Ivf Consultation Cold Feet

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After two years of infertility, miscarriages and stress, I decided that I would do ANYTHING and do whatever it took to get pregnant. One of the many things I did was to always keep my feet warm. This meant that even though it was summer, I never wore flip flops, I always wore socks to bed, and my husband put foot warmers on my feet at night. I also soaked my feet every night. I don’t know which of the 79 things I did to get pregnant worked, but I kept my feet warm for about two and a half months when I got pregnant!

Ivf Consultation Cold Feet

Ivf Consultation Cold Feet

In this post, I’ll talk about why it’s important to keep your feet warm when trying to conceive, and then I’ll give you 4 easy ways I did!

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The short answer is that it’s important because they’re attached to your belly and if your belly is cold, you won’t get pregnant. It comes from Eastern medicine, namely Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It’s important for anyone trying to get pregnant, but most importantly for those of us diagnosed with “cold uterus.” This is usually thought of as a combination of kidney yang deficiency and blood stasis (I had both).

Some symptoms of a “cold uterus” include a slow rise or premature fall in basal body temperature when the warming hormone progesterone is not doing what it should. You may have cold hands and feet, menstrual cramps and need to urinate at night.

You want your belly to be a lush, warm, nourishing jungle for your baby. This means that not only do you need warmth for the embryo to implant and grow, but you also need warmth for proper blood circulation in the uterus. So you want to keep the temperature of the uterus warm to ensure that the lining of the uterus is fertile for implantation and that the newly implanted embryo is properly nourished.

Oh, yes. So here’s the thing: In Chinese medicine, the temperature of your feet is associated with the temperature of the snow. Keeping the feet warm keeps all the energy meridians in the feet warm. These meridians bring energy to the uterus and the entire pelvic region. If your feet are cold, your uterus is cold. If your feet are warm, your uterus is warm. So let’s warm up those legs!

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How I keep my feet up while trying to get pregnant – and what I did the month I had my miracle baby!

Well, there it is! What do you do to keep your shoes warm?

Want to know how I became happy, healthy and pregnant in less than 3 months after 2 years of infertility and miscarriage?

Ivf Consultation Cold Feet

I need a list of 79 diet and lifestyle changes that changed my life and got me my miracle baby!

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I’m Anna and I defied the odds and got pregnant naturally (twice) after doctors said it was impossible. I blog about how I do it and encourage my readers to guide their fertility journeys and become happy, healthy and pregnant!1. Consider Your Motivations for Offering Fertility as a Benefit Before designing a maternity benefits policy, it is important to consider the reasons for offering this provision. Think honestly about your motivations: Are you doing this because you want everyone in your group to take productivity care if they need it? Want to retain and attract top talent? Or do you expect fertility supply to increase productivity and prosperity? Whatever your reasoning (and it could be a combination of motivational factors) make sure you know exactly why you want to offer productivity as a benefit, as this will determine what your policy is and how you communicate it to your team.

2. Understand your demographics Every group is different, with different health needs and plans for the future. If you want to build inclusive fertility policy, you need to build policy that empowers everyone to get the fertility and family-building support they need, regardless of gender identity, relationship status, or sexual orientation. Conduct an anonymous survey with your team to find out what productivity support they may need in the coming months and years. You can then step back to understand what productivity benefits will be offered and how much you should budget so that everyone has a meaningful amount to spend. More inclusive policies will provide access to multiple pathways to fertility and parenthood, from egg freezing and IVF to surrogacy and adoption.

3. Keep everything anonymous Anonymity is very important when offering productivity services to your group. The struggles of childbirth are deeply personal, so your people need to be sure that if they want to be included, the care they receive is completely private and confidential. To ensure privacy, you can incorporate a productivity benefits platform or an outside expert so employees can research, order and pay for treatments using the allocated budget without going through their manager. Keeping jobs anonymous means people are more likely to take advantage of their benefits – which is what every employer wants.

4. Offer more than cash. It’s important to note that offering inclusive fertility benefits is not just about budgeting for treatment. It’s about going deeper with expert help to help people understand and manage their fertility in the long term. A truly inclusive fertility policy will not only cover treatment costs, but also give people access to the best specialists so they can feel guided and supported throughout their fertility journey. A comprehensive policy will also convey to your people that this is more than just a tick box exercise; and that you truly want the best for your employees.

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5. Keep in mind that fertility problems affect everyone, not just menstruating people. Infertility does not know gender. Men and women are equally affected. However, most of the rhetoric about fertility benefits is aimed at people with uteruses; these are the people who will eventually carry the baby. This is an issue you need to address in your fertility policy, as it is important not to alienate the half of the fertility population (and potentially a large part of your workforce). By offering a wide range of fertility support (including sperm freezing, IVF, adoption and surrogacy), you can ensure that your policy covers people of all genders and sexual orientations and is truly beneficial to everyone who wants to use it.

6. Create partner support for your package. Employees in your organization using your productivity support won’t always be the only ones on this productivity journey. Often, they will also have a partner who is with them every step of the way. This means your fertility policy should include support for partners of those receiving treatment. Ensure that working partners also have access to the advice, clinical experiences and advice used by their partners. Creating a “Life Partner Agreement” can be helpful to make this happen. As part of this agreement, it may be helpful to protect your policy by stipulating that employers cannot change partners more than once a year.

7. Communicate Your Policy Effectively Once a policy is defined, it is important to communicate it clearly with your employees. It’s all well and good to get the world out there, but if you don’t effectively communicate your policy to your employees, you won’t feel the impact. First, make sure your employee understands your motivation for offering productivity as a benefit. For example, workers have been attacked in the past for getting more work from women just because they offered to freeze eggs. So, identify potential messaging problems in advance.

Ivf Consultation Cold Feet

Then collect practical information about your fertility benefits policy in one easy-to-access place so everyone knows what they’re entitled to and how to access it. And don’t report this information just once! Rest assured that people will need to use this incredible resource year-round. Through IVF? Then you need to know my 3 secret tips to help prepare your uterus for a successful IVF transfer…

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2 or 3 days before, your doctor will select the best eggs to transfer into your womb.

This final stage of treatment is one of the most important. You need to make sure you prepare yourself both physically and mentally.

For the transfer to be successful, the eggs must be able to implant

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