Floating Flowers

Friday, December 16th 2022. | Weddings

Floating Flowers – Earlier this week I opened my garden to a group of master gardeners. Although this is not an official garden tour, there is a last minute rush as you look at your garden with a more critical eye.

This resulted in a “more natural” area next to a small path leading to the vegetable garden. By natural, of course, I mean a hot mess of weeds, maybe something like the remains of something I planted years ago. (The photo is nothing new. When I find myself in random gardening situations, I rarely stop to think things through, let alone take a photo.)

Floating Flowers

Floating Flowers

The grass and newly mulched area is a big improvement, but it’s a big empty spot in a well-trafficked area of ​​the garden. So I did what any sane gardener would do and headed to the garden center.

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I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted to do with this area for a long time, and I got better at not buying any plants for the area until I had a plan. But this garden center has a huge sale on all ceramic pots. It reminded me of one of the moments I enjoyed most during my trip to Chanticleer Gardens last June.

A few hours later, a new 21-inch pot landed in that empty space with some new annuals planted in its base to help soften the transition to all that mulch. The problem with the drainage hole (it’s funny how you can’t find a pot with proper drainage when you look for it, but the one time you needed a pot without a hole, you couldn’t find one) was solved with a wine lid. . I know cocktail hour is important in the garden.

A drop of the black pond paint I bought for the pond made the inside of the pot disappear. And then the most interesting began.

My first design started with a ‘Breakout’ dahlia flower that was past its prime and had to be retired. I removed the flexible petals at the bottom, but the ones at the top still look great. A few Japanese fern leaves, some Tuff Stuff hydrangea flowers, ‘Sun King’ aralia leaves and brightly colored Nicotiana alata ‘Lime Green’ flowers dominate it.

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I find that “thinner” leaves work better than thicker leaves – hosta leaves don’t seem to float well – but other than that there are no rules to these things. To create a design on a moving surface, you need to place them strategically by placing the larger material as a border so that the smaller flowers and leaves don’t tangle. And everything should be carefully lying on top of the water.

In other words, you should take it easy. And that’s where the magic happens. Walking through the garden in search of leaves and flowers for the composition, you have to look at everything differently. Placing plants over water requires such concentration that it clears the mind. This is the most Zen I’ve been in years.

The result of my first attempt was amazing. My little floating flower arrangement is only a few days old, but the flowers seem to stay in it for days and the birds tend to rearrange it a bit when I’m gone. Each fix is ​​short-lived, which is both incredible and a little sad. If the flowers look squishy, ​​I just scoop, discard and place in a pot of fresh water (which solves the mosquito problem I know you’re thinking).

Floating Flowers

For the second attempt, I went a bit asymmetrical, using ferns, papalo leaves (a Mexican weed I’ve decided I don’t like, but has beautiful leaves), titonia flowers, and ‘Millennium’ cheramsa flowers .

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I guess you could say I’m a little obsessed with my little water pot. Yesterday I had one of those days at work where you are not pleasant company when you come home. Instead of subjecting someone to this attitude, I went out with my secateurs and created a new floating composition. The process was almost meditative, which is a nice way of saying I was a happier person when I got back inside 15 minutes later.

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Floating Flowers

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I haven’t used it yet but it will be beautiful and will look great on my mantelpiece at my daughter’s wedding!

I used this cedar garland on the dining table – I put the large ends in the middle with a little overlap and the tapered ends go to the end of the table – perfect size! I don’t want some big fluffy garland, something simple and tasteful that looks real. i

Floating Flowers

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