Hotel Reservations For Bride Groom Prep Sleeping Night Of Wedding

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In the months leading up to the “I do’s,” almost all the focus is on wedding planning. Planning a whole wedding is not an easy task! However, as the wedding approaches, it’s a good idea to start thinking about the wedding night as well (especially wedding night sex). Just as it’s important to consider what kind of venue you want, your favorite wedding cake flavor, or what non-negotiable flowers to decorate, it’s also important to think about your ideal wedding night.

Hotel Reservations For Bride Groom Prep Sleeping Night Of Wedding

Hotel Reservations For Bride Groom Prep Sleeping Night Of Wedding

Is it important to be physically intimate with your new partner right away? Or are you content with sleeping next to them after a long day of celebrating your love? For many couples, making a pact on their wedding night isn’t a deal breaker, but for others, it feels like the perfect end to a perfect day. Drawing a picture of your ideal wedding night, whether it involves sex or not, will help you communicate what you want to your partner and effectively negotiate your expectations.

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Of course, sometimes expectations cannot be based on reality. To help you understand what happens on your wedding night and how to prepare, we connected with Kira Yakubov, an experienced couples therapist and founder of Heal Your Roots Wellness.

To do. If that’s you and your S.O. yours, you are breaking tradition. to want That is, how many traditions to have sex on your wedding night? “The idea that there should be extraordinary sex or sex on the wedding night is old-fashioned and misleading and can cause embarrassment if it doesn’t live up to the hype,” Yakubov said. And while sex on the first night of marriage seems commonplace on TV and in movies, the actual statistics may surprise you. According to our company’s data from a 2018 survey, less than 40% of couples have sex on their wedding night.

There are many reasons why couples wait until after their wedding night to be physically intimate, but it often comes down to one simple thing: exhaustion. “By the time they get to the couple’s room for the night, most people will want a good night’s sleep,” Jakubov said. “Now let’s increase the pressure to make love that is attractive and romantic unlike when you have made love with your partner. Does that sound real?” he continues. So not only is it okay not to have good sex on your wedding night,

It’s very easy to get caught up in unrealistic expectations, especially for events that aren’t always accurately described, like sex. “Our society’s image of sex does not take into account the many factors that affect a person’s ability to arouse and desire,” says Yakubov. You and your partner are both human, and having a relationship and satisfying sex isn’t as simple as flipping an “on” switch. Expecting sudden change only increases the pressure ahead and potential disappointment.

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Wedding day sex is not portrayed very accurately, a belief that many of us build up in places like movies and television. “Movies and shows that romanticize the wedding night as scenes full of chemistry, sparks, and sexually charged,” Yakubov says. We all enjoyed imagining the characters of Regé Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor.

The pressure to have serious sex after marriage can directly affect you or your partner’s ability to engage in or enjoy physical intimacy. Yakubov explains, “Pressure and expectations are great distractions for many people and do not allow our bodies and minds to remain in the present state, which is essential for enjoyment.” In anticipation of a fairy tale situation or the best night of your life, you can really separate yourself from your partner from meaningful and pleasant sex.

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Hotel Reservations For Bride Groom Prep Sleeping Night Of Wedding

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Knowing what to think of for your wedding night is only half the picture. It is also important to understand your partner’s feelings about wedding night sex. Like most wedding planning decisions, this can be one that needs to be talked about for a long time. “Creating this shared experience by processing and sharing feelings early helps couples get on the same page and decide what will work,” says Yakubov. Here are some important questions that you can discuss together.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned: you’re both too tired, you’ve had too much champagne, or you’re not ready to leave the party yet. Post-wedding depression is real, and it’s okay to feel negative about not having sex on your wedding night. “A certain amount of disappointment is a normal part of any relationship because people will not always live up to our expectations and ideas of what we want,” says Yakubov. A couples therapist explains that this is not a bad thing. “How you handle and resolve disappointment has a huge impact on future relationships,” she says.

With this in mind, communication is important. “It is important to respectfully share your passion and not hide it,” Yakubov advises, “because this will eventually lead to resentment.” But while acknowledging any feelings of anger or disappointment, try to be aware of all the other feelings associated with the wedding as well. Emotions of love, gratitude, joy and pride should be felt equally. Don’t let one part of your day negatively affect how you feel throughout the day.

Instead, admitting what you did also helps. Did you really enjoy hanging out with your loved ones until after the party? What? Was that extra glass of champagne all the fuel you needed to tear up the dance floor? You and your S.O. Will you sleep happily through the night? Just because things didn’t go as planned doesn’t mean we couldn’t make precious memories. You and your partner deserve the grace to navigate these amazing (but exhausting) stages of life. Go on your honeymoon now!

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Hotel Reservations For Bride Groom Prep Sleeping Night Of Wedding

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