Lavender And Lime Green Wedding

Monday, November 14th 2022. | Weddings

Lavender And Lime Green Wedding – Who knew you could find the man of your dreams by playing video games? Cali and Jeremy met playing World of Warcraft while living 2,000 miles apart. After hours of phone calls and Skype sessions, their long-distance romance took Kali from Oregon to Tennessee.

“We got engaged on February 15, 2012. I was angry with him that day because I thought he was going to propose the day before. When he reached home, purple rose petals fell down. I went downstairs and found a thousand more rose petals and tons of lit candles. He got down on one knee and said, “I’ve been looking for the perfect place, but I realized there’s only one perfect girl. Will you marry me?’  Needless to say I cried when I said yes!”

Lavender And Lime Green Wedding

Lavender And Lime Green Wedding

Wow! Throw in a little princess bride “Mawwiage” sign, lots of purple flowers, some burlap accents, custom “husband” and “wife” Chuck Taylors, and a killer rainbow right after the ceremony, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous wedding. Kalie filled me in with all the seller information to share with you!

Modern Purple & Green Wedding Inspiration

“My dress was purchased at the Bridal Gallery in Maryville. It’s on sale for more than half price!

My wedding dress was from David’s Bridal. It’s easier for them to buy from chain stores because they all live in different places.”

“My makeup artist is Rachel Stevens from Mary Kay. He even tested me two weeks before the wedding.

“My hair stylist is Jessie Hair, who works at Bebe Salon in Maryville. Two weeks before the wedding, she did a hair trial for me to make sure it looked the way I wanted it to look.’

Lavender Styled Shoot At The Lavender Patch In Kansas With Ombre Macaroons And Long Lace Wedding Dress

“Our florist is Lisa Foster Floral Designs. I don’t know much about flowers, but I was able to explain what I wanted done and they got it right. “They even ‘clowned’ my table a month before the wedding so I had an idea of ​​what I was working on.”

The men rented their tuxedos from Meridian Formal Wear. The tuxedo we chose was exactly what we wanted at a menswear store, but for half the price!

“The ceremony and reception were held at Twin Cedar Farms. It was the most reasonable price for a great view and helped work with us to make sure the day went the way we wanted it to. The owner Brian was always very helpful and didn’t mind us coming to scout the venue a few times before the wedding to see where I wanted to put things.

Lavender And Lime Green Wedding

“Kerry Craig was our wedding coordinator. She met with us several times before the wedding to make sure we got everything we wanted!”

Shades Of Purple And Fuchsia Wedding Colour Theme

“The caterers are Mike and Janet Godfrey, (who serve Sunday mornings at Faith Promise Church) and they did two separate taste tests with us to help us decide what we wanted to serve.”

“Both of our cakes are from SugarBuzz. We taste tested the cake there before the wedding and they had a variety of flavors so we weren’t stuck with plain old vanilla. It makes me so happy because I’m a chocolate-craving bride!”

“What I love most about Jeremy is his love for God, his sense of humor, his love for dogs, and being 6’5 because I’m so short, I can’t reach anything.”

“Choosing things that make my wedding different from others I’ve been to. I want my wedding to stand out and be fun, not something that everyone dreads coming to. My favorite part is arguing with my family about what they want and what I don’t want.”

Blue And Purple Colour Scheme

“After the ceremony, when my new husband and I got into the limo. It was amazing to finally be married and we both loved being alone to think about it. Rent a limo, dear limo

“There must have been pictures I wanted to take that we forgot until it was too late.”

“Our budget is spent on the best pictures. The memory of me shoving a cake in my husband’s face will never die. 🙂 “

Lavender And Lime Green Wedding

“Make sure you take the time to plan every aspect of your wedding. I get so caught up in decorating that I let other things fall. I’d like to have a slightly better planned timeline.”Black Friday is here! Get the $400 deal! Use it for photos and videos. Sale ends November 30, 2022.

August Wedding Colors

This year and the last year proved that we cannot take into account all the uncertainties and surprises that life presents. But what we can always count on is our determination as human beings and for time to go on, undisturbed as usual! Day always turns to night, spring to summer, bright and sunny summer to fall. Autumn is the door to fall, a soft filter to make everything around you deeper, moodier, softer and more comfortable! Although fall heralds the festive season, it’s not the lead-up to Christmas, but a beautiful season in its own right. There is something magical about August, because the leaves have not yet turned color, the days are still warm and summer, but then, in the shadows, you see what will happen in the future. As the night greets you with a little glow, you will see the signs of autumn before it gets here.

August weddings are an absolute joy. Summer still blooms just as strongly, but there’s a distinctly softer vibe to the month and offers the prettiest colors for couples to play with. August, the end of summer when the flowers are still in bloom, offers the brightest color palette for brides. As the seasons change and we’re gearing up for the sweetest month of August, here are the best colors of the season! If you’re a bride planning an August wedding, watch out because you’ll be seeing this color a lot this year!

Shades of Blue: How about playing all shades of blue? Painting different shades of blue together has its own charm compared to others. Blue is a calming color with a calm and pure vibe, but with the added dimension of combining different shades of this beautiful color, you can witness the beauty of this color in a whole new way! Blue is always bright and elegant, and light blue bridesmaid dresses promise to make your August wedding perfect. Also, the wedding tree flowers and decorations in different shades of blue, blue suits with baby blue ties, white wedding dresses and French blue bridal flower crowns are all sweet and memorable. Choose blue baby’s breath, bright blue bridal shoes and a blue ribbon to hold the bridal bouquet. We promise you won’t regret it!

Mint Green + Gray + Peach: If you’re looking for a throwback to the early 2000s in this color choice, we’ve got you covered! Mint and coral work together and were star players at the turn of the century, but both are back, better than ever! Weddings in August, the best pastel colors, almost any color is poured. A faint peach color works very well with mint green, and gray is the perfect neutral tone that works well with both. You can choose peach and mint mixed and matched bridesmaid dresses and let the gray pop with the groom’s suit. Small details like peach blossoms in the bouquet and mint on the dessert table bring the color palette together beautifully!

Lavender Wedding For Katie And Anthony’s Celebration

Blue + Green + Grey: You can never go wrong with complementary colors like green and blue. Here we have the darkest blue, almost navy blue, combined with bright greens balanced by gray. You can also use a soft pastel green to make the colors flow more easily. It’s an easy color palette that you can easily bring with a navy suit, while the gray and green leaves with the wedding dress can add some much-needed green to the frame. You can add enough white to the wedding ceremony to make the color more delicious.

Purple + Blue + Black: A slightly moody color palette, purple, blue and black work wonderfully, bringing class and sophistication to any event. You can use darker and lighter colors as you like, but the colors work seamlessly. You can use a light shade of purple like lavender and combine it with dark blue for an unexpected edge to the wedding theme. whether

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