Has Anyone Had A Chandelier Or Hanging Cake

Saturday, November 19th 2022. | Weddings

Has Anyone Had A Chandelier Or Hanging Cake – These are the BEST 4 Chandelier Wedding Cake Tutorials to inspire you with creative wedding cake ideas and designs. Perfect for couples looking for something different and unusual for their big day

Structured cakes are the latest trend now. Each is trying to reach new heights with their own gravity-defying cake concept. This chandelier wedding cake, also known as the hanging cake, is all the rage right now and rightfully so. There are still very few tutorials out there on how to make them, but here are just a few that we think are worth checking out, including some premium tutorials.

Has Anyone Had A Chandelier Or Hanging Cake

Has Anyone Had A Chandelier Or Hanging Cake

Verusca Walker shared a video explaining everything you need to know about the structure of the Chandelier Cake. From setting the basic structure to stacking the cake. Watch the video below to learn more…

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Elegance On Display creates truly beautiful cakes. Join them in this video as they go through everything they went into creating this upside-down beauty

A chandelier cake, also known as a hanging cake, is a cake famous for being upside down. Here are some creative ideas from artists around the world. Some are made from fresh flowers, while others are made from sugar flowers. Find more creative cake ideas and patterns below

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She writes about cooking, baking, desserts and cake decorating. A professional cake decorator and food blogger for over ten years, she has been featured in many magazines and online publications around the world. Her blog is often full of delicious, easy and practical recipes with instructional videos and tutorials for home cooks.

Is the lesson you like not listed on this page? Or are you creating a video tutorial on this topic? Years ago I was fascinated by candlestick cakes and never knew how they got those darn cakes to hang upside down! It’s just magic! Finally, a few weeks ago, my best friend and self-proclaimed baking genius Avalon Yarnes of Avalon Cakes released a tutorial on how to make this cake! I admit that I may have abused her to no end to make it up for my own selfish reasons, but I wanted to know how she made these amazing cakes! Check out this Chandelier Cake she made. It literally hangs from the ceiling! Everything shines and has all these crystals and bling and it’s just WOW! You can see why I wanted a lesson so badly! You can see the tutorial for the Avalon Chandelier Cake by purchasing here. In her tutorials, she shows you how to build the structures, assemble the cakes, and attach all the pretty bling to the cakes. There’s also an optional mini-tutorial on how to make everything sparkle! Cool! Links to where you can buy the supplies and everything included in the pdf download when you purchase. So I decided to try it myself and ended up making MY own chandelier cake, but I didn’t have anywhere to hang it from the ceiling (I thought about hanging it from the ceiling fan for about 5 minutes, but quickly gave up on the idea haha). My friend Claire Copsey of Claires Cakery Creations in the UK posted a lovely chandelier cake she made a few days ago for a friend’s wedding. Besides the BEAUTIFUL cakes, I also noticed the booth! I immediately asked where you got that awesome stand, thinking I might as well get one! Unfortunately for me, Claire happened to have a talented welder friend who lived nearby and was able to do it for her! The devil! So I started looking for candle cake locations! I posted a request for help to the local wedding community! Where is a welder who can make me this nice stand? What I got was even better! Link to hanging plant stand on Amazon to get this… $28!! The brand of the stand is plastec, so I was worried at first thinking it would be too weak to hold the cake, but the description says it’s actually steel! So I took a leap of faith and decided to place an order and do a little experiment

I painted the rack gold and started doing weight tests with the heaviest thing I could find…fondant! ha ha! I weighed my cake tiers and saw that they totaled over 25 pounds (10″ by 8″ by 6″ tiers), so I poured 25 pounds of fondant into a bucket and attached it to a stand to see if it would hold. Now, I’m not saying the rack didn’t bend at all, because yes, I ended up bending the hook back a bit to compensate for the forward bending when the weight of the bucket was added, so I was a little worried. I left the bucket hanging for 2 hours to make sure it didn’t bend further or that the support didn’t break. SUCCESS! Everything stays where it should be! So here it is! My last chandelier cake! I thought it turned out really well and wasn’t as complicated as I had feared! You have to try this if you want to create this very popular wedding cake trend! All the materials you need can be found at your local hardware store or purchased online. It’s that simple! If you have any questions or comments about this process, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can!

Has Anyone Had A Chandelier Or Hanging Cake

About the Cake: Each tier is 5 inches tall. The texture of the middle tier is made with a beautiful sticky layer, non-edible Bling, attached with a little water and secured with pins at the end for easy removal and cutting. Pies are served from the top, but from the bottom. Two tiers must be removed from the cut structure, much like you would take apart a traditional wedding cake to cut and serve.

How To Upgrade Your Dining Room Chandeliers

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