Fishing Wire To Resize Your Ring

Fishing Wire To Resize Your Ring

US Shipping Time: Free 3 to 5 days All orders come with a tracking number. International shipping to Canada

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If you don’t like it within the first 90 days, you can return it for a full refund. You must return it in the same condition as it was. If you want to return it outside of the 90 day period, we will work with you.

If the ring doesn’t fit, send it back and we’ll send you another for free. If you bought your ring well before your wedding date and it’s been 120 days, we’ll still exchange it for free.

120-day ring exchange/resizing and 90-day return begins when you receive your ring. It will then be canceled again on your wedding day.

*If you do NOT have a wedding coming up, our 90-day return period, free resizing and lifetime warranty starts when you receive the ring.

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In the rare event that your ring is damaged in any way, we will replace it for free within the first year. The only thing you have to pay is the return postage.

If your ring is damaged after 1 year, we will replace it for a small deductible of just $45.00. You get a brand new ring. The number of times the warranty can be used is not limited.

If your ringtone needs to be resized after 120 days (this is rare). A $30.00 discount allows you to exchange your ring for a new size. Most of our rings are made from alliterative metals, which means they cannot be resized. That’s why we’re sending you a new ring.

Fishing Wire To Resize Your Ring

We cannot always guarantee that we will wear the ring you purchased in the future. If your ring becomes unsustainable in the future, we will allow you to choose a new equivalent ring.

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Note. The 90-day return, 120-day ring exchange and warranty doesn’t start until your wedding day. We just ask that you send us a receipt or invoice from the day of the wedding so that we can confirm it. Let’s say you have a ring—an engagement ring, a wedding ring, a signet ring, heck, even a diamond ring—and you really want to wear it, but it’s not the right size. In fact, it’s too big! So how should you wear it? Is there any way to make the big ring fit?

Maybe you bought the wrong size. Maybe you’ve lost weight. Or maybe you got a ring from someone with a big wrist and thick finger 😉

Whatever the reason, there are various ways to adjust the ring (without permanently changing the size of the ring, if you avoid it).

So if your ring keeps spinning or falling off your finger, here are some techniques and products to use when deciding how to wear an oversized ring.

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Sometimes you want to have a non-permanent DIY solution that is affordable and easy. Here are a handful of techniques you can try (or products you can buy that will solve your problem).

A real DIY way to get a good ring fit is to use a rubber band. Ideally thin, sheer, or one that’s close to your skin color so it won’t stand out. Use an elastic band to secure the ring to your finger.

Method 1: You can use a small clear rubber band that goes under the ring on your finger.

Fishing Wire To Resize Your Ring

The thickness of the transparent rubber compensates for the space between the ring and the finger. You need to be careful that the rubber band is not too tight on your finger as this can be painful and restrict circulation.

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Method 2: You can take a rubber band and wrap it around the bottom part of the ring (the part closest to the palm).

You need to find the right size rubber band. If it is too long, the excess should be cut off. Otherwise, it would stick out, be awkward and ugly, and people would think you’re weird.

Here are two ways you can use an elastic band to keep your ring in place. It depends on the type of rubber band and the required thickness.

Another method is to use candle wax. A slightly messier method, yes, but there’s also a good chance you have a candle. So if you are struggling, you might want to give it a try.

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Basically, light the candle and as the wax starts to melt, carefully drip the wax onto the inside underside of the ring. Allow to dry completely and then place the ring. Simple!

In my experience, it’s better to add more wax than less. Excess dried wax can always be shaved off, but it is more difficult to add wax after the layer has already dried. It does not maintain its solid, one-piece state as easily.

Liquid glue is another option that people have used and documented online. I think that could work too, but it seems even messier because of the stickiness factor. And depending on the material of the ring, it can ruin the finish of your ring.

Fishing Wire To Resize Your Ring

If you want to try this, squeeze a large strip of glue directly (and carefully) onto the inside of the tape. Let it dry completely and then apply.

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If you decide to go with one of these options, though, my advice is to stick with candle wax. I have done this a few times and it works like a charm.

Nail polish can be very effective for rings that are slightly off the finger. If you decide to use this method, it is better to use a clear nail polish so that it is not so visible.

Yes, this is another quick drying liquid that hardens after drying, but the layer thickness you can get with this method can be limited, so give it a try and see if it’s enough to fill the gap.

The key is to apply a thin layer to the inner shaft of the ring. Continue to apply until the layer starts to build up. Sandstone Outer Space Nebula Mens Wedding Ring Black Tungsten

As with candle wax, this is a very temporary solution. Nail polish does not last long, especially if it is in constant contact and friction every day.

Have you ever thought about using thread to match a ring? If you have dental floss, string, or fishing line, you can use it to make the ring fit better.

The idea is to wrap whatever thin string-like element you’re using around the bottom palm of the ring, twisting as many times as necessary until you get the perfect fit.

Fishing Wire To Resize Your Ring

Flossing seems to be the best option in my experience. If you’re using the plain, additive-free version with a wax coating, it might be toothsome (pun intended) enough to keep in your pack.

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Additional note: Avoid getting the ring wet. This method is the most likely to unravel, especially since tying the line (or line or fishing line) securely is not that easy.

Let’s be honest. The size of our fingers can change over months and years. Maybe your fingers are bigger in the summer months because it’s hot outside and your skin retains more moisture. In the winter, you have the opposite problem.

So how should you wear a ring that only comes in one size? It only responds part of the time, not all the time.

The clear ring size adjuster is a great temporary solution and probably the cleanest and easiest of all the DIY options we offer.

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This ring size adjuster will make your ring smaller without permanently changing the size. Works on men’s and women’s rings.

They are readily available on Amazon – I linked to one above – but you can do a Google search to see who else offers ring size adjusters.

Simply adjust and rotate this easy-to-use ring adjuster around the base of the ring. It’s like a spring spacer or those jumper wires on old school phones. Use it when you need a little more grip between your ring and finger, and take it off when you don’t. Perfect!

Fishing Wire To Resize Your Ring

Here’s another more affordable way to protect your ring. Ring protectors are barely noticeable, come in a variety of sizes, and can be found at some department stores (and Amazon, of course).

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They’re made of metal and require a bit more finesse to install (you’ll need eyelet pliers), but you don’t need to be a professional jeweler by any means.

This kit comes with step-by-step installation instructions. When you’re done, you’ll have a ring that fits perfectly. No one has a clue what you’re up to

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