How To Make Brooch Bouquet Wedding

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How To Make Brooch Bouquet Wedding – This is my brooch wreath from when I got married a few years ago. Last year I also married Uttam Fry. She loves my bouquets so I made her a brooch bouquet as a wedding gift. Fortunately, I documented the steps (actually for him).

To make a very personalized bouquet, you will need to collect lots of old jewelry (50-60 pieces depending on the size of the bouquet) from the bride and groom’s families. You can choose just a brooch, ear hanger or chain, but you can add anything small enough to fit in the bouquet. I added some scrabble tiles with my husband’s initials and my name when making my own. Since the bride was not wearing a watch, I also added an old watch to my brooch bouquet.

How To Make Brooch Bouquet Wedding

How To Make Brooch Bouquet Wedding

I contacted the bride’s sister and mother and the groom’s brother. They collected a pile of old family brooches.

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Eventually, you’ll have enough. Rather you have to choose what you actually use. The pieces must match in color. They should not be too smooth as you will find it difficult to wrap them in wire.

Just like real flowers, you need to wrap wire to get the stem around each piece of jewelry. It’s easy for brothers. Use only brooch pins. Wrap the wire around the pin making sure not to damage the brooch. The wrap should be tight and not loose. Use pliers.

To finish off the rod nicely, use tape to cover the entire wire. This will help prevent the cable from slipping when you arrange it later.

You can collect finished brooches like real flowers in a vase or glass. When you finish a single brooch, you will get an impression of what the final bouquet will look like.

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I use a rubber band to hold a wreath on my desk to keep my hands free.

To get a round bouquet and make it look full, use some wire to thread wide ribbon in loose loops all over the bouquet. I put the tape in a bowl to keep it from rolling onto the floor.

Not much to say about this move. Arrange a single brooch flower in a bouquet holder. The bottom of the brooch should slightly touch the top of the ribbon loop.

How To Make Brooch Bouquet Wedding

Shorten very long wires. Be careful not to remove the brooch too often to reposition. The foam will become brittle and the brooch will no longer hold. Place brooches evenly spaced in the ribbon loop. Do not shrink the ribbon loop or you will lose the doll appearance of the finished product. New Ivory & Coral Wedding Bridal Bouquet Brooch Bouquet Bridesmaid Bouquet Artificial Flower Silk Diy Decor Ivory Bridal Bouq

The handle of the bouquet holder is still raw plastic after the bouquet is made. It doesn’t look very nice or very comfortable in the palm. Wrap ribbon around the handle to add the perfect finish to the brooch bouquet. Fix the tape with hot glue.

For a smooth transition between the handle and the top brooch, you can add some extra ribbon petals. So, wrap the wire around a piece of tape to form a loop. Add some knots by gluing the brooch into foam or gluing it in place before adding ribbon around the handle (!).

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of this step before my friend’s wedding. So I have only one brooch from my own bouquet. I hope you can see what I mean.

The final look of a brooch bouquet really depends on the brooch you use as you can see from my two different examples.

Wedding Brooch Bouquet

Making a brooch bouquet for a friend or yourself is a great way to set the wedding mood. Making your own brooch bouquet can be a beautiful project for your wedding, and these days, there are many options for brides who decide to design their own. You can find tutorials online, order kits or take workshops but one thing is for sure; Your bouquet will keep you smiling for years to come because you made it yourself.

I made brooch bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids, and while I loved my bouquets for the sentimental details, I didn’t have much experience. I’ve done quite a few designs over the years and picked up new techniques as a result, so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve learned to help you create your own.

When I make my bouquet, the most comprehensive tutorial I’ve found uses the Dry Foam Oasis Bouquet Holder. As a result, I’ve used these in my past days with great results because they give me the shape I want and I only need a small piece of cord to hold the brooch in place.

How To Make Brooch Bouquet Wedding

The downside is that if you don’t have a long enough cord, the brooch can fall out and you’re often filling small gaps to cover the foam, which makes it a bit difficult to move all the brooches around.

Make A Wedding Brooch Bouquet In Just 3 Steps

So another option? You can use a bouquet armature, which is basically a metal frame for your bouquet, which will give you a nice round shape, or you can attach the brooches separately, so they all have a “stem” and arrange them as you do. flower

I started doing the latter because my brides prefer teardrop or oval shaped bouquets. A bonus to attaching your brooches with longer stems is that they are more secure. In fact, I often work on one brooch at a time, analyzing where it will fit and attaching it as I go, securing it to another nearby brooch to give it a more complete and solid piece.

If you’re worried about getting the right size, try choosing the center brooch you want for your bouquet and then build around it. That way, you have a focal point and can use it as a guide as you develop your bouquet.

When I first started Elsa Rose Boutique, I wanted to make some sample bouquets so people could see what I was doing. I collected brooches from charity shops but didn’t have enough money to make the bouquet I needed, so I opted for wholesale brooches from China.

The Most Beautiful Brooch Bouquet

Now, this is a great way to keep costs down, and I’ve seen many brooches made with such brooches (and many eBay sellers sell brooches at a premium!). Honestly, it can’t hurt if that’s what you’re looking for.

My advice, be selective. You’ve made something beautiful for your wedding, even an heirloom, and you truly deserve the best. For a beautiful brooch wreath, my advice is to invest your money wisely and go to charity shops and car boot sales for antiques. The beauty of these pieces is the history behind them and they really add a bit of magic to your finished bouquet.

A small bouquet, with carefully selected cuts, will look more elegant than a large bouquet filled with mass-produced brooches and will age well over time.

How To Make Brooch Bouquet Wedding

There’s nothing wrong with a little sparkle, but if you’re dreaming of an adorable DIY bouquet, use it sparingly because you’d be surprised how far a few sparkles can go! You can balance the crystals with pearls and maybe some silk rose petals for a softer look. Silver brooches often look more rustic than gold, so choose a brooch with an antique touch or a slight stain to give your bouquet a vintage look.

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I remember being so frustrated trying to wrap the handle of my brooch bouquet that I gave up completely and was forced to cover it with decoupage paper. With a few coats of varnish it doesn’t look like paper at all and I’m proud of my crafty solution ๐Ÿ™‚

You can get a bouquet that fits snugly around a floral foam handle, which will reduce your stress, or you can try wrapping it yourself with ribbon or fabric. I have learned to start at the top and cross the ribbon down, then cross it back. It takes a while to get nice and smooth, but it’s worth it in the end, so try to be patient while you’re at it! You can secure it with some pearl pins or hot glue, but I always add a few small stitches to secure it; I’ve never had any luck with glue guns and the last thing I want is for the bride’s garland to unravel as she walks down the aisle! You can always add some small crystal beads or pearls on the handle to finish it off.

Your brooch bouquet is much smaller than traditional flowers

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