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For The Nh Brides – The Granite State might be just the place to host a great wedding and celebration. Home to Mount Washington, White Mountain National Forest, and Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire offers an abundance of outdoor activities in Conway, Lincoln, Manchester, Portsmouth and more. NH also offers art galleries, museums, shopping and dining destinations galore if you and your party want to take a break between hiking and wedding planning.

Before you can plan your NH wedding at a charming inn or lush resort near or far from the mountains, you and your significant other must obtain a New Hampshire marriage license. Couples can apply for a New Hampshire marriage certificate at any Town Clerk’s Office in the state. Applying for a marriage license is simple and requires minimal paperwork, but you still need to consider the logistics first. To get started, check out the necessary government websites, go through the FAQs, and read here to hear more tips and tricks for navigating the NH marriage license process.

For The Nh Brides

For The Nh Brides

The state of New Hampshire no longer requires a waiting period after your marriage license is issued, which means you can get married the same day you receive your certificate. NH marriage licenses are only valid for 90 days after the certificate is issued.

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Under the New Hampshire Constitution, marriage is the civil union between two people. If you are under the age of 18, please contact the city clerk for more information on obtaining a marriage certificate. While NH recognizes same-sex marriage for couples over the age of 18, people who are under this age will not obtain a valid marriage license. to a significant other of the same sex.

New Hampshire does not require you to apply for a marriage license in your city or town, or where you plan to hold your wedding ceremony. This applies to both state residents and non-residents of NH. After obtaining a marriage license, you can get married in any city or town in the state of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire requires an approved officiant to perform the marriage ceremony. An officiant can be a member of the clergy, Justice of the Peace, or an individual certified to perform the ceremony.

Both parties must bring the necessary legal documents to the municipal office. If neither you nor your S.O. has been in a previous marriage, you only need a document to prove your identity and age, such as a valid driver’s license, a non-driver’s ID card or a passport. If one of you has been in a previous marriage, you must bring a certified copy proving that the marriage has ended. This document can be a death certificate if the spouse has died, or a final divorce or annulment decree.

How To Get A New Hampshire Marriage License & Plan An Nh Wedding

While proof of age and ID may be the only items you need on hand, you and your S.O. must be prepared to provide the following information during the application process:

In addition to photo identification and a decree of divorce or annulment (if applicable), a $50 license fee is also required to obtain a marriage certificate in the state of New Hampshire. The fee is established by the RSA 457. You can pay the fee in cash or by debit and / or credit card; you can’t pay by check.

It will take about thirty minutes to complete the marriage certificate process, so be sure to check the hours in the clerk’s office.

For The Nh Brides

As mentioned, both parties must be present at the city clerk’s office to obtain a marriage certificate, unless you and/or your S.O. they are in the military and cannot return to the state for the wedding ceremony. If this is the case, contact the city council office for more information.

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After the issuance of your marriage license and your officiating marriage ceremony, you and your partner can order a certified copy of your certificate from the clerk’s office. The first copy costs $15 and all additional certified copies are $10.

You can indicate your preferred name on your marriage license, but if this step does not happen, you can request a NH name change. The name change process may involve a court order and/or visiting a Social Security Office and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

You’ve gone through the marriage license application process and come out the other side! Now is the time to plan the wedding ceremony and wedding reception!

While NH has just under 20 miles of coastline, called the Atlantic coast, a wedding at sea is still possible. If that’s your vibe, consider planning your wedding in Hampton, a beautiful seaside town with popular beaches. But again, be careful before the tourist season!

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If lakes are more important to you, New Hampshire is definitely the state for you. In fact, the Lake Region of NH is considered a jewel of New England. In the town of Moultonborough, you can visit Lake Winnepesaukee, Squam Lake and Lake Kanasatka and find places in nearby towns.

New Hampshire also has more than 90 state parks that can be a destination location or a day activity for your guests. But if you’re opting for a city wedding, consider Portsmouth, Manchester or Nashua, as these popular hubs won’t disappoint.

The state of New Hampshire has luxury hotels and resorts available to choose from, as well as romantic New England inns and rustic inns. If you are looking for a place between these two, the beach hotels in the major cities have ballrooms and large halls to accommodate any size of party.

For The Nh Brides

While some venues may provide certain amenities, such as catering, you may choose to seek out additional vendors for your New Hampshire wedding, especially caterers.

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Okay, so yes, New Hampshire is in New England and is therefore privy to its seafood fare, but when it comes down to it: NH is all about comfort. That’s right, sweet maple syrup, cider (highlighted for those 21+), and delicious pumpkin pies are in your future if your dream is an NH wedding. Out with the old, in with the new: in this case, it’s cake and cake, respectively.

The state of New Hampshire is known for its fall foliage which makes fall weddings super popular. Whether you’re admiring the changing leaves on your way to the wedding venue, or taking in the fall colors through an outdoor wedding, embracing a New England fall can be the way to go for a New Hampshire wedding. Of course, that’s not to say that early summer and late spring aren’t popular times to get married in New Hampshire.

There aren’t too many hurdles to jump when getting your NH marriage license. Not to mention, the reward is a delicious piece of homemade cake.

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For The Nh Brides

It’s the most popular time to pop the question, which officially makes this the wedding planning season of the year!

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So put on your thinking caps, and discover why the 13 miles of NH’s Seacoast are

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