How Do You Deal With Ring Size Fluctuations Heat Water Retention Cold Etc

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How Do You Deal With Ring Size Fluctuations Heat Water Retention Cold Etc – Let’s say you have a ring—an engagement ring, a wedding band, an engagement ring, even a diamond ring—and you intend to wear it, but it’s just not the right size. In fact, it’s huge! So how to wear it? Is there any way to make the big ring fit?

Maybe you bought the wrong size. You may have lost some weight. Or maybe you got a ring from someone with big knuckles and fat fingers 😉

How Do You Deal With Ring Size Fluctuations Heat Water Retention Cold Etc

How Do You Deal With Ring Size Fluctuations Heat Water Retention Cold Etc

Whatever the reason, there are ways to get your ring to fit (if you can avoid it without a permanent ring resizing procedure).

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So, if your ring spins or falls off your finger, here are some techniques and products to help you figure out how to wear an oversized ring.

Sometimes you want a permanent, do-it-yourself, cheap and easy solution. Here are some techniques to try (or you may want to purchase products that solve your problem).

A true DIY, albeit do-it-yourself way to adjust the hoop is to use a rubber band. Ideally thin, clear or close to skin tone so it’s not obvious you’re using rubber to secure the ring to your finger.

Method 1: You can use a small clear rubber that goes on your finger, under the ring.

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The thickness of the transparent rubber band fills the space between the ring and the finger. You need to make sure that the rubber band is not too tight on your finger, as this can be painful and restrict circulation.

Method 2: You can take a rubber band and wrap it around the bottom of your ring (the part closest to your palm).

You need to find the right size rubber band. If it is too long, the excess should be cut off. Otherwise it will come off and be awkward and unattractive and people will think you’re weird.

How Do You Deal With Ring Size Fluctuations Heat Water Retention Cold Etc

So there are two ways to use rubber to make the ring fit. It depends on the type of rubber band you have and the thickness you need.

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Another method is to use candle wax. A slightly messier method yes, but you also have the option of placing a candle. So if you are struggling, you might want to give it a try.

Basically, you light the candle and as the wax starts to melt, carefully drip the wax onto the inner bottom of the ring. Let it dry completely and then put the ring on. Simple!

In my experience, it’s better to add more wax than less. Excess dried wax can always be removed, but adding wax after the layer dries is more difficult. It does not easily maintain its solid, one-piece state.

Liquid glue is another option that people have used and documented online. I think this could work too, but the stickiness factor makes it look messier. And depending on the material of the ring, it can ruin the finish of the ring.

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If you want to try this, squeeze a generous amount of glue directly (and carefully) onto the inside of the strap. Let it dry completely, then apply it.

My advice is if you choose one of these options, stick with candle wax. I have done this a few times and it works like a charm.

For slightly loose rings on the finger, nail polish can be very effective. If you’re going to use this method, it’s best to use a clear nail polish so it’s not as obvious.

How Do You Deal With Ring Size Fluctuations Heat Water Retention Cold Etc

Yes, this is another fast drying liquid that hardens after it dries, but you may be limited by the thickness of the coating with this method, so give it a try and see if it’s enough to fill the gap.

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The main thing is that a thin layer is applied to the inside of the ring. Continue applying until a layer appears.

Like candle wax, this is a very temporary solution. Nail polish does not last long, especially if it is subjected to constant contact and friction every day.

Have you ever thought about using thread to attach a ring? If you have dental floss, string, or fishing line, you can use it to secure the ring.

The idea is to wrap whatever thin thread-like element you’re using around the bottom of the ring, near the palm of your hand, and go around as many times as necessary until it fits perfectly.

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In my experience, thread seems to be the best choice. If you use the regular, waxed, non-crimp version, it may be toothy enough to hold in place when wrapping.

Side note: Avoid getting the ring wet. Especially since the thread (or string or fishing line) is not that easy to attach, this method is very likely to come loose.

Let’s be honest. The size of our fingers can change over months and years. Maybe your fingers are bigger in the summer months because it’s hot and your skin retains more moisture. In the winter, you have the opposite problem.

How Do You Deal With Ring Size Fluctuations Heat Water Retention Cold Etc

So how do you fit a ring that only has one size? This is not always the case, but in some cases.

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The clear ring size adjuster is a great solution and probably the cleanest and easiest of all the DIY options we offer.

This ring size adjuster will make your ring smaller without permanently changing the size. Works on men’s and women’s rings.

They are readily available on Amazon – I linked to one above – but you can do a Google search to see who else offers ring size adjusters.

Simply attach the easy-to-use ring adjuster to the base of the ring and turn it. It’s like the spring insert or wires on old school phones. Use it when you need it to fit between your ring and finger and take it off when you don’t. Perfect!

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There is another way to protect the call. Ring guards are almost unnoticeable, come in many sizes, and can be found in some stores (and on Amazon, of course).

They’re made of metal and require some finesse to fit (you’ll need needle-nose pliers), but you don’t need to be a professional jeweler.

This kit comes with step-by-step installation instructions. When you’re done, you’ll have a ring that fits perfectly. No one will know you have a bodyguard unless you tell them!

How Do You Deal With Ring Size Fluctuations Heat Water Retention Cold Etc

Bonus: If you order this special set, it also includes the ring size adjusters we talked about in the previous section. It’s a two-in-one solution that gives you what you need.

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For this method, small metal beads are ground round before the jeweler welds them into the ring.

Metal beads of different sizes can be added to further reduce the size of the ring. It is a semi-permanent solution and does not move (because it is attached to the ring).

Ring size beads are round spheres made of precious metals that are added to the inside of the ring and reduce the inner circumference. This is a great alternative to reducing the size of the ring without having to cut it and resolder it.

The jeweler can remove the beads as needed without damaging the ring. It’s a great option, but of course it can be a little more expensive than the solutions shown here (and more time-consuming since you have to visit a jeweler).

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If you’re not ready for the DIY method or want something that will last forever, visit your local jeweler. Jewelry stores usually offer a ring resizing service. The ring can usually be sized up or down, up to two sizes.

A professional cuts a piece of ring, solders the two loose ends together, shapes it into a perfect circle and polishes it to completion. Or, conversely, add more metal by cutting the ring larger.

The final cost of professional ring resizing depends on your jeweler’s fee, as well as the cost of the additional precious metal used (if applicable).

How Do You Deal With Ring Size Fluctuations Heat Water Retention Cold Etc

So whether the ring has significant meaning, an ancient family heirloom, or just a treasured piece of jewelry, do your shopping and only work with a jeweler you trust and can trust.

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It goes without saying, but the next time you’re looking for a ring, make sure it’s a perfect fit from the start so you don’t have to resize it. A good rule of thumb when it comes to fit: go for something that only needs a little squeeze to get over the joint and you’re good to go.

While almost all rings can be resized, stainless steel rings generally cannot be resized. This is because they are very strong metals with high melting points and most jewelers do not have the equipment to work with them.

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