How To Make A Cascading Brooch Bouquet

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How To Make A Cascading Brooch Bouquet – Display beautiful family heirlooms and special jewelry in an easy-to-make bouquet that will last for years.

Brooch bouquets can make your special day last forever. These bouquets can be kept for years to come as a reminder of the love you shared. And since this is your special bouquet, heirlooms and family items can be incorporated into the finished product to remind you of those who have supported you every step of the way.

How To Make A Cascading Brooch Bouquet

How To Make A Cascading Brooch Bouquet

Remove all the leaves from the silky flower stems. If there are any pieces of plastic left where the leaves were, cut them off as well. After all the foliage is gone, pick the flowers to create a bouquet handle; Leave at least 6-8 inches from the base of the flower to the cutting area.

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Once all the stems are cut, start placing the flowers into a dense bouquet. A typical bouquet size is usually 8 to 9 inches and can contain many different types of flowers. Silk hydrangeas are the easiest to use as they form a sturdy crown for the brooches to sit on. Once the arrangement is set, wrap the stems with floral tape, starting at the top, closest to the flowers. Wrap down, overlapping the ribbon each time you wrap around the stem until you reach the bottom.

Choosing the brooches is the best part of the project. Include family heirlooms, themed pieces, or specific colors. To make your bouquet full of memories, ask family members or friends to donate a piece that goes into the finished product.

Cut the floral wire to a length that is 2-1/2 times the length of your bouquet stem. Fold each wire in half to get a reference point. For brooches and pins, wrap and secure the wire with staples. Fold the wire in half and twist the wire tightly to create one solid strand. For clasp jewelry, open the clasp and wrap the folded wire around the base of the clasp several times. Then run the middle of the wire where the clip is and close the clip. Twist the wire together to form a strong rod.

Once all the brooches are wrapped, start inserting each one into the flower arrangement. Place 8 to 10 pins at a time and then tie the flowers with ribbon to wrap around the stem. Make sure they fit tightly around the flowers before wrapping. Continue feeding staples in small groups and wrapping until all staples are included in the stack.

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You’ll want to hide all the wires from the clasps. Cut a piece of trim tape to the length of the stem of the bouquet. Depending on the type of ribbon, you will make a loop under the flowers. If it’s a wire strip, pull the ends of the wire on either side to start gathering the fabric. Fold the fabric in half as you trace the cords to see how the fringes form. If the ribbon is not attached, insert and pull a piece of floral wire until the ribbon starts to pick. In any case, when the onion is established, lift it under the flowers and twist the ends of the wire. Hide the ends of the wire in the flowers and hot glue the ruffle.

At the end of the bouquet stem, fold a small square of backing tape in half to form a triangle, then hot glue the tip of the center triangle stem. Wrap the two side triangles around the sides of the rod and secure with hot glue. Now that the tip is covered, begin to spiral the strip up the stem and hot glue. When you reach the top, cut the ribbon diagonally and tuck it under the pillow and finish with a dot of hot glue.

Add a strand of pearls by wrapping them around the brooches. If any of the pins come loose, hot glue them in place. If you can see any of the green wires, use gold or silver paint and a small brush and lightly apply the green to blend the wires into the pins. After these small steps, you have completed your masterpiece.

How To Make A Cascading Brooch Bouquet

Now you have a beautiful bouquet full of memories and beauty that will last on your wedding day.

How To Make A Wedding Bouquet Out Of Jewelry

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How To Make A Cascading Brooch Bouquet

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How To Make A Cascading Brooch Bouquet

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How To Make A Cascading Brooch Bouquet

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