Hawaii Wedding Attire

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Hawaii Wedding Attire – A wedding in Hawaii usually conjures up images of white sand beaches and clear blue water. But Alexa Wilhelm and Ikaika Sarme chose instead to get married at Kahua Ranch, a working cattle ranch on the Big Island.

“We wanted something that felt more like the Hawaiian ikaika we knew growing up,” Ms. Wilhelm said. “We wanted a place that showcased the landscape of the Big Island, a place that most guests will probably never see,” said Mr. Sarme.

Hawaii Wedding Attire

Hawaii Wedding Attire

Mrs Wilhelm, 28, grew up in Newport Beach, California, where the couple now live. Mr. Sarme was born on the Big Island of Hawaii, but moved to Newport Beach when he was 6 years old.

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She earned a BA in English from UC Santa Barbara and a BA in Nursing from Western Governors University. She is an aesthetic nurse at MySkin, a medical spa, and also works at the NRC Research Institute, a clinical research and development center.

Mr. Sarme earned an Associate’s Degree in Aeronautical Science from Orange Coast College and is employed as a Certified Flight Instructor at John Wayne Airport in Orange County. “When I reach 1,500 flight hours, my goal is to work for a major airline and eventually fly internationally,” Sarme said.

After meeting mutual friends at a Halloween party in Newport Beach in 2016, Ms Wilhelm said “a friend asked him out on Facebook after finding out how to spell his name”.

Two weeks later, they went on their first date at In-N-Out Burger in Costa Mesa. “We ordered it for takeout and ate it back at the house. I like to eat my Double-Double in private so I don’t look like a monster in public,” Mr. Sarme said. (Ms. Wilhelm describes him as “no worries” and “long surfer hair”).

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After 11 months together, he moved into her parents’ home in Newport Beach with her, and they lived there for about three years. “It’s a very supportive environment,” said Mr. Sarme about the household. “We both went to school — nursing and pilot — and we just couldn’t afford to live in Orange County without taking out a huge loan,” Ms. Wilhelm said.

In 2019, they were in Paris for the New Year holidays. “One day we rented a small car and drove out into the countryside. After tasting champagne and eating sandwiches in our little car, Ikaika asked me to go up to this little hill,” said Mrs. Wilhelm.

“I had a hard time convincing Alexa to go ahead because we were running late and she didn’t want to be charged extra for the rental car,” Sarme said. But follow her and then he proposed. “I don’t remember a word I said, but I cried.”

Hawaii Wedding Attire

118 guests joined their wedding at Kahua Ranch on August 27th. Local regulations require everyone flying to Hawaii to be vaccinated or tested for Covid.

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Kahu Tom Fernandez, senior pastor of Kalahikiola Congregational Church on the Big Island, led a traditional Hawaiian ceremony in Hawaiian and English.

“Right before I walked down the aisle with my dad, Tom gave a Hawaiian blessing and blew the conch shell,” Mrs. Wilhelm said. “The Big Island has a lot of mana, and if you’re having a ceremony of any kind, it’s good to set the intention with a positive Hawaiian prayer,” said Mr. Sarme.

The ceremony was on the lawn with a reception on the front porch and dancing in the barn. “You see tractors and other farm machinery as you drive up and then nothing but hills and animals and farm buildings,” Ms Wilhelm said.

The sit-down dinner featured a fresh Hawaiian menu, including pitaya caprese skewers, fried ahi on ‘uala and kalo chips, Kalbi ribs and a variety of malasadas, “with ingredients sourced directly from the island,” Mr. Sarme. The “guest book” was one of Mr. Sarme’s surfboards, and the caterer made a special hot sauce as a wedding present.

What To Wear To A Destination Wedding

After the ceremony, they finally had “time to soak in what was going on,” he said. “And the sunset was amazing.” This brand shoot for Miyuki Liem Bridal was so much fun! I have never photographed a brand before so I was so excited to work with a local Hawaiian wedding dress designer!

Miyuki and I have been friends for several years. I have photographed many brides who have hired her to design their custom gowns. Every single bride ends up being 1000% satisfied with how the dress turned out. When she asked me to work with her on a shoot for her new line, I was over the moon.

Miyuki is a phenomenal seamstress and I always admire her work. She is so sweet and kind and creative and I just loved working with her. All of the dresses we shot were so stunning and perfect for any bride, but especially a Hawaiian bride! The different varieties of wedding dresses that she makes ensure that there is a dress for everyone. The quality of the dresses is out of this world. They are unlike anything else I have ever seen.

Hawaii Wedding Attire

We met down on the sand with all the dresses and the cutest model! Hair and makeup artist Lin Yee did a great job on the model! Her mood matched these dresses perfectly and she became the most beautiful bride on the Hawaiian beach! We held this brand photo shoot in Kahala, Hawaii and it turned out to be a perfect day!

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We shot several different dresses and I had so much fun capturing each dress in a different way! Each dress had a unique mood and movement. It was so much fun to be able to show off all my hard work. Every dress was so beautiful. From the low back lace wedding dress to the sheer backless gown, her dresses have to be some of my favorite wedding dresses of all time. How do you know what to wear to a beach wedding in Hawaii? It’s one of the first things that comes to mind after a couple decides to make the trip across the Pacific Ocean for a Hawaii destination wedding. There are many good reasons to have a beach wedding in Hawaii in the first place. But then there’s always the question when planning, preparing and packing for a beach wedding: “What are you bringing?” Well, keep in mind that you are coming to a hot tropical climate. So comfort and functionality are key.

Naturally, when thinking of wedding dresses in Hawaii, the first thing that comes to a bride’s mind may be a white wedding dress with a long train and sparkling high heels. This traditional fashion is beautiful and absolutely classic for traditional weddings. But for a destination wedding in Hawaii, the bride may want to prioritize something fun, stylish and comfortable. For example, fabrics such as cotton, linen or chiffon should be considered instead of a heavy dress. A light and flowing wedding dress in white, aquamarine, sunflower or even light coral will add a nice touch of luxury. Another staple like comfortable sandals is a must. Remember, you will most likely be walking on sand! Then add some seashell jewelry and maybe sunglasses for cute photos!

Traditionally, the groom usually wears a dapper black tuxedo with a bow tie. However, the elegance of the black tuxedo and white shirt is clearly not for everyone. Also, black conducts heat, which can make you hot. Men should consider either cotton or linen. Some examples of what a groom can wear to a beach wedding are: A casual aloha shirt made of comfortable cotton. Or any colorful linen button down shirt and cardigan will look great with khaki pants and sandals. Some guys also prefer to wear their favorite sneakers. A straw hat and certainly a pair of sunglasses will be stylish. So there is usually another main reason why the bride and groom choose a beach for their special day, which may come as a surprise; comfortable clothes!

As a friend or family member, if you are planning to attend a wedding in Hawaii, then you will be happy to know that your wedding attire is not a big concern or expense either. The wedding guest dress can follow the bride and groom’s example. Those who like to relax, get comfortable and kick off their shoes will be happy to attend a wedding in Hawaii in casual beach wedding attire. So there really aren’t many requirements other than dressing comfortably and you want to be in style

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A few other things to consider taking besides what to wear to a wedding in Hawaii are things like a small water cooler, sun hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and possibly an umbrella for any senior citizens.

So whether the bride and groom decide to keep their beach wedding sweet and simple or bold and bright, there’s no doubt it will be remarkable.

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Hawaii Wedding Attire

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