Garden Wedding Ideas

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Garden Wedding Ideas

Garden Wedding Ideas

Gardens have long been a source of romantic inspiration for lovers, writers and artists, but these places are not just for traditional holidays. Many couples have found unique ways to work their green thumbs into every detail of their wedding, from the decor to the menu.

Small Backyard Wedding Ideas

Trade the greenery for modern whimsy or take a desert-inspired spin in a garden party room. And who says it can’t be brought in and out? It takes a little imagination to turn any space into the magical garden of your dreams.

Accent your bangs or locks with a flower crown, or for a more effortless feel, keep flowers loose in your strands (yes, this trend is still in vogue).

Don’t let your space get all the attention – create a look that thrives. Here the bride dazzles in a beaded floral gown and gown. Your wedding party should also make some petals.

Let your guests know from the moment they walk in that your wedding is a garden affair. Your welcome sign is one of the design elements that people will see, so decorate it with flowers of your choice.

Diy Garden Wedding Decor Ideas For Your 2022 Weddings

Use the awards around you as inspiration for new ways to display table functions. Wrap seats for guests with flowers (real or papier-mâché), tree leaves or branches

Turn your interior into a natural environment by hanging an indoor installation. This 50×50 ft beauty is dripping with green and white flowers.

Keep guests cool at an alfresco event with handmade fans that double as programs. Our hearts bloom for this summer illustration, with a citrus-emerald palette (for natural summer beauty) and a tree planting ceremony for one of those joyous days.

Garden Wedding Ideas

Sometimes the best way to make the most of your setting is to let it show its true colors at an intimate event. It is surrounded by forests and cedars, so a simple arch surrounded by lush greenery adds to the bucolic atmosphere. Finish it off with a sheer drop for a more ethereal romance.

Stunning Garden Wedding Ideas Rooted In Romance

Add some flair to your aisle with a runner of fresh petals in your wedding colors. Add to appeal? Add white rose cones to guests to celebrate the newlyweds.

The succulent varieties, especially, have a garden vibe. A copper arch with dusty blue and pink flowers helps (but doesn’t take away) this majestic wall of desert greenery, which does double duty as a design backdrop.

Flowers aren’t easy, but what about moss for decoration? The organic altar at this Atlanta wedding is a work of art and a trick to the eye—it grows naturally in its native habitat. Instead, it is made of moss and vines surrounding the couple.

Glass-enclosed greenhouses are ideal spaces for receptions, especially when your decor has a picnic aesthetic. This nursery has the added advantage of offering views of vegetable, herb, fruit and flower gardens on one side.

Garden Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Backyard Reception

Don’t bring a wall of flowers – use the backdrop you already have, like this arrangement of clay pots and succulents. It’s textured and whimsical, and the bride’s classic dress and groom’s elegant tuxedo are set against light tones and plants of all shapes and sizes.

Heart streams with targeted music group. A reflecting pool in the center “floats” on the water as rope-twisting vines and roses, chandeliers and musicians play.

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Garden Wedding Ideas

Include your native flora in your decor. It’s eco-friendly (less paper, more nature) and fun. Take this vintage tropical garden wedding, for example, featuring a giant palm tree painted in metallic ink, a bar menu drink list and the same sparkling palm-mounted installation.

Top 5 Eco Friendly Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Locavores love to dine on seasonal cuisine that reflects the flavors of the garden. Choose food that is fresh and celebrates the region you are getting married in.

Achieve top-down high drama with a rooftop deck. Take a cue from this decor and contrast it with classic architecture (the neo-Gothic style of St. Patrick’s Cathedral) like custom lavender mirrored tables and built-in Art Deco lamps.

Think beyond the bouquet and make blooming flowers an integral part of your celebration. Work with your florist to incorporate native flowers that play in your space. These dreamy bougainvillea runners cover the tables and match the candy-colored interior.

Trade in traditional round tables for long, weaving designs that flow with the garden — twisted trees above and dangling plants below. These chairs are artistic and on trend, encouraging community among your guests.

Budget Friendly Outdoor Wedding Ideas

A beautiful pedestal table featuring historic statues and garden fountains is the perfect way to display your wedding day confections. A muted palette of blush cones, a white tablecloth and a strand of ivy completes it all.

Create elegant seating for your guests to relax in after the ceremony – whether you toast your love in the countryside or the beauty of the desert. Woven umbrellas and rugs, earthy fabrics and textures accentuate the beauty.

Whether it’s a breezy spring day or a warm summer afternoon, you can keep your guests hydrated with a sparkling sparkling water table. Taylor and Jen hosted a dream wedding at the Chicago Botanical Garden with an assortment of drinks for their guests.

Garden Wedding Ideas

Bring flowers to highlight your wedding colors. Meera and Rohan decorated the mandap with pink and white peonies and greenery for their lakeside wedding.

Styled Secret Garden Wedding In Snohomish, Washington Featuring The Label|anna Bé Bridal Boutique

Create a romantic backdrop using a round arch featuring flowers of your choice. A living wall only adds to the overall beauty of this ceremony. Get inspired by this stunning Long Island City wedding. When it comes to outdoor weddings, a garden is an excellent choice, allowing for endless and limitless ideas for your ceremony and reception. Whether you’re hosting your wedding in your own or a friend’s garden or renting a garden-based venue, nature is the perfect backdrop for such a special occasion. Lots of candles, special chairs, common greenery and flower filled garden wedding settings and details are absolutely stunning and romantic. To really see your garden theme grow, we’ve put together a list of our favorite garden weddings so you too can have the perfect wedding of your dreams.

Whether it’s dramatic and bold or a simple touch, the arch or backdrop you use for your garden provides the perfect setting for your ceremony. Mother Nature has graced the rest of your surroundings, so when you tie the knot, you need to focus on the backdrop where the two of you are standing.

The easiest and most practical DIY projects will help your guests manage your wedding. Whether it’s directing them to different events, letting them know the timing of fireworks or showing them a creative seating chart, knowledge is power at a wedding and guests can be more informed about who/what/when/where/why. /How, it will be easier for you and them.

The best part of planning your garden wedding is all the different ways to arrange the tables. You may need to work around the tree here and there, place the cake under the gazebo, or hang the lights for the dance.

Delicate Urban Garden Wedding Ideas

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, chances are it will be warm and your guests will be thirsty! Set up a few stations with a variety of drinks… pitchers filled with lemonade, tea or fruit water, mini bottles with special water bottle labels, and chilled sodas for your guests to grab quickly.

If your wedding is in a garden setting, the best cakes don’t look too formal. Help add to your casual and holiday theme with fresh flowers placed in all the right places.

This color palette brings to mind: feminine, soft and charming romance. From the moment your guests step into the garden to the way they await your arrival, these tones set the mood for something special in this space.

Garden Wedding Ideas

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