How To Educate Guests About Money Spraying At Reception

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How To Educate Guests About Money Spraying At Reception – Despite budget cuts, some school districts are irresponsibly wasting funds on retirement parties and cleaning supplies marked up by 100% to 200%. Read more about three public school districts currently in the red due to bad financial decisions.

Across the country, school districts are being forced to tighten their belts as budgets shrink and spending rises. However, recent audits of many districts show that some schools could save some of their staff and programs by being smarter about their money management strategies.

How To Educate Guests About Money Spraying At Reception

How To Educate Guests About Money Spraying At Reception

In fact, some audits show that funding appears to be wasted due to a lack of discretionary spending or poor accounting procedures. In the current economic crisis facing many families, there is little sympathy for school districts that carelessly squander taxpayer dollars.

Percent Of U.s. Teachers Spend Their Own Money On School Supplies, Survey Finds

According to the American Association of School Administrators, the economic downturn is having a very real impact on today’s public schools. Adding to the problem, incentive funds will soon run out, leaving school districts in even greater financial trouble. A recent AASA study shows that “the economic situation of school districts is not mimicking the stability and recovery that is beginning to emerge across the country.” This means that the budget cuts for the coming school year could be even greater than those made for the previous two academic calendars.

When times are tough, everyone is expected to make sacrifices and count their pennies carefully. But some school districts are not following those guidelines, and auditors are finding that money is being wasted instead of being used to save programs and teacher jobs. Three school districts in particular have been in the news recently, thanks to poor money management practices that have teachers, parents and even the state under fire.

As students return to school with fewer teachers in the classroom and fewer programs to choose from, parents don’t want to hear about elaborate parties involving taxpayer dollars. However, that’s exactly what a recent Seattle Public Schools audit reported, according to a report on

A recently released audit found that the district’s superintendent spent $3,800 on a retirement party for teachers and staff earlier this summer. While that may not seem like much in the midst of a billion-dollar budget, the fact that programs are shrinking and school administrators are celebrating is, to say the least, bad. In fact, the audit called the retiring party “improper use of ‘provided’ cards,” since the district’s own policy only allows up to $1,000 in transactions on those cards.

Survey: How Schools Plan To Spend Their Federal Covid Relief Money

Another article in the Seattle Times reports that Seattle Public Schools overpaid employees by up to $335,000 in the 2008-2009 school year, and there are concerns that not all of the overpayments have been identified at this time. Errors in accounting practices were also identified, which misclassified or misplaced expenses. Additionally, the school district was found to have misreported the number of Native American students in their system, giving them more funding from the federal government than they should have received.

The problems do not end in Washington. State Senator Tom Goodwin of New Jersey is calling for further investigation into possible fraudulent spending in Trenton schools, according to a report on

The latest audit released of school district spending shows that poor record keeping and fraudulent billing by home school teachers is raising questions for the state. Because schools are largely funded by state aid, budget issues are a state problem, so Goodwin wants more information about the district’s spending habits.

How To Educate Guests About Money Spraying At Reception

The State has previously used red flags at college football games, but this time the red flags are being seen by public school districts. Recent audits of the Green County School District budget revealed that as much as half a million dollars was wasted due to sloppy record keeping and missing tax records, according to a report on But the overspending may be what angered parents and area residents cite the most.

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Reports indicate that Green County has paid up to a 100 percent markup on cleaning supplies, making them the largest consumer of such supplies in the state. The audit revealed that the school district superintendent had worked with the same supplier company, E&E Sales, for 20 years and had not recently received offers from other companies despite the high prices he was paying. The supervisor disputed the charge, saying he thought he was getting “great products” and “excellent service,” according to news reports.

While schools are tasked with teaching students math and reasoning, it seems some districts could use lessons of their own.

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Read more about how budget cuts are forcing public schools to reduce the number of teachers, resulting in larger classes. Make sure your child is ready to deal with the changes in another class size.

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988 is a lifeline for suicide and crisis. Parents, teachers and students can help prevent suicide by knowing the warning signs.

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