Hawaiian Bridal Shower Ideas

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Hawaiian Bridal Shower Ideas – What better way to celebrate your next destination wedding than with a Hawaiian aromatic bridal shower? Maid of honor, event designer Claudette Marie invited events to bring her vision to life, including a stunning laser backdrop and mid-century touches. Parrish House Photos took control behind the camera, while Amborella Floral Studio did the beautiful flower arrangements!

Being my first time maid of honor, being responsible for all the pre-wedding events was exciting but nerve wracking. Erin is my husband’s cousin. The next wedding will be in Wailea, Maui this spring. With Hawaii as her destination wedding theme, I wanted to bring the tropics to our hometown of Calgary, Canada.

Hawaiian Bridal Shower Ideas

Hawaiian Bridal Shower Ideas

I enlisted the help of Claudette of Claudette Marie Events to help design and coordinate the shower. Given my love of all things mid-century and the bride’s wedding theme, we combined the two. Erin always trusted my design aesthetic, so I wasn’t afraid to incorporate design elements that I was drawn to. We wanted to pamper the bride, her closest friends and family with a taste of Hawaii with a modern twist. As with many destination weddings not all guests can make the trip, we still wanted to feel like we were present at the pre-wedding events. We chose her parent’s new home to host the afternoon because the open design and natural light were perfect for the view and table design in mind.

Creative Bridal Shower Ideas For Artsy Brides

Claudette and I spent a lot of time choosing the right feminine decor for the bathroom, from pink candles, gold cutlery, to palm leaves. With the help of Chef Andrew de Whippet, he customized a full selection of dishes, such as coconut chicken to a delicious mango-pineapple salad. To complete the meal, there was a white nude drop cake decorated with fresh flowers that completed the dessert table. We chose Erin’s favorite flavor, Passion Fruit Vanilla Rum. It happened to be my wedding cake flavor and has been a family favorite ever since. The ladies all enjoyed roses and an array of hors d’oeuvres while sharing wedding stories and advice. Hosting this shower meant that the bride was able to spend quality time with the women closest to her while making her feel loved and cherished! Not only am I in full wedding planning mode, but one of my bridesmaids is getting married just a month before me! To say it’s been busy around here is an understatement, but I’m glad to finally have some content back on the blog! Today I want to share with you Nina’s tropical bridal shower that I and two other friends hosted at my house!

Our lovely bride spent the first decade of her life in Honolulu, Hawaii, so a tropical bridal shower was very important to her. To decorate, we treated Nina and her guests to a letter board that read “ALOHA” and some colorful lollipops.

For the main dessert table, we bought gold aloha balloons and this tropical decoration pack that included palm leaves, tropical toothpicks and Hawaiian flowers. I glued the backs of the palm leaves and framed the leaves around the balloons which made the perfect photo backdrop. Using flowers, we attached them to champagne flutes to create a tropical mimosa bar.

How fun are these little flamingo thank you bags? We topped them off with Taiwanese pineapple cake (also a nod to the bride’s Taiwanese roots) and delicious Hai-Chu sweets. We love that these thank you bags can be reused to hold jewelry too!

Tropical Bridal Shower Decorations / Pineapple Bride To Be

In true Hawaiian style, we couldn’t host this tropical bridal shower without Ono Grinds (food in pidgin). We served corned beef, long chicken rice, Hawaiian fried rice, coleslaw and lots of mac salad from Kauai Family Restaurant! Me and two other hosts also made a homemade spam musubi that all disappeared by the end of the night! yam

We also ordered the rainbow cake from Paradise Cakes who specialize in tropical flavored cakes and the bride is making her wedding cake from there! The rainbow cake has three delicious layers of strawberry, lime and orange cake with guava, lime and passion fruit – so moist and delicious!!

Next to the rainbow cake, we showed some fruit plates we made with pineapple, strawberry and watermelon. One of the hosts even made a pineapple parrot – how creative, right?!

Hawaiian Bridal Shower Ideas

Finally, for drinks, I made this fun tropical bar mimosa with lots of champagne, orange juice and berries. As I mentioned above, we added Hawaiian flowers to these champagne flutes for a truly tropical bridal shower! I also made a mimosa sign that said, “Pour some bubbly, add some juice, top with fruit, joy!”

Tropical Bridal Shower Dessert Table Brunch Close Up

Now let’s go to the naughty wedding games which were fun and very entertaining! The first tropical bridal shower game we played included noodles, bananas and oranges. We were divided into four teams of four and the object of the game was to get the orange to the finish line using a hanging banana tied around our waist. We basically had to push our hips to get the orange banana to the finish line. In relay mode, when the first person reaches the finish line, they cut their banana string to pass their banana to the next team until all team members cross the finish line. We couldn’t stop laughing! The winning team members each received a can of Spam and a $5 Starbucks gift card!

The second bad bridal shower game included cucumbers. In a game similar to musical chairs, the goal of the game is to be the last woman standing with a cucumber between your legs. Everyone had to pass the cucumber to the next person on their knees, and when the music stopped and you still had the cucumber, you were out. Imagine what it’s like to pass the cucumber when there are only two players left LOL!

The bride said the tropical bridal shower exceeded her expectations and we were all delighted! In the bride’s own words, “It was a wonderful evening with delicious food and drinks, with even better company! Thanks again to Tina, Tiffany and Cindy for planning such a memorable bridal shower <3”

Finally, here’s a quick shot of the outfit I wore to Nina’s tropical bridal shower! Gibson sent me this turtleneck dress and I knew it would be perfect for the occasion. I love the beautiful tropical print with navy, turquoise and pink! Fits true to size and I wear an XS. We are Cindy and Erin. Our creative outlet hosts fun, creative and memorable parties that people want to attend. On this site, we share our ideas, tips and tricks for throwing successful parties that leave a lasting impression. We hope you find great inspiration and resources for your next meeting here.

Pineapple Cupcake Decorating Pads

We recently had the honor of decorating a Hawaiian themed bridal shower and it was so much fun! The event was for a small group, but the host has a nice outdoor space where we were able to hold the event.

We used personalized signs from SimplySweetDesigns to welcome guests. The print was done at Costco Photo and then we mounted the sign on foam board and added a small balloon garland with tropical greenery.

The hostess was very open to all our suggestions but liked the idea of ​​doing something beyond the usual cake for dessert. Our suggestion is to use a donut wall and add custom vinyl and decorate the wall with a balloon vase. Additionally, to carry out the Hawaiian theme, we made custom yellow donuts from Legendary Donuts and added paper cookies that I made with the Silhouette Cameo e-cutter (Amy Robison’s pineapple cookie design). I had already made these for pineapple cupcakes at a Hawaiian hula party a few years ago, so they were easy to make for donuts.

Hawaiian Bridal Shower Ideas

For the decor, my goal was to use playful, tropical colors with Polynesian-inspired textures to create a Hawaiian vibe without being too edgy or edgy. I can be the inspiration for this event in these adorable tropical napkins from Meri Meri. I continued the decor in shades of pink and yellow with lots of fake tropical greenery and added textures and wood.

Tropical Bridal Shower Idea: Palm Trees And Paradise Bridal Brunch — Jen T. By Design

Balloons were a “must have” for this event. We decided to use a round ring base and add balloons asymmetrically in different rings. It photographed wonderfully with the manicured lawn in the background. To get this combination of balloons, I started by purchasing two baby balloon kits from Gustalife on Amazon. This kit had a good mix of blush, white, pink, fuchsia and yellow. Then make the crown with Tuftex coral, Tuftex blush, Koalatex lemon silk, Koalatex blush, Koalatex coral and

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