Foundations Similar In Shade To Mac Nw13

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Foundations Similar In Shade To Mac Nw13 – I recently replaced some extensive background patterns. At the top of my to-try list: MAC Studio Fix Fluid in shade NW13. Now, NW13 is a shade darker than I’d like to go because my neck is N5 with cool yellow undertones. It’s also said to be a matte foundation with decent wear time, not at the top of the list for dry skin. Anyway, she’s one of those people who will try every color foundation she can get her hands on.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid is advertised as “a modern foundation that combines a natural finish and medium, buildable coverage with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF15 protection.” Color to Darkness (NW58!) comes in 35 shades and is $27 for 1oz. Ideally, it’s a lighter, more fluid version of the popular Studio Fix powder foundation, full coverage and uber-matte.

Foundations Similar In Shade To Mac Nw13

Foundations Similar In Shade To Mac Nw13

Left to right: MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW13, NARS Radiance Cream in Chantilly, Paula’s Choice Matte Colors in #1, Permanent Makeup Velvet+ in #15.

Estee Lauder Double Wear To Mac Foundation Shade Conversion Chart

Straight from the pair, I don’t like the sounds on this product. Yes, there are some that are pink or pale yellow, but a new, more neutral color would improve this line. Also, I know the NW13 will fit my face and not my neck; I would love to try the formula and compare it to some similar shades. For the record, NARS Chantilly is the same shade as my neck.

Here’s my face before and after a layer of MAC SFF applied with the Real Tech Professional Face Brush. (Don’t be fooled by the background color: like most foundations, SFF uses a lot of light, then fades to its “true shade” in about 15-20 minutes.) Of course, the medium provides a satin-matte finish. So as the tiger says!

… type. MAC claims this foundation is easy to apply and blend, but I found it a little. You have to buffer the product to really finish it. I also found it difficult to build up the coverage as the second coat made the product very dry and cakey even when I tried it with a damp Beauty Blender. Honestly, it manages to look matte without looking cakey or powdery, and it works great on my dry skin.

The other day I lost my composure. At first, I started to feel pain and numbness around my temples and jaw. It rarely happens, but it always turns me off.

Best Foundations For Pale Skin To Give You A Flawless Complexion

What really kills me is foundation wear on my combination-dry skin. Compare the images on the left (freshly applied) with the images in the middle (after 2 hours) and on the right (after 4 hours). I’ve been in conditioner all day and I only have a lot of oil on my nose – the rest of my face is normal or dry in the summer. How do I shine?! I think this “long wearing” product is supposed to be “natural matte” – where the hell did the oil come from?!

Therefore, Studio Fix Fluid does not work as the best choice for oily skin or for going out in summer. Oh, but it gets better…

Say: I’m not the one calling the brand “MACne”. I don’t believe that all MAC foundations are bad for people with acne and I don’t like the internet rumor that every MAC foundation will eat your face alive. My personal opinion is that MAC is a “gateway” brand for many people, including those who are sensitive to many ingredients and/or don’t know how to remove their makeup at the end of the day. If more people try your stuff, you’ll run into more people with bad experiences. I’ve tried several MAC foundations over the past decade, including Face & Body, which has been my sanctuary for 3 years.

Foundations Similar In Shade To Mac Nw13

That’s why Studio Fix Fluid has such a negative effect on my skin that it’s weird. My acne usually consists of very deep, painful cysts and is mostly caused by internal factors (stress, diet, hormones, etc.). It is one of the only extrinsic factors that ever cause breakouts, and acne is a small pustule and whitehead. Also in odd places like my nose (pictured above) and my temple. I was so surprised by the split that I tried to figure out what else could be causing it other than SFF… but SFF was the only thing that changed my routine.

Mac Studio Fix Soft Matte Foundation Stick Nw13

Ultimately, my frustration has nothing to do with my overall assessment of MAC Studio Fix Fluid. We all differ in different things and there is something simple about the formula that I don’t agree with. Instead, it’s hard to recommend a product that’s breathable and long-wearing and doesn’t sit on dry skin for 2 hours. It is also not convenient to use and store. Despite the dark shadows, and even the overtones, I’ll give them an ad.

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Maybelline and MAC are two of the best foundation brands out there. Both offer suitable foundations for different skin types. Both of these offer a variety of shades for all skin tones.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation comes in 40 different shades, while MAC Studio Fix comes in over 100. If you love MAC and haven’t found the exact shade for your skin, MAC is a great way to try. tons.

Mac Cosmetics Mac Studio Fix Fluid Spf 15

Comment: I fixed the color mismatch. MAC also offers a wider range of shades than Maybelline, so it’s not possible to get an exact match for all their shades. However, I did my best to find the closest possible shade.

This is not an exact conversion chart, but rather a rough guide to help you find your perfect foundation shade.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation is the perfect dupe for MAC Studio Fix foundation. It’s seamless, long-lasting and has a similar consistency to MAC foundations for a fraction of the price.

Foundations Similar In Shade To Mac Nw13

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation is perfect if you love MAC but are looking for a more casual option.

Mac Waterweight Foundation Review

This foundation matching guide is perfect if you love Maybelline foundations and want to switch to something better. MAC Studio Fix Foundation looks beautiful when worn and is a step up from your usual Maybelline foundation.

MAC makes high-quality foundations but is more affordable than other high-end brands like Estee Lauder and Dior. Use this guide to find your perfect match from a regular Maybelline shade.

The biggest difference between Maybelline and MAC foundations is the price. MAC Studio Fix Foundation retails for $35, a fraction of the price of Maybelline Fit Me for $7.99.

If you’re not sure if the extra money is worth it, check out some key differences between MAC and Maybelline foundations:

Mac Studio Fix Fluid In Nc5, Nc10, Nw10, N4 With Comparison Swatches

MAC Studio Fix Foundation has SPF 15, while Maybelline doesn’t provide SPF at all. If you tend to skip the SPF, you might want to consider MAC foundation for your skin’s health!

MAC foundations are generally softer, more natural-looking and last longer than Maybelline. However, Maybelline’s foundations are still high quality for a fraction of the price, so they’re great if you’re looking for a more affordable option.

Even if you don’t use the base, it’s always useful to know your MAC. Many online reviewers will list MAC shades before they tell you which products work for them, meaning you can know which products will work for you without actually trying them.

Foundations Similar In Shade To Mac Nw13

This chart doesn’t include every shade, but I’ll update it when I come across new ones. So if you know of a good game, leave it in the comments so we can fill the schedule!

Studio Fix Fluid Mac Cosmetics

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