Ideas For Wedding Table Numbers

Saturday, October 1st 2022. | Weddings

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Ideas For Wedding Table Numbers

Ideas For Wedding Table Numbers

Table numbers are definitely one of the most practical details you can add to your reception, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. Table numbers can be a beautiful addition to a wedding reception while helping guests find their assigned seats.

Chic Simple Wedding Table Number Ideas For 2022

When choosing table numbers, you need to make sure they are legible and easy to notice – they should be large enough to grab their attention. While a table number can certainly make a statement as a stand-alone decoration, it’s also important to consider how your table number will look if you’re making it central to your design as well.

“It’s a good idea to center the table numbering to make sure the numbering doesn’t get in the way of the arrangement,” says Lidia Stupak and Amanda Theodoropoulos of Willow Flowers. “It’s also important that the figures and vases have a cohesive look.”

Lidia Stupak and Amanda Theodoropoulos are the mother-daughter team behind Twisted Willow Flowers, a floral design company specializing in garden-style floral arrangements for weddings and events.

Stupak and Theodoropoulos recommend discussing with your florist the number of wedding table styles you prefer, from patterns and textures to acrylic, to ensure the overall feel of the table is coordinated.

Table Name Holder Ideas (and How To Make Your Own)

You can choose to keep it simple with numbers on a paper table, but consider adding small strings. This June wedding featured a neutral palette with gold details and light blue accents. We love how this look complements all the other details on the table setting.

Planning a rustic fall wedding, or putting together an outdoor table for summer? Choose a simple wooden square table number with plain text. Using square wood and white paint will make this an easy DIY project.

Use acrylic for a sleek, minimal look. These small acrylic signs make perfect, eye-catching table numbers that won’t block or take away the wonderful floral elements.

Ideas For Wedding Table Numbers

Have fun making your table numbering fun with unique monograms. This design includes the couple’s initials paired with a pig for a unique design.

Elegant Wedding Table Numbers Printable Greenery Acrylic Table Number Tree Theme Party Accessory Custom Exclusive Welcome Card

Use modern geodes looks and match them perfectly with your palette. This is a great look for a romantic outdoor wedding, using a lens cut from the center and lettering with colored pencils.

What’s better than an elaborate jewelry drop? We love the beautiful way this golden flute is designed with a beautiful flower center. This look is perfect for a late summer wedding, welcomes the benefits of the harvest, and can even change the color palette for a fall look.

This is another beautiful rustic option, but this one is a bit bolder. We love the look of this wooden table number for a bold fall wedding. Opt for rustic stained wood and lots of paint for this style.

Go for a modern and casual look. This is a dream idea for a winter wedding, but it can be used with any color palette. Find marbles with a pattern you like and print numbers on the surface. You can even use a white paint pen if you’re going the DIY route. Doris Home Burgundy Wedding Table Numbers, Numbers 1 25 & Head Table Card Table Numbers, Double Sided 4×6 Floral Design, Table Numbers For Wedding Reception/party/event

There is something so subtle and wonderful about the details in watercolor. We all support them. This look is paired with a painted watercolor design and stunning bright flowers – perfect for a summer wedding.

Even the simplest table numbers don’t have to be boring. We love the minimalist look of the white glass vase and the white artwork for the table number. Plus, this can also be used as a table vase.

To make sure the numbers in the table don’t overlap with their middle members, you can add them. We love the look of this spring wedding, the simple vase with the trendy rustic table numbering.

Ideas For Wedding Table Numbers

While it’s important that the flowers and table numbers have a complementary, coherent look, you can also go all out and choose the same look. Consider adding small patterned table numbers with hand-painted reproductions of floral centerpieces. We love this garden-inspired summer wedding idea.

Diy Pearlescent Wedding Table Numbers With Decoart

How about leaving those numbers out entirely? However, this option still plays a role in helping guests find a seat. Choose meaningful symbols, such as cute animal pictures, for unique ideas.

We’re sick of this unique, nature-inspired idea. Get outdoors with a variety of stones hand-painted by each number.

Use rope and nail table numbers for a modern, unique look. This style can be incorporated into any wedding, with the option to change your color palette every season. This DIY project can be done with wooden squares, nails and rope in the color of your choice.

This is a beautiful look for a summer or late fall wedding. We love how bold and beautiful these pink Himalayan salt table numbers are paired perfectly with the romantic floral center.

Wedding Table Numbers: 47 Unique Ideas

We love the sweet look of hand-painted cards, and the table number idea captures that perfectly. While this look is perfect for an outdoor spring wedding, it can be incorporated into many seasons.

We love the rustic simplicity of this look, and how easy it is to reinvent yourself. Perfect for a country wedding, this idea takes just a little paint and a little paint to make the table number stand out and serve as a centerpiece.

If you want to be sure to complete a cohesive look, add your perfect core to your blooms. Be sure to work with your florist on colors and patterns to achieve table numbering designs that complement your flowers while still keeping an eye on your guests.

Ideas For Wedding Table Numbers

For a romantic, rustic look, why not paint your own? It’s a great idea for a moody evening wedding, and all you need is some empty string and golden pencils to pull it off.

Creative Diy Wedding Table Number Ideas

Use everyday items like photo frames to make wedding table numbers. This allows for a rustic, streamlined look and a huge budget savings.

Paper table numbers certainly don’t have to be simple and boring. Opt for a classic look with criss-cross numbers and burnt frayed edges.

If you want your centerpiece to really shine, consider a slightly neutral table number. Kraft paper with beautiful lettering and designs is the perfect complement to a beautiful floral piece for a lovely romantic look.

The easiest way to make sure your table numbers are visible is to follow them in 3D. This option uses prominent golden numbers that complement romantic pinks and whites for summer weddings. If you can’t find solid figures in the color of your choice, consider spray painting them for a fun DIY project.

Adorable Wedding D├ęcor Ideas

Go rustic with this look and embrace your love of the outdoors. Pair various sizes of tree trunks with vases and paper printed table numbers for a sweet spring wedding.

Who said table numbers need to exist independently? For a nautical-inspired wedding or summer bash, consider adding a terrarium table number as a unique idea.

For the rustic backyard feel, we love the way the couple chose different boats. A variety of napkins, paired with plants, are the perfect container for writing table numbers and guest names on the front.

Ideas For Wedding Table Numbers

Add colored paper, hand-drawn numbers, and sweet designs to bring your desktop landscape together. This color scheme is perfect for a fall wedding, but the idea can be applied to any season by changing the color of the paper and signs.

Acrylic Wreath Table Numbers With Wood Holder Set Wedding Event Shower Number Sign Personalized Modern Wedding Table Number

If you’re not interested in using pure numbers, another option is to add states. We love how the couple brought together all the states their guests traveled to in honor of their hard work as a couple.

Make sure your table numbers don’t get lost in the mix of table formats. Choose hanging containers to place your sign when guests find their seats. According to Stupak and Theodoropoulos, once your guests are seated, it’s perfectly fine to ask your host or friend to help you remove them.

Play around with numbers and choose a vintage look with Roman numerals. These little card numbers make a bold statement while still sticking to a wonderful September color palette.

Celebrate your love of travel and choose symbols over numbers. We love how the couple decided to use names and symbols to represent the places they traveled to bring some meaning to their table numbers.

Non Traditional Wedding Table Numbers To Fall In Love With

Summer weddings call for warm desert details. This shape hits the nail on the head, using a hand-painted cactus

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