How To Make Your Own Wedding Aisle Runner

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Wedding aisles for outdoor weddings Why spend a ton of money to walk on it later? These inexpensive wedding aisle runner ideas won’t break the bank, but still look great on your wedding day!

How To Make Your Own Wedding Aisle Runner

How To Make Your Own Wedding Aisle Runner

Your wedding day is undoubtedly the most important day of your life, so everything should look perfect. As you probably know by now, perfection is expensive. Thankfully for couples on a budget, wedding aisle runners are inexpensive and come in many cute and expensive designs.

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas

After all, there is no need to spend a lot of money on hallway runners since they will not be used again.

With that in mind, here are some of the cheapest aisle runners you can get for your wedding so you can save that money for more important things than your honeymoon!

An aisle is a long piece of cloth or tarpaulin placed in the aisle of a wedding ceremony for the bride to walk down. Aisle runners serve the dual purpose of protecting the bride’s dress from damage while helping to enhance the aesthetics of the aisle.

If you are planning to have your wedding outside, it is very important to get the right outdoor aisle runner that can withstand any potential weather. The best wedding aisle material for outdoor weddings would be burlap or jute.

Your Wedding Aisle Runner

Burlap wedding runners are a great choice because burlap is a naturally heavy fabric material, making it ideal for windy conditions. Because the fabric has thicker material and larger gaps, it also dries quickly if the weather turns to rain.

This burlap roll is made with 100% natural jute burlap with minimal processing. Naturally biodegradable, LA Linnen offers a variety of sizes ranging from 1 to 100 yards!

Crafted from all-natural burlap and lace, this beautifully designed aisle will add a touch of elegance and class to your outdoor wedding. Offering runners in 15-, 30-, 50- and 100-foot rolls allows flexibility and ensures there is enough material to work with.

How To Make Your Own Wedding Aisle Runner

This sustainable burlap runner is made from 100% natural jute, making it an eco-friendly option as it is fully biodegradable. If you have any problems with your runner, you can return it for a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Top 10 Ideas For Fall Wedding Aisle Decorations & Arch Backdrop Ideas

Fabric is a good choice for an outdoor wedding if you’re sure it won’t rain. Additionally, it is recommended that only fabric wedding aisles be used indoors, as they are often a lighter material and do not perform well in windy conditions.

One of the main advantages of choosing fabric aisles is that you can get any design or special message embroidered on the fabric. There are countless options for custom hallway runners, but these often add to the price tag. There are many fabric aisles available online that will do the job without blowing your budget.

Measuring 3 feet wide and 100 feet long, this hallway runner should go the distance. Other fabric links are often very thin, but American Homestead uses a thicker material at 50 grams weight (gsm), well above the industry standard of 30 gsm!

Whether you’re getting married on the beach or in a church, this sparkly glitter runner will make a statement and be one to remember. Available in many colors and sizes, you’re sure to find a sparkly runner from TRLYC to match your wedding theme!

Rose Print Wedding Aisle Runner

A little thinner than the other fabric runners on this list, the Healon Runner is perfect if you plan to make adjustments to size or length. Easy to work with and match a variety of wedding themes, this affordable aisle is perfect for a subtle touch of elegance without the high price tag.

Hortense Wedding Accessories Fabric Transition comes in a variety of colors from red to ivory. The runner is made of heavy rayon fabric which is quite suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s 36 inches wide and about 100 feet long, and it also has a pull cord that makes it easy to roll and unfold.

Polyester and poly linen aisles use man-made materials that are mass-produced and cheaply bought in bulk. Therefore, they are the cheapest hallway runners on the list and should only be considered if you want to save as much money as possible.

How To Make Your Own Wedding Aisle Runner

Similar to fabric aisle runners, because they are mass produced, there are many patterns to choose from when choosing polyester wedding aisle runners. We recommend going with a simpler design or a solid color polyester runner, as the material itself will be more fragile.

File:wedding Aisle Decorated1.jpg

Made from high-quality twisted polyester, this inexpensive runner also features a white braided drawstring for easy opening. The Elite Collection is probably the best deal for quality on this list, and shouldn’t let you down if you’re worried about an unreliable product.

Blue Panda Polyester Paper Runner looks and feels like dryer sheet material, so avoid it if your wedding is on a slippery surface like hardwood floors. That being said, if you are having an outdoor wedding or wedding on carpeted floors, this is a great budget wedding aisle option to save money.

This 100 ft x 3 ft hallway runner is made of non-woven polyester and currently has a 4.3/5 star rating on Amazon. Steal the show with this gorgeous hallway that will get people talking and taking pictures.

If your wedding is outdoors and there is a chance of rain, your best bet is a plastic aisle runner. If the rain ever stops, plastic aisle runners are easily wiped clean and dry. This prevents damage to clothing or wet pants.

Aisle Runner Ideas: Best Aisle Runner For Outdoor Weddings

Plastic aisles will also be on the cheaper side, making them ideal for couples on a budget. If you decide to use plastic, be sure to buy tent poles or double-sided tape to hold the runner down while your guests wait.

If you suspect rain on your big day, the Northwest Enterprises Plastic Aisle Runner may be the perfect aisle runner for you. Plastic is not the most desirable material, but it does the job quite efficiently under the mentioned conditions. It comes with a pull cord and measures 36 inches wide by 100 feet long.

This affordable hallway runner is made of eco-friendly non-woven material and measures 100 x 3 feet. The aisle runner features a subtle floral pattern that matches almost any wedding theme and comes with an easy-to-use cord to set the runner up for the ceremony. This walkway works especially well on harder surfaces such as cement or hard gravel and sand.

How To Make Your Own Wedding Aisle Runner

If traditional wedding aisles aren’t your style or you just want to be unique, these DIY wedding aisle runner ideas will get your creative juices flowing.

Butterfly. Personalised Wedding Aisle Runner. Custom Wedding

The Simplicity Set of 1000 Rose Petals is a cute and creative way to decorate an aisle. Arrange the petals in the desired pattern or simply place them along the aisle.

You can also double up and place them on top of your regular hallway for a little extra flair.

You can easily buy a bag of freshly cut eucalyptus leaves online and you are ready to recreate this romantic idea. Perfect for those who love the outdoors, this aisle decoration is sure to be the focal point of the wedding and looks great in pictures.

The use of Moroccan carpets as a wedding aisle decoration is completely unexpected. It will surely impress your guests and add a creative flair to the night. We love this idea because you can either choose the same rug all the way down, or do different rugs for something more abstract.

Wedding Aisle Runner Carpet Runner Glam Parties

Absolutely! Couples planning to get married outdoors should use a tarp or similar fabric to keep their runners looking dirty.

Tent Poles – The easiest way to keep your driveway in place on grass or even artificial grass is to buy tent poles on Amazon. Tent poles will help keep your walkway safe by keeping the fabric close to the turf, avoiding bumps and crushed fabric. Be sure to remind anyone wearing heels to elevate their feet, as runners in the hallway will never lie completely flat, which could result in a fall.

Double-Sided Tape – If your wedding is not outdoors, another option is double-sided aisle tape or double-sided carpet tape. Any double-sided tape will do, but consider the material your hallway is made of before you buy, as not all adhesives will stick to all materials.

How To Make Your Own Wedding Aisle Runner

Aisle runners should be well positioned before the ceremony begins. This is due to the fact that there are usually runners in the corridor

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Runners

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