How Many Animals Were On The Ark

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How Many Animals Were On The Ark – In the biblical story, Noah, his family and many animals survived the great flood. To make this possible, Noah brought a variety of couples onto his ark. But is Noah’s model really suited to archiving digital content by collecting various file and document formats?

Of course, many Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system providers rely on this approach and advise their customers to treat the source documents in the system as “files”. All kinds of formats are collected this way; Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, TIFF, JPG, AFP and PCL are common, but there are many more, sometimes even unfamiliar formats. Examining the ECM system reveals a veritable “zoo of shapes” with every shape imaginable. Do you have a large ECM system? See for yourself!

How Many Animals Were On The Ark

How Many Animals Were On The Ark

Responding to arbitrary collections of files for archival purposes is problematic in practice. Users will need constant access to various software to view the various formats collected by your organization. However, even with native software, correct rendering is not guaranteed. Especially for older files, many manufacturers ignore backwards compatibility, and sometimes the format support is outdated; therefore, there are usually problems opening them. According to a 2017 AIIM study (PDF), most companies need to keep important documents for extended periods of time. Over a long period of time, the system is very likely to change, and without considering the zoo of file formats, the migration itself can be very complicated.

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As a result, for most organizations, accurate representation of original content is not guaranteed in contract disputes or other legal disputes, among other worst-case scenarios. Outdated formats often hamper future business operations and make it difficult to exchange documents with outside companies.

The ark’s “passengers” may be safe on the boat, but they may not be prepared for the environment when the time comes to leave the ark and start producing data for new users.

The key to successful digital document archiving is ensuring that the content is streamlined and future-proof. For this, the standard ISO Portable Document Format (PDF) file subsection is ideal. Therefore, the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the archival authority of the US federal government, recommends long-term retention of PDF and PDF/A files because PDF/A allows presentation and exchange of documents. The original software, hardware or operating system, even decades later.

Relying on PDF/A does not mean abandoning the original format. For users who want to archive the original PDF format and image, PDF allows authors or ECM systems to embed the original document in every PDF/A document.

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PDF is designed to store original documents as well as facilitate many other functions related to archiving. For example, PDF files may contain organizational metadata that is missing from the original document, or may be marked for accessibility even if the original file is not accessible. There are many features and uses of PDF depending on the country and industry.

The ability to deliver archival materials will always be questionable if only the original format is preserved. Instead, a PDF/A document must be “embedded” with each source document to ensure it works in an unfamiliar environment after a “flood”.

Thomas Zellman has been working in electronic data processing (EDP) for over 30 years and has extensive experience in both traditional and modern IT solutions. Prior to joining LuraTech/Foxit in 2001, he worked at Softmatic AG, Software AG and Nixdorf, among others. PDF Evangelist Thomas PDF Proclaims the Mission of the Union. Contact Thomas at thomas.zellmann@

How Many Animals Were On The Ark

Thomas Zellman has been working with electronic data processing (EDP) for over 30 years and is a classic…

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Noah’s Ark is one of the most famous and fascinating stories of all Old Testament stories: God was so displeased with humans after creating them that he struck the earth with a flood, causing them to perish. The biblical patriarch and his family accompanied each of the planet’s creatures as they emerged from the flood in huge wooden ships.

For those who accept religious texts as historically accurate accounts of actual events, the search for archaeological evidence of the ark is equally fascinating and inspires brave believers to look for traces of wooden vessels on the slopes of Mount Ararat in Armenia and beyond.

For example, in 1876, British lawyer and politician James Bryce climbed Mount Ararat, where the Bible says the ark rested, and claimed that a tree that “meets all the requirements of the case” was actually part of an ark. . From an ophthalmologist’s report of a rock formation on a mountain in the 1940s to the early 2000s, when evangelical pastors found petrified wood on the summit, modern “discoveries” occur regularly.

How Many Animals Were On The Ark

A shepherd with his flock near Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey. Genesis describes the ark arriving at an as yet unknown mountain in western Asia, but many have looked for evidence of the ark on its slopes.

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But the search for the ark has drawn everything from heartbreak to academic archaeologists and biblical scholars. “No legitimate archaeologist would do that,” said National Geographic researcher Jody Magness, an archaeologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who conducted a modern search for evidence of Noah.

“Archaeology is not a treasure hunt,” he added. “It’s not about looking for specific objects. It’s science coming up with research questions that we hope to answer through excavation.”

Stories about the flood and its survivors predate the Hebrew Bible, with the earliest passages believed to have been written in the 8th century BC. Myths about floods ordered by supernatural gods to destroy civilizations are found in many Mesopotamian texts. From the Epic of Gilgamesh, written in the early 2nd millennium BC, to the recently deciphered Babylonian cuneiform inscriptions from around 1750 BC. describes how the ark was built.

The flood and the ark are very similar to the Old Testament, especially in the early 2nd millennium BC. The epic of Gilgamesh depicted in this Assyrian depiction predates the biblical story by over 1,000 years.

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Could these flood legends be based on fact? “There appears to be geological evidence of a great flood in the Black Sea region 7,500 years ago,” said George Washington University archaeologist Eric Klein and National Geographic researcher. But scholars disagree on the scale of the event, just as historians of the day disagree on whether the flood stories were based on real life. The flood occurred in different places and at different times, and it is likely that these events naturally entered the oral and written knowledge of the world.

To complicate matters, scholars differ on the exact location of Noah’s Ark according to the Hebrew Bible. In Genesis, the ark rests “in the mountains of Ararat” in the ancient kingdom of Urartu, which includes present-day Armenia and eastern Turkey and parts of Iran, and this is not the only symbolic peak named after him. today.

Both Cline and Magness said that even if the artifacts found in the ark have been found or will be found, they cannot be definitively linked to historical events.

How Many Animals Were On The Ark

“There’s no way to place Noah in time or space if there really was a flood, if there really was one,” said Magness. “The only way to find out is if you’ve ever had

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