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This article was co-authored by Lahaina Araneta, JD. Lahaina Araneta, Esq. is an Orange County, California immigration attorney with over 6 years of experience. He received his JD from Loyola Law School in 2012. During law school, he participated in an immigrant justice practicum and volunteered with several non-profit organizations.

In A Tough Spot Please Help?post_id=253397&reply_id=5381636

In A Tough Spot Please Help?post_id=253397&reply_id=5381636

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How To Spot A Fake I.d.: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

As licenses become increasingly easy to forge, fake IDs are becoming more common and more accurate. If you’re in a situation where you need to verify someone’s age or identity – whether it’s a bouncer at a club or a cashier at a grocery store checking a tobacco license – it’s important that you know how to spot fake identification. You should examine the card carefully, note relevant security features, before studying the cardholder.

This article was co-authored by Lahaina Araneta, JD. Lahaina Araneta, Esq. is an Orange County, California immigration attorney with over 6 years of experience. He received his JD from Loyola Law School in 2012. During law school, he participated in an immigrant justice practicum and volunteered with several non-profit organizations. This article has been viewed 930,403 times.

To spot a fake ID, start by examining the microprint on the card under a magnifying glass to see if you can see small words. Then feel the card to find out how easily you can fold it, since real ID. it should not be flimsy or bendable. You can also use the BarZapp app to scan the barcode and see if the information matches the information on the card. Finally, check for misspellings or errors on the card, as any valid ID. don’t want spelling mistakes. Read on for tips from our legal reviewer on how to match a person to their ID. New Yorkers received COVID-19 vaccine cards and a free one-week transit pass in exchange for being picked up at Grand Central Station in May. Some Americans who don’t want the vaccines buy fake IDs online.

More than 150 million Americans have received a small white card with a federal logo showing they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In some areas, the card is required to enter concerts, sporting events and workplaces.

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But it is easy for fraudsters to make the cards and sell them to people who do not want to be vaccinated, but who want to show that they have been vaccinated.

This thriving black market for fake vaccine cards has alarmed law enforcement officials — and spurred some state lawmakers to action.

In New York, the state Senate and Assembly passed a bill this month making it a crime to possess or forge fake COVID-19 vaccine cards or digital passports. The bill will be sent to Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In A Tough Spot Please Help?post_id=253397&reply_id=5381636

“I can’t think of too many things more despicable than people who don’t want to be vaccinated but want proof that they are,” said Jeffrey Dinowitz, D-New York, who sponsored the Assembly bill. “They are possibly putting people who cannot get the vaccine at risk, such as those who are immunocompromised or children under the age of 12. It is a terrible thing to do.”

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It is already a federal crime to buy, use or sell fraudulent documents bearing the seal of a federal agency. Offenders risk a fine and up to five years in prison. COVID-19 vaccination cards, which include the recipient’s name and date of birth, vaccine manufacturer, lot number, and the date and location the shot was given, also include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention logo federal.

But state lawmakers say the FBI and federal prosecutors are unlikely to go after people who commit minor individual crimes, so pursuing these crooks falls mostly to state and local governments. And if other states join New York in issuing digital vaccine passports, federal law won’t apply because those documents are state-created and don’t have a federal agency seal.

When asked if the FBI has made any arrests related to fake vaccine cards, spokeswoman Sofia Kettler wrote in an email that the agency has “no new information to provide on this topic.”

So far, arrests for schemes involving vaccine cards appear to have been made at the state or local level.

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In California, a San Joaquin County bar owner was arrested in May on charges of selling counterfeit cards after undercover state Alcoholic Beverage Control agents bought four for $20 each.

In New York, police in Nassau County arrested a pharmacist last month on suspicion of stealing 54 blank vaccine cards and eight others that were pre-filled and missing only names. Police said he apparently intended to sell them to students and share them with family and friends. He was fired after the arrest.

Some buyers have political or ideological reasons for seeking fake vaccination cards. In April, some people on pro-Trump and anti-vaccine Internet forums shared instructions on how to fake them, according to NBC News.

In A Tough Spot Please Help?post_id=253397&reply_id=5381636

New York state Sen. Anna Kaplan, D-N.Y., said she is sponsoring the Senate bill because she wants to send a message and write clearly into state law that it is a crime to falsify or possess vaccination cards.

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“We give people a card that shows they’ve been vaccinated so they can travel, go to stadiums, go to college,” Kaplan said. “We want to ensure that everyone who is vaccinated can go in comfortable knowing that they are safe. Someone who misuses these cards is putting themselves and others at risk. They will be held accountable .”

Assemblyman Dinowitz said that while some may argue that New York state law is already able to address such behavior, he introduced his bill because he wanted to make sure there was no doubt that it was illegal.

“By passing the law, it underlines the importance of this issue,” he said. “I hope other states will follow suit.”

Dinowitz, who worries about this issue in part because his grandchildren are too young to get the vaccine and could be exposed to people who haven’t been vaccinated, says it’s especially troubled by what he calls hypocrisy.

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“If you refuse to be vaccinated, then don’t get a fake card,” he said. “Why do you want proof that you have been vaccinated?”

Some organizations require proof of vaccination. Those who refuse to have a shot may be refused entry. Last week, the city of San Francisco announced it would require all 35,000 workers to show proof of being fully vaccinated when a vaccine receives full authorization from the federal Food and Drug Administration .

An increasing number of colleges will also require proof of vaccination this fall. And it has been mandatory in some entertainment and sporting events.

In A Tough Spot Please Help?post_id=253397&reply_id=5381636

Last week, rock band Foo Fighters played New York’s Madison Square Garden, their first concert there since March 2020. Everyone in the crowd was asked to show proof of vaccination to enter.

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In New Jersey, last month the Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill that would make it a second degree felony for anyone to knowingly sell, offer or make fake vaccine cards. Offenders face five to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $150,000 or both. Possession of a false vaccination card would be a fourth-degree felony, and offenders could face up to 18 months in prison and a fine of up to $10,000 or both.

The bill will also require the public prosecutor to develop a program for preventing covid-19 vaccine fraud. A similar measure has been introduced in the Assembly.

“We wanted to make it absolutely clear that copying or duplicating these types of cards would be specifically illegal under New Jersey law,” said Democratic state Sen. Nicholas Scutari, the Senate’s lead sponsor. “We want to make sure the penalties are severe enough so that people don’t engage in this behaviour.”

The Biden administration has said it has no plans for a federal vaccine passport program, but New York has created its own program and California recently launched a digital vaccine verification portal.

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Other states, such as Idaho and Utah, have banned public entities from asking for vaccination vouchers, saying they threaten individual liberty and patient privacy.

In late March, the FBI and other federal agencies issued a warning that counterfeit cards were being advertised on social media and e-commerce platforms. The notice advised people not to buy them, make their own cards or fill in blanks with false information.

“By misrepresenting yourself as vaccinated when entering schools, public transportation, workplaces, gyms, or places of worship, you put yourself and others around you at risk of contracting COVID- 19,” the FBI wrote.

In A Tough Spot Please Help?post_id=253397&reply_id=5381636

The distribution of fraudulent documents has evolved, according to Brian Linder, an emerging threat expert at Check Point Software Technologies, a global cybersecurity company.

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“In the beginning, bad actors were selling fake vaccine cards on the dark web,” he said. “Now a lot of it has migrated to peer-to-peer instant messaging platforms.”

Linder’s company had discovered about 20 direct social media channels

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