How To Make A Bridal Brooch Bouquet

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How To Make A Bridal Brooch Bouquet – We had a customer come to us when their DIY project didn’t go as well as they expected. She had a wonderful collection of antique brooches, but she wasn’t sure how to make them into a bouquet. We decided to document the process so that brides with vintage brooch collections can do it!

Step 2: Using 26 gauge 4 wire, wrap the number one wire around the gap between the pin and the clamp and the number two wire around the same direction in the opposite direction as shown in the picture. below:

How To Make A Bridal Brooch Bouquet

How To Make A Bridal Brooch Bouquet

Step 3: Using wires 3 and 4, insert them into the middle of the first two wires. These wires are for power. Brooches are heavy and need a strong wire base to assemble. If the pin is loose and soft, it will make assembly difficult. Connect all the wires at the top.

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Step 4: Wrap the wire securely with corsage tape. Notice how strong the wire is to hold the pin without sinking in and the pin pointing up.

Step 5: Begin assembling the bouquet. Think of each brooch as a puzzle. Some brooches will be stitched together for a perfect fit. You need to move the brooches until they are firmly attached. Use the larger brooches first and the smaller brooches to fill in any gaps. Don’t give up, it takes time.

Step 6: When you have finished assembling the bouquet, wrap the “top” with floral tape to create a nice and pretty ribbon to wrap around the ribbon. It should look like the picture below.

Step 7: Using the ribbon of your choice (we used Linen dupioni ribbon from Midori Ribbon) cut a small piece of ribbon (about 6 inches), fold it in half and place it on the wire like picture below:

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Step 9: Using two threads tied together, cover the end of the stem and then glue it.

Step 10: Cover the handle with the string from top to bottom, covering the entire string. Use pearl pins to fix.

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How To Make A Bridal Brooch Bouquet

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How To Diy Your Own Brooch Bouquet

Traditional bouquets are timeless only in pictures, but for a statement that stops time – no need for storage – bouquets are a great choice. Check out our wreath tutorial or follow the steps below to learn how to make a wreath using vintage brooches, colorful trinkets and heirloom jewelry.

The bouquet uses antique jewelry and trinkets instead of flowers in the bouquet. This is a great choice if you are a bride looking for a flowerless bouquet that is not only beautiful but can also carry sentimental value. By lending a little art to your relatives and friends, you will bring something wow that is full of memories to your family and friends. Do you have a loved one who has passed away? Honor their lives by including handmade items that they would love to wear. For example, include your grandmother’s favorite crystal earrings or the necklace your uncle wore on his wedding day.

If your heirloom options are limited, make your shower an event to collect great pieces. Just as guests ask for favors for a favorite children’s book, ask your wedding guests to bring a piece of your favorite story to decorate your bridal bouquet. Jewelry can be new or vintage, a gift or borrowed to be returned later. Play the shower game and put on an unforgettable show and tell to learn all about history with the brooches and balls you’ll wear on your big day.

Although you may need to visit a hardware store to use a dowel, a round piece of wood, for basic DIY, most of the following bridal bouquet supply list can be found at your local hardware store. You can even find vintage brooches and baubles in the jewelry aisle. However, a great way to include the ladies in your family (and don’t forget the in-laws!) is to borrow some nice brooches, earrings and jewelry to add some flair to your special bouquet.

The Most Beautiful Brooch Bouquet

Need more sparkle? Find lots of vintage brooches and trinkets on eBay, or visit your local thrift and antique boutiques to find something unique. Bought new at a craft store, brooches and baubles can cost between $4 and $12 each, depending on size and style. The eBay lot can be a steal, however, with many vintage and antique jewelry starting at the same price as a single item. When shopping at department stores and boutiques, don’t just browse the jewelry aisle. Find a beautiful button on a vintage sweater, a clasp on an old purse, or a shiny embellishment that can be removed from a shoe.

To make your wedding bouquet, you have two main options: ready-made bouquets, which usually consist of balls of flowers attached to the stem; or the following DIY version using styrofoam, wooden dowels and spray paint.

To cover a 4- to 6-inch base, you may need 30 to 60 balls and brooches, depending on the size, shape of the base, and the number of layers you want to achieve. For trinkets or brooches that you don’t want to return or give back to a family member, put a drop of e6000 glue on the head of a pin and stick it to the back of the jewelry. Since you want to let the glue dry before gluing the craft to the base, it is recommended that you do all of your gluing first.

How To Make A Bridal Brooch Bouquet

Fill the hard edges of the brooches with sweat fabric like tulle in one of the wedding colors.

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Although no two wedding bouquets are the same, you can put your DIY arrangement together with these unique styling options.

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To make a very special bouquet, you need to collect a lot of old jewelry (you need up to 50-60 shekels depending on the size of the bouquet) from both families – the groom and the bride. You can choose brooches, earrings or necklaces, but you can also add something small to match the bouquet. I added scrabble tiles with my husband’s letters and my name when I made mine. Since the bride is not wearing a watch, I added an old one to my bouquet.

I contacted the bride’s sister, the groom’s mother and the groom’s brother. They collected a series of old windows.

Eventually you will have enough. Then you have to choose what is yours

How To Make A Bridal Brooch Bouquet

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